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Episode · 5 months ago

52 ~ Having Structure in your Life


Join Nat this week for another solo episode! She talks about her need for structure now that she does not have a set class schedule. She talks about her methods for staying organized and on top of plans. 

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Hello, happy Tuesday. Welcome backto bolden balanced. This is Natalie, back with you for another fabulous episodethis Tuesday. I am again solo this week, but we are a rockin it and I'm so excited to get to talk to you all again.I hope that some of you resonated with last week's episode. It's always weare doing a solo episode and not having anyone like listen to it before,because you're like, what do I just say? But Um, obviously Iguess I hear bits of it when I'm editing. So anyway, I justhope that some of you enjoyed and resonated with it. But we will,as usual, or I will, as usual, kick things off with mythree to one this week. Welcome to three, two one. This standsfor three really good things that happen the last week, too, not sogreat things, and then one thing we are manifesting moving forward. My firstthree this week is that I did go to Boston, like I said,I was going to to see my friend Laura. Had such a great timewith her and I, you know, successfully drove there and back, which, let me tell you, I forgot how much more east coast driving likesucks, basically, as opposed to when I was living out west, notonly is it much like prettier out west to drive, like you've got themountains and just like it's great, but there's also just way less traffic andlike also those speed limits are higher, so it's just like less frustrating.That drive to Boston it was like so much traffic, like I feel likeeighty percent of the drive I was in traffic, like standstill traffic, whichis just ridiculous because if there wasn't any like the drive would be like halfthe time. Like, for example, on the way back I had alittle bit less traffic and it cut a whole hour off, like what crazy. But since it is a three I did have a great time. Laurawas a lovely host. It was nice and refreshing to be with one ofmy more organized friends. I've been hanging out with a lot of my likea little bit more disorganized friends lately, which is like fine, but Ireally appreciate it. And she I got there and she had towels folded andlaid out for me in just like air mattress. Just yeah, it wasgreat. It was great and it was so nice to see her. Ihaven't seen her since probably May. So yeah, it was really fun andwe went to into Boston. We what do we do? We walked around, we went to like newberry street, walked around the shops. I'm tryingto think if we bought anything. We looked at all birds and I endedup just ordering some online. I tried on the size and everything I wanted. So I'm excited to get my new all birds. I have like livedin my blue what are they called? They're like the running ones, butthey're not the running ones. They're the Dasher, I think, maybe BlueNavy blue dashers for the last year that I've had my all birds and Ineed a new ones. My mom has like three or four pairs of allbirds, my sister has a couple pairs. Where a big all birds family.So yeah, I needed some new ones. But Yeah, Boston wasjust like Super Fun and cool and we walked around and we did a lotof walking that day. I think we walked maybe five miles ish and atnight we met up with her roommate and we went out to dinner, whichwas very fun. Yeah, so good times. My second two is inthat vein the next day Laura and I went to at Cape Cod, whichwas Super Fun. I've never been to Cape Cod, I believe, soit was really nice to get to go.

