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Episode · 9 months ago

30 ~ Get to Know Us Better (Chris Harrison Tea, Dream Date, Disney Movie Rankings)


This Tuesday, the girls do a fun Q & A!! They answer questions sent in from listeners and cover topics such as their thoughts on The Bachelor Tea: Chris Harrison, what their ideal dream date would be, and what their favorite Disney channel movie is. 

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Hey Guy Sidney here, I'm so excited totell you about this episode. Sponsor potcorn podcorn is a marketplaceconnecting podcasters to amazing, podcast sponsorship opportunities suchas host read ads like this one interview, segments, topicaldiscussions and more Nataly, and I started using podcorn when we createdour podcast and fod such great success and are so happy with it with podcorn.There is no middle man. Podcasters of all sizes can browse and chooseopportunities right on the platforms at their own rates and collaborate withbrands directly, there's nothing exclusive about it. You never give upany of your rights to podcast and Podcorn is here to support you at everystep and insure you protected and compensated for the work that you dofor their brands. The market police mission is to give podcasterstransparency, creative freedom, full control of how and when we monetize andyou can click the link in the show notes to sign up for podcorn and startbrowsing sponsorship opportunities. That's podcorncom, pod, corncom, hello, happy, Tuesday, Doi, welcome toBulldam Falance, I'm Natalie and I'm Sydney, and this is our thirtie EPIsyeah. That's crazy and it's like crazy YOUC, listen to an episode every day ofthe month, how a monthable dovalice! Even this month, you can list Youvesome extrase wow anyway we're going to kick thingsoff with our three two one, if you're new here that stands for three reallygood things that happen this last week to not so good things and one thingwere manifestingthreeto one OA. So my first three this week is thatValentine's Day was Super Fun. We mesid and three of our friends ment like thewhole day together and we started at sis department. Had some brunch. We hadsome crambory Mimosas, which is like my dream, drinm, so good ir, yeah, soYummy and just a bunch of yummy things. OSIAGO BAGELS is that that's called sheyeah. I don't know if they were called cheese. BAGELS OV, not she's, CypicallyOigo, but they're like from the grocery store, like they weren't, like from aBago shot wojected like bigo chop, maybe asiago yeah many Ey were good. Itwas all good and we went to dinner, which was Yummy and just everything wasSuper Fun and it was just nice to like. I was like during the day like thinkingof things I have to do, but it's like now like yeah, don't even worry aboutit today like this, is your day youre just like yeah have fun so oreally. Itwas really great and my next three is TNAT. It's been snowing, which mightalso be a two, but for the three reason it's like really pretty. It is- and Ifeel like it hasn't snowed this much here since, like our freshman year, Maelike the last few, winters haven't been super snowy, and when I, when I moved here, I anticipated lotsof snow. So this is what I anti. I guess Al That's kind of weird, becauseit wasn't really happening till like this week. Yeah like it's weird, thatit's like Middle Tebuary, that it's getting crazy yeah s like I help spring,isn't late but yeah. Like I, like a couple weeks ago, I was wearing like mybig long winter coat and I like felt stupid like I was like, I should put mysmaller jacket on my Tis. I stupid. I like, I need it now. You know so I'mlike I guess it's fine yeah know it's it weird reazing yeah and then my hast three is an update onthat guy. I went on the Hiach Day with we had another one this last weekendand it was good and I at least I think I thought it was good. I don't know itwas kind of like hard to tell yeah. We have a mutual friend who we've talkedabout this matiel friend before, but she went up to me today and was likeHey Natali. We know someone the same and she said his name and I was like Ahyeah like I was going to ask you about him, but I like don't know how thingsare, but I was like what did he say and she was like yeah. No just thoughtyou've been on a couple of video dates and whatever, and we were just talkingabout a little, but I was like okay, like the fact that he brought me up toher is like I'm somewhat relevant yeah so enough to talk about enhough to talkabout, which is that's fun. So yeah, that's my last three. What your sad wel o spend you guy. It bet a while. So Ihave fundings to share that. Nowhe doesn't know either so the first one islike two fun things in one, so I got my first summer stuck offer and that'sreally excited I'm not going to say the company live on the Pod, just forprotection and contracts and we'll get there. Eventually. If I takethe job, I got that offer which just like feels good to be recognizing.Today I submitted for a million different things. I saw on Playbellanbuck stage and one of them