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Episode · 5 months ago

A Bold & Balanced Goodbye (For Now?)


This week the girls have a very special and sentimental short episode for you. They make a big announcement about the future of the Bold & Balanced podcast. ILY forever!! 

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Hello, welcome back to bolden balance. We're back with Natalie and I'm back you, guys. This is Sydney. It's it's silly to be back. I like kind of forgot what todo. I'm glad to be here. Yes, this is going to bea special and silly and reminiscent episode. Basically, we just decided that fornow at least, it's less stress and easier on our lives and everything.If we like take a pause from bold and balanced, but we will personallystill be bold and balanced and it's a lifestyle. Yeah, we hope youare too. Now I think Natalie and I both are just going through somany changes in our lives that, while we absolutely love podcasting together and weare still great friends, it's nothing like...

...that. We just think we willhave more time in our lives to do this later. It's just not addingpositivity, which is obviously really important in our world right now. So well, we love podcasting and we will definitely be back sometime. We think it'sbest right now to just be bolden balanced in our in our own lives,and not on air with you. Yes, yeah, Postograd. I mean wecan always and if we don't return to this for some reason. Iwas saying to sit it's like a great time capsule of our senior year andlike covid craziness and everything. But yeah, it's just like life Postgrad has beenlike, you know, stressful, obviously, and try and figure everythingout, and I think it's important for us to focus on that and everythingelse going on in our lives. And we love bulld and bounce. Welove this year. I'm so glad we...

...made it to a full year atleast before we took this break. And loves it and I love bullding balancehave you guys. Yeah, thank you. If you have spent the last yearwith us. Thank you so much for, yes, being in verysupportive and following along with us. It means the world and we truly havehad a blast. So I it's kind of sad, but I think Ithink it's for the best and you can still follow our personal accounts on instagramand see what we're up to and stay tuned with us there. Yes,and we still have a year's worth of over fifty episodes, so you canalways relisten and whenever you're say you're in a Rut with organization, listen toone of those episodes of road trip episode, whatever you're feeling. I know I'msure I'll do that if I'm one in some INSPO or just in themood to reminisce like it's a good idea. Definitely it is. Yeah, wecan let you can realist and start over an episode one you got awhole other year got. Yeah, but...

I think it's definitely a funny timecapsule of coronavirus because we like the beginning or like what is this? Andthen, well, maybe we'll have vaccines by then and then we like getto get vaccinated all in that year. So it's pretty crazy. But butdefinitely a fun time capsule of like our lives are senior year of college,but also just the world and like even the theater industry, like you canhear so much about the craziness, and life is crazy. I'm sure youcould tell the last like a few episodes I've been stressed about, like findinga place to live and just like everything. And but it's all going to workout for both of us and we're gonna be thriving and surviving and,like sit said, you can be sure to follow us at said Stephen andat Natalie Airiss on Instagram, and we will, we will always be aposting on that plastic day. Of course, no breaks, no breaks, that'sa promise. Well, this is...

...great. Thank you again for ayear of listening. And, yeah, and one last time. It.

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