It was about an hour and ahalf drive from where Laura lives. Laura does not live in Boston,she lives in a suburb of Boston, so we were in that suburb,I should clarify, which made parking my car. They're less complicated. Butyeah, so we went to Cape Cod and we were super lucky with theweather that day. Like the day before, when we were walking around Boston,it was not very nice out. It was like mid s kind ofrainy, which was like honestly fine for walking around all day like so weweren't like sweating. But the next day when we went to the Cape Cod, to the beach, it was super nice out, like, I think, like s and sunny and a little bit of a breeze, like trulyperfect beach weather. So I'm very grateful that we got that. We endedup going to Chatham. If you're familiar with Cape Cod, we were tryingto figure out a good place to go. One of my friends recommended Chatham andwe googled and saw the Chatham Lighthouse beach sounded cute, so we wentthere. Yeah, it was a little bit tricky to find parking at firstif you go because like when it the GPS takes you to the Chatham LighthouseBeast Beach, the parking there is only like half hour parking and then youlike would get fined and towed probably if you stayed longer. So we're likeshoot, can't do that. So we ended up driving around the town andfound some parking there and we actually parked for free for all day, whichwas nice. We had to walk a little bit to the beach, butit wasn't too bad, like less than a mile, like maybe half amile, point seven five. So yeah, Super Fun. The water there waslike super, super clear, which was cool. The one thing isthat their Chadham specifically is known for Sharks, specifically great white charks, coming there. So like slightly terrifying right, especial actually if you know that,like sharks are like one of my biggest fears. But Um, it wasokay. We survived and thrived and didn't get eaten by sharks. Obviously.I guess they like to come there because seals are at that beach. There'sa lot of seals there. We actually saw a couple of seals, whichwas super cute until we found out that the great white come to eat theseals. So that's kind of sad. But yeah, we we did run. When we walked on the beach, I like saw a big sign withlike a picture of a shark and I was like, oh no, butwe didn't really like read it. I like figured it was like some morninglike that. But yeah, there are other people in the water those solike we like I figured it was like okay, and obviously it was,but just couldn't go too deep because we were scared, and rightfully so.But yeah, it was. It was super cute there. I went toa gift shop after I bought I finally bought myself a bucket hat. I'vebeen like wanting one, or like debating one one for a while and Ifinally bit the bullet and I got one. It's like tie dish, like whiteand Brownish Pink, I guess. I don't know. It's kind ofit's cute. Yeah, Laura said she liked it on me and since I'min decisive I was like okay, cool, so I got it and it's nicebecause it has like like a string inside to adjust it so like youcan make it fit you better, because it was like kind of big night. Yeah, and I got my mom salt water taffy and I got acute littlettle hipcot shirt. So good, good times. And Yeah, Ijust I absolutely love the beach, like it's my happy place. So Iwas very happy to be at the beach and be there with a Laura.And it was funny on our way to the beach. Laura and I havethe same birthday, like same exact day and year and everything, and you'reborn like almost like an hour apart. So I was looking up her likechart, for her astrological chart for her because she didn't know like her moonrising or anything, and I was like, I wonder if it's the same asmine. Literally, I went through our charts and they were like theexact same, which I guess makes sense...

...because of the alignment and of everything. So pretty crazy that we have like the same exact chart. I don'tknow if our houses are all the same, if that means anything to you,but yeah, pretty pretty wild. See, I just love Laura.She's my little twin and it was great to see her and she will bemoving to New York in less than a month, so I'll be seeing hera lot once that happens. Very excited she's going to and why you forGrad School, so very exciting. And then my last three is just thatI at started at equalocks, or I started training. I've had two trainingshifts now. My first one was at the location I'm going to be workingat and I love the girl who trained me. Super Cute, seems likeshe was about my age and yeah, just we vibed. That was nice. I mean it is kind of sad though, because once I start actuallyworking you, you would are just there by yourself, like running the shortstore. So that's like a little sad because I like won't really get towork with her. But she said you'd become like friendly with all like thefront death people and the like personal trainers and just like everyone who works there, and it seemed like a good vibe. So I'm really excited. And thenyesterday I trained at a different location in New Jersey, which was likeforty five minutes away from me, which is like fine, but there's actuallya lot of traffic going and coming, so that was like kind of annoying, but that's okay. I'm not going to be like working at that location. I do have to train there two more times and one of them islike peak rush hours. That kind of sucks, but it's okay. Idid like getting to see the other location and, yeah, I also likedthe girl who trained me there. She was super cute and Nice as well, and she seems like she's like super good at her job. So Ithink they just wanted me to get to meet her as well to get adifferent perspective on the job and everything. So, yeah, I'm