being a Lego land in New York, and I got Ta CallBack, and so I think I might fly out to New York this weekend and intend thelike away. I call back Oh what wow my... as like. I think you should go help.The weather is okay and I was like okay mom yeah. Let's Go Wei, I don't evenI've been there yeah. I don't remember performers. What are they? What arethey do? There's actors or Singeras, Yeah God. I know an that's why whenLaura was here, she was singing. Everything is awesome because that'sthe callback song everything is ato because it's in the Leko Movie- Oh, Iknow I know that's Fune wack whack, like my mom's likesetting me flights.When would they want you to start? I don't I mean to like at the contract Omy I told my ono to bry anything I'll call her after we're done me AA, mygosh, that's I know. Yeah ilike sent the screen Jhot of like theINPITATIONOF, the call back to both my parents- and I said first we were callback like that's fun yeah I know so take it te and the cobacks on Sunday,which is nice, and it's Sunday morning, like the first like from ten thirty orI think ten to eleven is like an actor callback and then eleven thirty totwelvryis the singer Callback, and so I would likely be done by like one sothen I would probably fly out like after evening Sunday night and slightlyred eye ibes, but be back by class on Monday and I can leave Saturday morning.So I just need someone to cover my shift from work Saturday and Sunday,but I wouldn't have to miss any class. So like it's pretty okay, then mysecond three is that I finally got my ipad. Like I think I probably mentioned. Igot an I've had Annan appawatch for Christmas, but it was a little trickybecause my mom was maneuvering some funds from her job to get it and shelike ordered it as a teacher, and so I just like got tricky and it came to her.But then it was like in like student mode because she like ordered it as ateacher and so there's like a million restrictions thand. I like couldn't loginto my apple ID and like it was just like a little ifvy, and so, but we gotit, and so now it's like mine and like I'Vea, Lox Raio, I'm in my apple ID andlike I can text on it, so yeah yeah. So that's fun that as fun even realizethat you didn't like. Have it Yetyeah, I didn't get it yet yeah, so that's funand then my third is that Valentine's Day was Super Fun and it was a threeday weekend which is just nice and honestly. Today's also were recordinganthis Tuesday and I didn't have downce this morning and then I just had to beon a zoom, and so it like kind of feels like a four day weekend for me, andthings are happening with my snapchot man, that we talked about one time andValentine'Si just brought it up. I kiud of futching. So that's why I just likeWecan sit in, and I think that it's time to give him a nickname on the pad-and I was like God, I don't know what to call him, and so I think we're goingto call them Edward Bloom and it's reference to the show big fish, whichis a movie and a musical Yawwbut. Things are going and it's a silly time,and he knows we have a two week break for like a covid break and for classes,and he like desperately wants me to come, see him. And I just I don't knowwhat to do and like that's like such a huge move like I'm, my God, how aboutyou, because he sti Liv in Salt Lake. So I'm like. Why not you come here andbut he's like you have a breakin school like my life is just worked like Idon't have to weaks off and I'm like, I guess, you're right and so her he waslike we can meet in the middle or you can come out here but, like I can'tcome to Sal Ling, so I like don't know what to do but yeah. So that's fun. Ineed to be excited. But yes, it's just a lot yeah yeahyour to ohgosh. Well, my first one. My first one isthat I didn't do as well at work as I thought I went this last weekend. Justit was super busy still and I haven't worked as Saturday in a few weeks. Just is worked out that way- and I expected you really well like thislast Saturday, because it was the Saturday before Valentine's Day and itwas super busy and which also I was like Al Right. This is what Saturdaynights are like here, because I've been working Monday, lunch yeah, but it was super busy. But I was in asection that I was only getting like tables of two really, so it's just likemy sales weren't that high so my tips weren't as high like as I'd like,whereas if I had tables of like six er tables of six, like that's may moremoney. So it's like fine. I just was excited to like catch up on my moneyfrom the last Saturday that did't work this Saturday, but it's whatever andthen my second two is the snow. Like I said I, after the accent I talked aboutlast week, I'm like scared and I'm scared to drive now and like the snowis just like making it so scary and like today I've already had to drivelike three times and I'm like I like, don't want to leave the house and Ithink tonight, going into tomorrow it's going to Snow Day, so I'm like notleaving the house tomorrow like we're staying home, so yeah. Luckily like alot of things, are on Zoms like you can...

