30 ~ Get to Know Us Better (Chris Harrison Tea, Dream Date, Disney Movie Rankings)


This Tuesday, the girls do a fun Q & A!! They answer questions sent in from listeners and cover topics such as their thoughts on The Bachelor Tea: Chris Harrison, what their ideal dream date would be, and what their favorite Disney channel movie is. 

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Episode · 5 months ago

7 ~ Your Spiritual Guide: Crystals, Astrology, and Tarot Cards with Caroline Hanks

This week the girls have their first guest, Caroline Hanks! Caroline talks with Sydney & Natalie about her insights of her crystal collection. They also delve into astrology and the meanings for their signs. Lastly, Caroline does a tarot card reading and explaination for Bold and Balanced! 

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Apps Mentioned in Episode: 

The Pattern


Trusted Tarot

Website Mentioned in Episode: 

Cafe Astrology

Businesses Mentioned: 

Charkrazulu (online)

Cosmic Honey Astrology (@cosmichoneyastrology)

Weller Books (SLC)

Dancing Cranes (SLC) 

Episode · 5 months ago

6 ~ Achieving (or not) Your Goals!

This week, the girls discuss strategies of goal setting and achieving. Natalie and Sydney give advice on what has been successful in their lives. They also talk about personal experiences and sometimes falling short of their own goals. 

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Episode · 5 months ago

5 ~ Study Abroad: London Stories

The girls discuss some of their favorite memories from living in London during their study abroad last summer. They talk about pub & club life, communal living, and traveling around England. 

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Episode · 6 months ago

4 ~ Back to School (How to Stay Organized)

This week the girls get ready to start back with classes on Monday. They discuss their differernt ways they stay organized while managing what might seem like an over booked schedule. They also talk about planning with friends and using mediums such as Google Calendar and Google Drive. 

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TV Shows Mentioned: 

Big Little Lies (HBOMax)

Make It or Break It (ABC Family)

Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

Timer Mentioned: Pomodoro

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