really excitedabout equinox. They were telling me that once you're like working at Equ knocks, they like to shoot their employees well and really keep them like in thecompany. So, like people get promoted pretty often to other positions and likemy friend who works for Equanocks, he started at the front desk and nowhe's a personal trainer. So like like maybe one day I will like teacha bar class or something like, who knows? So I'm really excited aboutthat and I'm really excited to get to start using the gym and taking thegroup fitness classes and everything. I also found out I do get a littlediscount at soul cycle because Equ Knox does own soul cycle. So very excitedabout that as well. Well. I was at the other store training yesterday. They had the little soul cycle like at home bike and they were sellingit there and so they like had it out on display to get to liketry. So I was like trying it a little bit and it was nicebecause I haven't cycled, like I haven't taken a cycling class and like forever. So it was very nice. I was like definitely feeling it, feelinglike slightly. So we're after just like twenty minutes or so, because I'slike wow, I like haven't used those muscles in a while, I guess, now that I'm thinking about it, Sidney and I did do that cyclingclass class for semester for senior year, but so, yeah, that wouldhave ended in like November, so it has been a while. Yeah,that's a long time. So, yeah, my body was just getting used tothose muscles again. Yeah, but it was Super Fun and I'm justreally excited about my future there and excited that the location I will be workingat for now is less than five minutes from my house, like my wayback home. From work the first day I got home in just the lengthof one song, so that's pretty nice. Yeah, and then my twos.So my first two is kind of sad and silly. Last week Imentioned that I was going to well, that I was like having some strugglesfeeling motivated to date and I was going... maybe try to go on adate, and so I was like sort of good and I like kind ofhad two dates scheduled and I don't know, guys, I just like yeah,it must be the motivation, but I like did not go to thefirst one. I like I feel bad. I like somewhat ghosted the guy.I just like didn't I don't know, I feel bad, but like Ijust like wasn't feeling up for it. I don't know, but I waslike trying to get like hyped about it. It's also just like awhole or deal. Like he lived in Brooklyn and I was like I haveto go all the way to Brooklyn and but I also that's not that faraway and I do want to see Brooklyn Anyway. So maybe I'll end upgoing, but he might hate me because I ditched him, but that's okay. And then the second one, well, I canceled for like a legitimate reason. I guess I could have liked rescheduled it to be sooner, butone of my best friends had one of their grandparents passed and so I wentto sit Shiva at their house. If you don't know what that is,it's just like something that happens when Jewish people have someone die. So,yeah, you just like go over their house bring food. Yeah, sothat's that's why I canceled the other one. I mean I also probably didn't reallyfeel like going, because I could have gone to Shiva a number ofdays, but I like went when I was supposed to go on the date. So I don't know, but I did tell him like maybe next week, so we'll see. I don't know. Yeah, it's a too because Ijust like I don't know. It's probably bad of me to like becanceling things, but I just like don't really feel like it, and butI also like get excited when I like think about it, but also Ilike I don't know, my mood changes every day. Like today I wenton a walk with my friend and we were talking about like dating life andeverything and how we're excited to like date people in New York and whatever.I do feel like once I'm not living at my parents house, am goingto be more excited about it because I don't know, I really did enjoydating a lot in Salt Lake, like it was really nice to just likego bout and like get ready with your roommate and like whatever, like takea shot. I don't know. It's just like fun, like fun littleritual of going on like first dates or like you know the dates or whatever. So yeah, it's just, yeah, I don't know, but it's atoo because I suck my second two. Is just my night last night.I mean it was it was still good. So basically, my friendsfrom home from high school, and I how many of us? Six ofus, so that's like a little over half of us from our group ofabout ten. We're going to go to this town that's pretty near our townand go to a bar that we've heard about like four years and we've likealways wanted to go do but we've never made it to but everyone always liketalks highly of it. So we finally were going to this bar. Welike took a train to the town and we were like going to mober back, like there's a whole plan very exciting and well, first of all,two of my friends missed the train, so that was like rough moment oneof the night, but like that's fine, like kind of expected, honestly,at this point. No, no shade. They know, if theylisten, I'm always like I'm like known for being the one that's like ontime. Two things which they feels like it's a bad thing, but it'slike definitely a good thing. So that's silly. But Anyway, Um,yeah, so two of them is the train, but that was fine.We just waited for them and while we are waiting, one of our friendsrealized that she forgot her ID. So that was pretty unfortunate because, youknow, that's kind of like the main thing you need to go to abar is your ID, and obviously we're all over twenty one, or Iguess most of them are twenty one actually, but still twenty one at least.So it's very frustrating. She had...