...stay home for some things, but yeah andI was supposed to work tomorrow, but I released my shift. So I don't have todrive there, because that's that's scary, too, but Yeah Hae, my teams, howabout you? Well, my first one is kind of a lot, so our coruslane videosfinally played in one of our classes, and I was really excited to share thework that we did because we didn't get to perform it. So this is the closestwe're getting to perform it, which is sad in its own way. But it didn't goexactly as we planned. There there's characters in a chorosigne that need tobe told from a person of color, because that is the way the character iswritten and there is a rewrite provided in the original script, and so we usethat rewrite. But what we didn't realize at the time is that providing arewrite is handing people away to whitewash a story and just theexistence of it is problematic, and I found comfort previously, knowing thatthe rewrite was like always there, and I felt like that- made it okay. But Iwas wrong and I've learned a lot in this whole situation and I have grown alot. But it was disappointing that our one performance of the show you know it,didn't it didn't, go well, and so that's just disappointing and that youknow it ended on such a sad note but yeah and then my second one is that myaunt uncle went up and visited my family in Idaho and I just looked funand I wish I could have been there a different aunt, my mom's sister earlierin the in the school year whent and visited- and I like drobe up for thenight to see her and I thought we were going to have rehearsal Friday night.So I didn't plan on making an effort to try and go see them, but rehearsal didend up being canceled, and so, if it had been cancelled earlier, I wouldhave been able to drive up and see them and have dinner with them. But itwasn't so. I was here without rehearsal, knowing that I could be Eateng dinnerwith them, which was just sad yeah, but yeah and there's been a lot of snow inIdaho too. So my grandma's power went on, then they all had to have a sleepover at my mom and sister's house, and they stayed my childhood bedroom and dolitter wall thatbut, yeah T's. Why? I was just like kind of bummed becauseit'd be fun to be there, but that's okay, yeah Dang yeah with thechorusline thing. It went well in the sense that, like you, guys did a goodjob, yeah, isforming, yeah I'll, add on and I'l also add that the reason it thererigt and all of this is so difficult is because these characters are basedon real people, yes, which I don't know if you said but yeah. That's that'spart of why it's a big deal yeah anyway, I'm manifesting, I wasn't really surewhich ite es this week. So I'm just going to manifest that our senior showis yeahat goes well and has nothing bad happeni yeah anything. I think itshould all be fine and it should all be good. You know we're all doing the bestwe can right now, so yeah, I'm just excited. I wish we could all like be inrehearsal together. It's sad- and you know I've been thinking about thisand spreshman ear our whole class, and it's just sad that we're not togetherin our other classes, too, an person is just an allsad thing but, like I hopewe can like come together and like put together this great show as our lastHurrah Yeah Y, a yeah. What ar you I'm manifesting that I go to New York andaudition this weekend. It's crazy and super fun and feel like I need it feellike I just need to like go. Do it and ha is crazy, but t at does sound crazy.Now, I'm looking at this weekends mother, it could be. It could bepossible. Yeah Te Yeah, because my friend who my old cowerker, who nowlives in Texas, was supposed to come to Salt Lake this week and her bi wascancel toally, bcaus Tex as O textyest. Now I don't know, but then I had atable yesterday that was flying back from here to the East Coast. I thinkConnecticut and their flight was canceled to, and I was like that'sweird well. Edward Bloom was in Disney worlds. Last week- and he was therewith a friend of his and she is from Texas, so they met in Disney world, butshe was like obviously supposed to go back home to Texas, but her flight wasCambld, so she went to La with him. Oh I know I was like Oh cooand he's likeshe in a relationship, because I don't know your mind. I doN'TI was like yeahcool yeahyeah. It's a lot, I'm sure its at least he's being honest with youabout yeah he's just like Oh yeah. She has to come to La like what else is hesupposed to do? You know like Yeah Ie, like yeah, I guess that's IFE, OkayBell's face AK tea. We lie one, Hey I'm bill. This is a little graphic.My Dod pasted an it is bright purple...

...with some fun music notes and saysfourteen health benefits of singing. So I think all o I'll, let you startyeah all right. First ones going to be that it reduces stress. Number twoimproves mood. Three lowers blood pressure for improves, breathing fivereduces perceived pain, six boost immune system, seven improved sense ofrhythm, eight, promotes learning and children, nine at forgescomfortingmemories, ten promotes communal, bonding eleven, provides comfort,twelve motivate thirteen and powers, people fourteen promotes well being hownow you know, I know guys. This is why we saying this. Is why Ecaus it all ofthese reduces fetiged pain, yeah. Exactly that's a funny motivatesamazing. Well, I guess we can talk a little bit. I mean we haven't talkedabout the last yeah yeah. We haven't talked about anything since the MJ andYEA. Just send you two on one yeah right. I think so, yeah yeah, I don'teven think we yeah, because we didn't even talk about the end of how thatended up. I think yeah. I don't think we had either Ha, so we can talk alittle bit yeahrip the whole MJ thing, because I was just re listening to oneof our episode from a few weeks. Agon we're like we love MJ, it's so it's soweird, and it just like takes me wonder what the producers do. You know because,obviously, like there's things that they make happen and make you look wayworse to make the show more interesting, and I do think that what like thet MJwas a bully to the eors. You know what I think. That's bad, obviously likethat's objective, but what is subjective is like all of the attitudeat the end. I was like I feel, like you know, you're being filmed like. Whywould you be so mean right now and like are they? Did they tell you like youget a hundred thousand dollars if you like turn into the man girl like I'mlike this is like. Why would you do this? That'sfunny. I know I don't know it's funny. I see all these ticktalks of like thebachelor producers like yeah, yeah, big, like God, let's get rid of this girlshe's too Nice Yeah Katie ribs, but did you hear the spoiler about it she'sgoing to be the next pachelor yeah? I don't think Er Bochelorette, I don 'tthink it is. I don't know if it's true, though yeah, but I would be very happyyeah. I just feel like they don't normally pick. I feel like it's Romalyin the to like a five er, say yeah, but she was in the top ten. I know becauseI don't know why I'm GOIN TI guess I see why Yo got rid of her of that wastrue like yeah and but I dod feel like they didn't have like the most like.ROMANCIIC lie in Love Ives, but I also wonder if, like they edited out likethat part of their dinner yeah, she was like going into it wanting to talkabout stuff like that, so it was like yeah. No, definitely wasn't a her thinglike he just like didn't, feel it yeah yeah, how I know. What's the latestepisode, I know I need to Oh no Ohyeah, it's draumatic. Have you been following all of the likedrama with Chris Harrison Yeah and those are that some of the questions weare doing a CNA today we haven't mentioned it, but we're doing they andthere are some questions in regards to Chris Herrison. So I was likehay. Iguess wlwe'll get into it, we'll get into it. When the question comes up,yeah yeah see but yeah it is. It is weird, though now like, as I waswatching the episode today and like Chris Hareson and Rachel I was like. Oh,this is weird that, like this was filmed. Obviously before all this cameoff and like the interview that cirtarison did happened, you know- andso it's like while yes right now like yesterday,Chris Harrison is like I'm going to step aside from the show for a while,and you like feel like okay, I'm going Nao watch the bachelor now and he won'tbe there because he stepped aside, but it like this was already filmed likehe's there. You know yeah it's kind of weird Wai. I missed that he's steppingaside yeah, okay yeah. I wonder WHO's gonna, replace literally. I wonder Dodo he as good at it. Sho was yeah that'dbe fun if it was a Gealyeahyeah. I know I wonder if they I don't know if theyfilmed the Bachelorette yeah fee like they have 't, probably not so don tknow whoevers yeah. They have time to find someone new, yeah, Hey guys sit mehere. Have you heard a bear ritual? It's a new company based out of Floridaand their motto is Self Care, isn't selfish, which we know really alignedwith our views and what you are all striving to do more of become more boldand balanced. They are sustainable, cute and practical, and our listenerscan get fifteen percent off bear ritualcom. If you use the code, boldfifteen lhet's, bold one, five at bar E R, it? U Alcom, I'm really excited totry the soap. I ordered it's called Cleopatra's donkey milk soap, it's onon thousand nine hundred and ninety five and safe nontoxic and great forthe environment, because it's...