...a picture of her passport on herphone, but sadly that did not cut it. So it didn't work andthe night had to come to a close. It was a whole it was awhole thing, but yeah, it's just it was just a little disappointingbecause we wanted to go to this bar and we didn't end up getting togo, but maybe next time. My friends going to the city tonight toSoho and she's telling me to come join her, but I don't know.I think I like ended up spending a lot last night on like transportation andI bought a drink. We went to this other bar that let her comein. I don't know, I just like put the brakes on on thatfor now. I think my other friend and I are going to just stayat home and watch a movie, which, honestly, is like really nice andneeded sometimes, like yeah, just like chill nights in. Plus youdon't spend money, so like that's nice. And my dad's like making a Yummydinner, so I get to eat a yummy dinner, so yeay.And then my one I am manifesting just thought. I like do stay withEqu knocks and I have a good time with them and I like move upin the company and I am able to transfer easily. And something that iscool is they said, like you can pick up ships and like any location. So like if I wanted to, like I could go pick up ashift at Hudson yards or like in Brooklyn, you know. So that's really cool, or like even in Florida, you know, like I don't know. So very cool. Yeah, I'm just manifesting that at all like goeswell and it works out for me. And I'm also excited because the equknocks that I work at is like a tr x one, which I guessmeans they have all this really cool like personal training equipment and like technology includingthat. They have like this crazy like body scan and I like scans likeyour muscle percentage to that percentage and it like shows you which foot you putmore weight in on and how and like how straight you stand up and justlike everything. So I'm gonna do that at some point soon. I'm alittle nervous about it, but it's really cool because you're supposed to keep doingit periodically and like check in and see your progress. So it's kind ofterrifying but also kind of exciting. Yeah, so that was my little long three, two one for you all. Yeah, I mean, since it'sjust me chatting with you this week. So that's my my life update.Now I'm going to give you a little bit of a content update. Iwill get to the Bachelorette, but I did want to start with the bookI read listened to on my drive to Boston. I been wanting to listento this book for a while. I bought this audio book when my momand I were first driving from New Jersey to Utah or a year ago,but she didn't want to listen at that time and she didn't want to listenon our last drive you there. So I was like okay, well,I already have this, so I'll just listen on my drive to Boston.So I did, and the book is called where the Craw Dad saying.If you are into books, you've probably heard of it. It's pretty popular. Yeah, I listened to it and I've really enjoyed it. I amI didn't. The book is actually like not. Well, it's pretty long, I guess. So I drive isn't super long. So I didn't finishthe audiobook in the car and but my mom had the physical book at home, so I was able to like finish reading it at home. Yeah,and it was a really good if if you if you want to recommendation,I would I would recommend it was like, to be honest, the beginning Iwas kind of like what like? I don't know. It was justa little bit boring to me in the beginning, but then it really pickedup and there were lots of twist and turns. So very fun. Ifeel like I saw they're making a movie of IT, which I could bewrong about that, but if they are, I could definitely see it being madeinto a movie, especially like the...

...end parts of it was like verydramatic and I could see like the different cuts. So anyway, if you'veread it, you probably know what I'm talking about. But like basically,they like flash from one time period to another, back and forth, andlike I feel like movies do that. So yeah, it was it wassuper good and I'm excited about it. And now I'm reading a new book. I'm only thirty pages in, but it is educated by Tara Westover andit is a memoir about this woman who was in the Mormon Church and inlike crazy situation with it with her family and escaped. I guess I can'tfully say what it's about yet because honestly I'm only thirty pages in, butso far it's really good and interesting, especially like after living in Utah.Now I'm like living back at home in New Jersey. Definitely a fun,interesting read for me. So yeah, that is another book wreck for you. I have also started the new gossip girl reboot. Will actually fun fact, before I went to record press record on this episode twenty minutes ago,I Made Myself Watch and finish the third episode, which I guess maybe justcame out, because Laura and I watched the first two in Boston and thethird one I check to see if it was out before I recorded and itwas, so I could give like my full sort of review, because honestly, I still can't really tell what to say about the show. Like itseems good. I'm pretty entertained, but I don't know, I don't knowhow if it's like amazing or anything. So to be determined still, Iguess. But you know, I have that HBO Ambassador Job, so Ilike got a sweatshirt of the school they go to, which is cute,and so obviously, like I like to try to keep up with HBOS sinceI, you know, am paid