...sustainable so definitely check out,bear ritual and use the code. Bold fifteen for fifteen percent off itcheckout all this impo is in our show, notes, check them out now. Okay, Iguess we can jump into our QNA yeah yeah. We just posted on our instagramstories and got some questions, and so we're celebrating episode. Thirty with,and that is so fun do you want to answer the first one first sure. So thefirst question is our favorite memory at the you and that's fun. I think myfavorite memory is juior year precovid we in our studioclass. It was the day we performed or I want songs which are like it was likethe second assignment of the semester and it was a Dumblab and it was justlike high energy and everyone was excited for us and it was just likesupportive and I feel like that was the kind of the last time all of our classgot to like do something together and even though they were solo songs. Itwas like still a group effort, because lots of US had seedent partners and wewere all helping each other set and it was with the whole program and weobviously got to be in person sitting next to each other without masks and soyeah. It was just like it's like so surreal to think about yeah, but it wasjust it was fun, and I know personally, like my song went really well, and Iremember feeling so proud of my song and I just was Ah really excited. So Ithink that's mine, yes, was that the same one where we did the group huddleor was that for the duets? I don't know. I think that was maybe the dues thatmight be mine would be before we performed our ds for our class. Ourclass was really thin like something was going on in the program orsomething I don't really. I O it. Wa Ing, Tyeah to an hat, was like bringingpeople down yeah so because yea, because that was like Ain Semester, eao,yes, yeah! So then, before we performed our duets Ortrios or whatever our classdid a little huddle and they actually caught it on video yeah, it's reallysweet, so sweet. I yeah now that it's like, we can't even see each other nperson without masks and everything it's like so precious to think back tothose moments that we had together and like times in our acting classfreshmanamer, we lipsank to a song Eie. You know like Jus, silly Somenti,Margos CLOSS, laying on the floor. Yeah, that's those are some yeah,that's not really quite one but yeah. So the next question is: What issomething that surprised you about college? Do you have an answer rightaway? I'm trying to think about mine. Maybe mine would be freshman year howbad our food at our dining homeo AAs I talked about last week. I almost wentto Melanberg and they're known for having like an amazing dining, and itwas like so good and just amazing. So I was like ohthey're all like this. ThenI got to Youtine what I think when I visited. I don't know if I went to thedining hall but like when they have like parents weekend they like step itup a little bit. You know rude hi, yeah, that's that's the only thing I canthink of right now, that's funnyas me was, I think something the bestpecifically at the Ou for me was that everyone loves off campus and has a carby their software year yeah, and that's something that I I was prepared forbecause I never didn't have a car like I drove myself to college with my car,and so I was like fine with that and I moved off campus before. SecondSemester, like I obviously embraced that Tbat I didn't expect for that tobe the Nora. That is true. I don't think it is at most yeah yea, like myfriends who are seniors. I think a lot of them still are all the mamasis yeah.They don't have cars at school and all that. So it's interest, that's trueyeah. I definitely was not expecting that either next is favorite childhoodmovie or show that' fun in like there's probably a couple. I know I think, like I love, listen, McGuire.Obviously I love Damn Montana Yeah. I love the movie spirit. This is very, very childhood young, but,like I liked the rug rat ooh growing up, I feel that love for your energy is agood one. Like dragon tails, O yeah dragontails, I watch SHUC magic schoolo Ti. Oh, yes, magic es. That was a good one, yea, obviously Hanna Montana.I watched me life Zack and cody yeah weet life on deck later, I guesswizards of Waferly PLAC. I didn't really like that. I didn't like it asmuch. I did watch it though yeah, but I mean, I think, Hanna Montana isprobably he one of the best of those ones yeah. What else can I watch? I,like Harley, I watched a little bit my roommate s pen me watching it now, butI don't think I ever saw like the last season yeah. I feel like it justwasn'tthe same with Glee ble to right. Yeah. I just feel like glee is so notin the same categories like Caroh. No, no, but another show I watched atThateyea. I go really the same thing,...