too, I guess, and also it's justa good brand and I believe in them. So what, I'd giveit a chance and I think I'll keep watching it. You know, I'mlike, I'm pretty invested. So we shall see. We shall see,but like no harsh opinions either way for me about that show. I also, on hboh, wow, look at me, I'm so good. Watchedevolution, which is Chelsea handlers like newest comedy special, I guess. Yeah, it was. It was good. I would also recommend that. Ijust needed to throw something on while I was like eating or cooking or whatever, and it was something that you don't really have to look at. Imean she does a couple of physical jokes but like for the most part youcan just listen. So it was an easy thing to throw on yesterday whileI was like cooking and cleaning and whatever. So yeah, I would recommend thatas well. And then and then bachelor rat recaps. So, guys, I'm like so hooked on this season of the bachelor at I don't knowwhy, but I like every week I like can't wait for the next episode, I'm like, but now I'm like I can't even remember. Oh,yeah, Andrew s was sent, but then she was like, well,maybe not. I don't know. Guys, like pretty wild stuff. I LoveAndrews and if you're listening to this Andrews, I will gladly be yours. He was like, I'm going to find someone who wants me first.I was like, oh my gosh, like, Babe, he's literally socute. He has the cutest smile I've ever seen from a guy, oranyone, probably cutest smile, and he's also like big and dreamy looking andhis personality is just the best. He is the sweetest guy and like,oh my gosh, she's just such a gem, like such a gem,and I think like once she got rid of him, obviously she was like, oh my gosh, he is such a gem. I messed up,but I do think she likes other guys better, except for maybe not.Gosh, what is his name? I couldn't think of this guy's name.Last week either. He wanting to call...

...him Thomas, but that was theother guy who was really hot. This guy is hot too, but mygosh, I can't think of his name, but you all know who I'm talkingabout. If he watched, I yeah, I don't think they reallylike have a connection. He's the artist, you know. I don't know,but maybe she's just keeping him because he's hot. I don't know.I mean he seemed sweet, but like who knows? But yeah, Iwas very upset that Andrews got sent home. And then what's his name? TheCanadian? Obviously, well, not blake, but the other Canadian namestarts with the bee maybe also, I don't know, guys, I'm reallybad with names. You know this. He was like left the beginning ofthe episode once he didn't get that one on one day, Whi was like, I don't blame you, dude. He was literally like why am Istill here, and I was kind of like yeah, why are you stillhere? Like we never see your conversations with Katie, like how eventful canthey be? I don't know. So he kind of just dipped, whichlike good for you, dude. And the one on one with the Ohmy gosh, you guys, I'm so bad with names. The the Christianguy whatever, he got sent home, which, yeah, the date seemedpretty awkward. VIBE is like basically like they like had her cuddle with thisguy and weird positions and he kept so basically he's a virgin and Katie waslike testing. They're like physical connection and he kept comparing her to his mom. What he kept being like, yeah, like the this remind he like whisperedinto your ear, like you remind me so much in my mom rightnow or whatever. This does like so weird, like you don't want tohear that. When you're testing your like physical attraction to someone like that,they are you remind them of their mom, like that's that's probably like a aNo, a solid no, and she obviously read that correctly and waslike no, Soum, yeah, good, good, good work, Katie.I don't know, I mean he I guess you seemed sweet. Idon't know. I was going to say I don't know why she kept himfor so long, but you do, you, that's fine. Oh,no, everyone, I just like deleted my note about my notes for theepisode this week. But that's okay. Wait, is it okay? Whatwas I going to say? Oh well, whatever, cool, this is,this is fun. But yeah, I was I saying, Oh,yeah, next week is hometown's so that's yeah, that's intense. She's goingto meet People's families. Michael is still in their running, which mean whichmeans she's going to meet his son. But I also feel like she's notgoing to meet his son because they didn't like show that in any of thepreviews and I feel like they would have and less like he doesn't want himon camera. I don't know, but we shall see. I feel likethere's going to be some twist with that. But yeah, that is all forthe little recap and the content to update the Reading Club, if youwill. Now we can get into the topic this week, which is justthe concept of having structure in life. I thought we could have a littlechat about it. It's another thing that post Grad has me thinking about.Yeah, I just feel like for so many years of your life you area student and your class schedule pretty much defines you and takes up your time. I mean, I guess, except in the summer maybe, but stillthat you're still kind of like, okay, when am I back to class,like let's plan accordingly. So, yeah, I think the concept ofgetting your life organized and scheduled and whatever, structure is as interesting and definitely relevantto everyone, but especially post Grad. But I guess, I mean duringcollege you you still have a schedule.

Everyone has a schedule. It's justit's a little bit more structured for you, whereas when you're out ofschool you make your own structure. But I guess I guess when you're inschool you do get to like well, depending on your major classes, yeah, you get to kind of make your schedule, whereas like in high schooland like Middle School, like you kind of just have this strict, stricterschedule. The reason I say kind of is because with my major at myschool we kind of didn't really have much like leniency in which classes we cantake, because we had certain classes we had to take at certain times.So but didn't really apply to me, but with my mind or did alittle bit, and with most people I'm sure it does apply. So butyeah, lately, just like for me personally, I've noticed this like beingvery relevant in my life, especially now that I've like off this new jobat equinox and everything. It's like, okay, what days do you wantto work? And do you want to work morning shifts? You want towork night shifts, you want to work like midday, like what's your vibe? And with that I have to be like okay, so I'm like basicallyhaving some structure now for my job, which is, I guess, Postcrad. What people have structure from is their jobs, since they don't have classanymore. Most people work. You know, nine to five jobs, I guess. So, like good for them, but as a performer, as anactress and everything, it's hard to have that structure in my field andif you're an artist, you can also relate. Like it can be tricky. So I guess, like I guess we also have our you know,quote unquote, survival jobs, jobs that we are working on. It's funny. This week my one of my best friends from school, from high school, was like trying to think of a word to describe me because I wasjust talking about all the stuff I do, and she was like you are atrue hustler and I was like, oh my gosh, that's so true. Like I could never like think of the word for it, but Hustler. Yeah, like I know there's like other context for that word, probably, but like we just mean like always hustling, like to get everything done. I'm like him. I savings and I've always worked and like I havelike four jobs right now, like we said, like, you know,just like always on the move, always on the go and like hustling aboutdoing my doing my thing. So that just made me laugh and it waspretty accurate, I think. So, yeah, that is that is athing. And Yeah, I guess, like I don't know. I wastrying to think of what I wanted my schedule at equannocks to be and Itold her basically that I work, you know, a few days a weekand I would work probably morning shifts, which are eight to one, andI was like okay, well, that actually works out. So basically whatI'm going to do is the days that I'm working at Equinox, obviously Istarted eight, but the place is only like five minutes from me. Soonce I'm done training, so I'm going to make my availability open to teachVIP kid from thirty to thirty, which is just like an hour availability.Obviously, who knows if people will sign up, but those are two openslots. And then, you know, from thirty to fifty, like getat my stuff together to get ready to go to work, eat breakfast,whatever. I'll probably get like a little bit ready before I teach in themorning to you know, but get extra ready, and then I will goto work and then I think after work I'm going to stay at the gymand work out and kind of feel out the vibes for that day. Thisis on a day where, like, say, I don't have any auditionsor anything else to do, I'm going to stay at work work out.There's like a sauna there too, like maybe I'll go use this Saun uswhen if you laps at the pool, like take a class, like whoknows, but so nice. This is like why we wanted that job atequinox to begin with. So, yeah, I'm very excited about that. Butyeah, it's just like trying to like come up with your own structureand like fantasize it and like think about...