...but I don't think I watched the lastseason of glly. I don't think I watched after Corymontiv died yeah, but Ishould watch it sometime. Did you did you watch I've seen it all yeah? Is ita Goin last season yeah, it's not as memorable like, like the first twoseasons of clea you're, just like so igotic that, like nothing compareyea,but I have seen it all yeah. What is your dream role in a musical or a movie?Oh my gosh. I don't Othink, I really woith dreamoll in a movie like I guess,if they were, if you got to be in that movie, you know what I mean h wouldknow. Yeah like they don't like. If they were to ee, I guess they do onoccasion yeah or like maybe like a type of movie you'd really want Te Yeah. Iknow I've like never thought about about that. I go. I want to pay. Wewatch seventeen again a little bit on Valentinesday O. I'm like I want to bethe mom and Sayyou guts to veit that Gapron. No Me othought of you on likehangeor something ear recently and where they like are supposed to puttheir height. They said I'm the same hight Os, Zaka Fron I like knowing thatZacaphron is not tall like o pass, but like it's pretty tricky of him to saythat, because I guess lots of people, don't realize he's not tall. You knowfunny, and so you fee, like o n on yeahhe's, like five nine Fiv Yeah Yeah.Oh no thanks, my God, Ias Funny Wow. How about now musical? We got thatquestion. A few times yeah do you have one or a few that jump out.I, like I nly, have a few. I can yeah Alsa, whether it's in the Broadwayversion or a theme perk of what show also outte from Ma this little Suun dasee more insicx. I recently have come to terms that I really would love toplay Ursala. I think that's SICONICI, when I'm older, to play Diana and nextto normal. I would love that Il Lik Ygo. I have a huge list on my phone, an noI'll read the ones that have astricks, I don't remember adding the astrics,but the first ones Amalia and she loves me, then Porcia and something rotten,yeah, Julie, Jordan and Karsel Cosett and Lamiz, Mary poppins and Marypoppins, Viona and Shrek Baker's wife and intothe woods. I just feel like I like the roles that are supranoy but also arelike comedic and not just like a pretty supreme yeah, whatever yeah. So that'swhat a lot of those are I'd like to be like Christine and Phantom yeah, we'llsee but Lilyan secret garden, Cathy last five years, so many, but I'd alsolove to be Glin, Don Wi ked, but I've never seen a five ten five nine Glinda,but maybe I'll be the first first e yeah. Ah, it's beenly. The first likecouple of yours were all like. I would play the other girl in the show Iguessits like Isyayeah, like there's all a different another girl, yeahbutsand Yeahi care. Yeah like I was like that's that's funny, yeah those Lamisto yeah, okay, the next one is coldstone order,and this is my sweet sister who loves podstone and I Apologize Vana thatNanalie and I both don't really go to Cotin that Ofen. So we don't have superspecific orders yeah. I guess like. What's your favorite Gonice Crea, I mean we all know I love Brownies, soI think I got like a Browni thing when I went to coldstone last time. Whoknows how long I goe Tlik? It was with you, though, like a few years ago forlike Soorities, yeah, yeah Oso. I know it's good. Is it in Sugar House yeah? Idon't know, I feel so far away. It's not that far. I guess I don't know but yeah something with Brownie andchocolate and I don't know Natello, maybe something something funof sweet, Salte, Carmel Yeah I feel like they are known for like having themost iconic toppings like I feel like they have really good toppings there.Yeah Yeah have like every candy you can get and but I feel like I always getRanbo sprinkles, which is stupid, but what I actareally like there's theymarshmallives and putting Marghialas an ice cream is one of my favorite things.So I really like the March mollows in like chocolate or like when I was little my order. I'm surewas like cake batter with Rabol sprinkles like that's stupid, but I nowget Hungy, but that's what I'm sure I would have gone and I would still bedown to get but ID probably like Brancholl, like maybe get like somerasberry like something fruity with a littlemarshmallow. Like that souns pretty good yeah, yeah yeah, the next one justsays sister story: I can. I can tell Ouy story so bad, so SAVANA and I were I wasprobably like seven. She was probably like nine and we're living in the housethat, like they stlive in and so we...