...the things you have to do.And for me, I also constantly always have to do list, like Ijust pulled mine up right now. Record podcast, at it, podcast,upload podcast. Vip Kid is just on there to like always be updating myslots and be checking my calendar and seeing who's booking my slots. I haveon my to do list to post on facebook, because I have all mypictures from like two thousand and twenty one from like senior year that I havenot uploaded on Facebook, and all of college I uploaded pictures on facebook.So I whant I get those up there because I like to have things onfacebook just in case my phone loses them or something. So I have likea backup. Anyway. I'm just like reading my to do list, butmy ash one thing I much to do list. I really do need todo is to call Disney, because remember I got those Disneyland tickets like forevergo and then I couldn't go and they said they were going to like giveme my money back. Like I still haven't got that money back and itwas three hundred. So your girl needs that. Um Yeah, so,Disney, if you're listening, they please give me a money back, becauseyou said you would, thinks. But yeah, what was I saying beforethat? Oh, yeah, just like making your schedule in like kind oflike what's the world the word? Like fantasizing, I don't know. Butyeah, just like making your life like your own, like fairy tale basically, or not fairy tale, but you know, main character moment Um.Yeah, like for me, the idea of working and then working out andeverything like that just makes me so excited and like maybe go to the SunI've I have time, maybe go to swim sometimes, like and I'm alsoobviously going to work out days when I don't work. Or maybe not obviously, but that's my plan. I think I'M gonna go tomorrow to go.Honestly, I my go today after I record this podcast, but I alreadywent on like a pretty long walk, so we'll see. My just givemy like body and mental health a chill day. I also do need toedit this podcast after I record it and upload it. So, yeah,I still so still need to unpack rip. I'm the worst, but yeah,yeah, structures just like so important and it's so like Weird Post Gradand I'm like okay, so what do I do after I work out?Go to the Sauna. Okay, so I have room for auditions if Ineed to do that. I have like time to like get lunch. IfI want to go like right from work to get lunch with someone, Icould do that. I guess, like you know, at nights I couldgo on dates in theory, if I ever get the nerve to do so, Um, which I should, like I said I might do one thisweek. I don't know, but yeah, it's just like it's like you needto have structure, but at the same time you have to have yourmoments of like freedoms. Like what's Nice for me is like okay, afterone, I have this time that I can do either my to do listitems, or I can go on a date, or I can get lunchwith someone, or I can have three hours to work out if I wantto, like I can just take my time, go to the spot likewhatever, or schedule appointments, like I have to go to the DMV laterthis month to get a New Jersey license, Doctor's appointments like whatever, waxes,you know, facials, whatever you choose to do. Obviously, like, everyone needs to have time for things and I think really the key toall of that is just having a nice organized calendar, like. I meanyou all know, or you should know, if you've listened to all of ourfifty episodes. Are In the first few probably I've talked about my bulletjournal and are like staying organized episodes and whatever. Yeah, I my billetjournal is my life. That is where I keep my calendar. Basically,I've lately started doing this thing that was pretty smart, or like helpful forme at least, which is to in... notes on my phone and thenotes for my phone goes on to my computer. I have my to dolist on there as well, but I also started making a new page whereit's add calendar, because basically, sometimes I'm like out and about and orI'm texting someone about like something I need to add to my calendar and Ido not obviously have my bullet journal on me at all times, so I'mlike, oh no, and then I sometimes forget to put it on mycalendar and then I'm like thrown off. So now I have this add acalendar thing on my phone computer so whenever I get home to my billet journal, I can add it and just take a picture of it. I knowmaybe just using Google calendar or something online might just be easier, but Idon't know. For me I just really like to write it out color codeit. It's like soothing for me, reduces my anxiety and everything. Soit's quite nice, if I do say so myself. Yeah, and thenlike I just yeah, I just really like having the calendar to look atand refer to and be able to see what I'm free. I think thateveryone should try to have at least like one day a week where they havenothing set so like, for example, Sundays. Sundays is a day I'mtrying to do. I think I put this week some availability on VIP kid. I don't think anyone signed up for it, though, so that's kindof Nice just to give myself a day to sleep and obviously I'm like goingto be waking up pretty early with my work schedule and VIP kid. Soit's nice to have a day to sleep in and a day to get thingsdone that you might not have had time to do earlier in the week,that you might be stressed about, like little errands or like, for example, if I like couldn't record the podcast and last minute had to scramble todo so, I could do that then and yeah, I just think it'sI think everyone needs that. I mean, I know it can be hard sometimes, like during school it was kind of hard for me to have aday of the week like a dedicate a full day of the week for likenothing except for you know, it's not nothing, because you end up doinga lot during the day of the week, but like a day of the weekwhere you don't have anything consistent, you don't consistently have work, youdon't consistently have anything set. I think it's really nice. I'll probably theonly thing I'll consistently do on Sunday's probably is go to the gym and getmy life together. I think everyone just needs a day to get their lifetogether and to schedule and to make make your bullet journal, make your calendar, make plans for the upcoming week. Yeah, I don't know, Ijust I think it can be really hard sometimes and I think like sometimes allI realize it's like Wednesday and I like need plans for Thursday night or something, and I haven't like made any plans yet. Like I think you justneed to like stay on top of things or or I mean you don't needplans every every night of the week. Obviously I'm not saying that, butlike sometimes I'm like, Oh, yeah, Thursday, I like want to goout or something, or I like plan to not work Friday morning,even though I will be working Friday mornings, but you know, for example.So I think if you like try to go out of your way tolike set up plans. The only time that becomes an issue, which hashappened to me recently, is I like made plans for like a week inadvance and my friend that I made plans with like forgot about our plans andthey didn't end up happening and I like had, like it was a Fridaynight and I like had it booked out like get dinner with her and Iwas like, oh no, like that was my plan for tonight and Ijust texted her, like I should have texted her like Thursday termine her orsomething. But Friday night I was like hey, like where do you wantto go tonight? So excited to you, and it obviously just like didn't workout, which is fine, like I'm not mad at this friend,like she's one of my best friends, I love her and she just likehad a blip. She's normally one of my only other really organized friends.But in general that works. I would recommend yeah, maybe like following uplike a day before, like couple days before, just in case it doesn'twork out. Yeah, because you know, if you're excited to go out ona Friday night and then you your...

...plans are canceled, like that sucks. So no one wants that, but no one also wants to have noplans. So you got to my plans sometime. Basically, at my pointof this episode is just that like more postgrad updates and like life is trickyand you need to have a schedule and figure things out, because it canbe hard to be organized and it's honestly frustrating to be on the other endof a friend who isn't organized and has structure. So I guess the structurestheir own personal thing, but being organized as a whole other thing. Yeah, structures like really important to me, at least. I know maybe somepeople can live without structure and just like do things on a whim. Personally, that is not the case for me and I need structure to thrive andsurvive. So yeah, if that is also the case for you, pleaselet me know. I feel like it's I was going to say it's aboutfifty, but I feel like more people need structure. I feel like it'sgot to be like Seve Thousan five hundred and twenty five, you know,like I don't know, maybe it's just because I need structure, but Ijust can't see how you could live without like literally any sort of structure.But I guess at the same time, like that sort of the career fieldI'm going into. But I'm you know, everyone has at least their structure ofapplying for auditions or there, you know, survival job, unless youdon't have a survival job, which like good for you. I guess ifyou don't need that, but like, like I would need it anyway forthe structure. You know, you know. All right, that's going to beit for this week's episode. Sorry, my voice sounds weird to it's hurtingagain. I don't know. Maybe it's just like from talking by myself, but I also like talked with my friend I was on a walkwith this morning, so who knows. But Um, yeah, I appreciateyou all if you've made it this far. Sorry even kind of scatter brain today, but I'm love you lots. Please follow our instagram at bold periodand period balance, to be updated when a new episodes drop and just abunch of fun stuff on there. We also have a tick tock with thesame name. You can also email us about any ingrees, about sponsorships orjust questions you have you'd like us to answer at bold and balanced at gmailcom. That is bold and then the letter n a balanced at gmailcom. Wewill get back to you on there and then you can also join our facebookgroup, which is just bold and balanced. The blank will be in our shownotes and you can also, like, not, like I keep saying,like you can't, give our podcast at five stars. Brighton Review,you can subscribe, you can follow, do all the things. Yeah,I love you all so much. Thank you again for listening and being apatient with me. Struggle bus a little bit right now, but it's allgood. We're we're thriving. We are thriving out here. We tell ourselvesthat it'll come true. Right manifesting, okay, okay, anyway, Lillie,.

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