...were living in our neighborhood and inour neighborhood, there's like two like parks inside the neighborhood, and oneof them is just like right around the corner and Savana, and I were out atthe park and its is so awul. There was a dog at thepark and the dog had a coller but like nobody else was around, and so we werelike playing with this dog and literally nobody else was around. Imean honestly, I was seven. I don't really remember. I remember convincing myself, there wasnoelse around so who knows but SAVANAH and I took the dog home and hit it inour GARAG. We like had some dog crates in our garage from our dogs and we, sowe like put it in the crate and we were like. Oh the dog is our dog. Now Bu. Welike did it tell my mom Y. I must have been a little later B t. We must havebeen a little older because I don't think my dad was there. I don't know,but it's like hard to pull off Ta. We didn't mat in Lastlan, it's the man andI like put her in t e. The crate we like went inside and we'd like taketurns with like stupid reasons that we needed to go out to the garageultimately to check on the dog, but, like we didn't want to tell my mom, soI'd be like Oh yeah, I'm Goinno go make sure my bike tires are full you're a seven year old, like no you'renotno and so like. We had a fridge and a freezer out in the garage, so we'd belike. Oh I'm GOINGNA GO, get a water bottle and then you'd like go, get itand yed like Chug it and then be like. Oh, I need another water bottle. My momis like what's going on, you know, so she like went out to the garage a likesaw that we stole a dog. She was like what are you doing, and so I think wejust like set the dog free in the park and like where we found it. I maybe wethere was a number we called, I don't know, but we didn't keep the dog.Obviously my mom was like you stole someone's dog. This was all probably in like less thantwo hours like that. Wasn't that long it wal Yo have an excursion but L. I guess this isn't a specific specifictime, but I remember when I was younger my sister and I feel like a lot ofpeople and ourage did this just because I'm learning that from tick tolk yeah,but we would like make music videos and videos and stuff together and we werelike really into it and we would do like Improv scenes and like all this,like this whole thing, and so that's how I like got really like now. I feellike it's funny when I use I movie to Ed it Byeah, it's like what I did backin the day, with my sister and with like our friends. So that's kind of fun.That's just a silly. I remember those and there's one video ind think I likeaccidentally punched, my cousin or son. I don't know it's a wild time, IASCATUR on video and it's silly, and it's also silly to think back to when she was. She was taller than me nowthat she's much shorter than me now, but yeah anyway. Next is your favoriteDisney channel movie, that's fun! I have mine. It's Hercules, dhoe's, NOT DAS! YouChannel, Doshe, channel Hes his Dizzy Tan y know my shoot. WHATTELL YOU YOURS!What's okay! Well, I can tell you that in May last May, during Covid I watchedevery single Disney channel movie. Wil Sid knows them that I watch them alllike even ones that, like we don't even think about anymore, like my thirteenthyear and like the one where he like turns into Aleprocon and things son Ilike on Tana Movie Ca. Can I say I think I'll. Let it go okay. I do thinkthat one was technically not a to channel, but it's closer than urgulatesa okay. Let's list the exam. Some highlights an Goud conect Kelly,okay, Wendy. We homecoming warrior. That's a good one. I really like jump in. Oh yeah, yeah,that's a good one! I like to ban Corpan Blue Right, yeah Yeahtheyeah, it's agood one! All the high school musiccals, all thecheatof girls, Cam Ronk. Those are all thes t on star strock. That's a good one! Oh Yeah Team, beach movie. I had never seenthat until May, when I was like I'm Goingno watch every single one, therewas multiple of that right. Yeah. I think there's like two or three: werethey good Tisnow, the first one but yeah? They were okay. They were like. Ibet when you're younger they seemd better yeah, but I was like. Oh, thisis n't as good as like ha a arock or something yeah, but they were fine yeah. I'm really impressed that. I actuallywatched. So what's your favorite, I'm going to say, high school musical,three okay, which one is that is that the summer one Tanothe Dir one is thesenior year no aly. Oh, my God. I had like partieswhen my movies came out. We'd, like th I'll, spend the night in the livingroom and like watch it God dos your tournal wis life, I'm trying toremember what happens Al Right. Ye they're, like tryii er, the likeneverMaka musical about their seor year, he's sing. Screamabrilis like...'s so hot. Every movie I guessyou cando ages Nogo. Yes, I guess I guess I could say the first high school musical,because I need to rewatch the other ones. I guess obviously thing Goyo a Cheta girls. I do like sheetogirls. I was I watched hat and they came out yeah. As we know, when we wentto Barcelona we were channeling them. Okay, your favoritebachelorettebachelor. I have 't watched to many seasonsduring college yeah, so I'm not caught up really- and I don't really rememberthe ones from before that, but I did like Tesha yeah and I do likeher. I follow her on Instagram and I like what she posts about and like like.She did a whole. I don't know if you saw she had an instagram story. Talkingabout the Chris Harri, something yes yeah. I was likese the happy that shedid that from what I've heard. Hannah Brown sounds cool to yeah. I didn'twatch her season, but she sounds like fun. I didn't want her sees now, but I feellike I should, because my roommate references all the time and I guessI'll say Tasha, though what do youmy favorite her name is Andy and I, likedon't really remember very much about her season, but she was the one who hadnick. If you remember Nick this guy, Oh yeah yeah, wasn't he the bachelorlaterhe like went on another. He like went on Paradise. He was, I don't think hewas okayeven was he's, but he was bad. This is Andy Yeah, but I rememberreally like her and then bachelor. I think Sean is probably my favorite yeah.He ended up with what's her name, Catherine, but they're like stilltogether, I think and they're like Oh yeah. They have kids they're, so cuteyeah. Her name is Catherine, Oh yeah, precious yeah, big Fan. I think Yeahi was thebachelor. Oh interesting. He was like such a jerk, that's surprising, yeah. Iknow I feel, like people didn't like him as the bachelor yeah, it was theworst bachelor hm one pop lup, Oh yeah, forever one puble yeah, I don't know ifI saw that I guess I probably did anyone else an I I don't know I meanlike I feel like Mat's fine, I would' say he's like a favorite. I don't oSaing Yeah Yeah, okay. The next question is: What do you think aboutChris Harrison so as we can unpack it a little bit yeah? What do youthinkingsid? I feel like what he said was obviously really problematic, and Ialso think the fact that Rachel it took her this long to send out an apologies,an issue, and I really hope that she doesn't end up with Matt. Now, like I'mterrified, you know, but it's so hard because, like watching the episodes,their chemistryis, amazing and you're, like Oh, my God ha she might actuallywin- is and like that' so scary, but just specifically Chris Harrison, Ithink he's doing the right thing stepping aside, because the bachelorhas a huge influence on all of America like millions of peop watch it and soto have. Someone in such a powerful position obviously have probematic views likeit's a big issue, so yeah, and even if you don't watch it, you know someonewho want. You know who ces Harrison and yeahhers Harrison is yea and icon, andthat's because he's done the show forever. So it will be interestingwithout him, but think it'll be kind of refreshing. I think it will be like Ithink it kind of needed like a a little reboot. So I think that'll be good andyeah. What he said was definitely problematic and yeah. I really hopeRachel doesn't end up with him. I don't know I mean on his one on one with her.He was like he said. I love you or so he was like you're, the one orsomething D. I was like. That's yeah, it's a lot and you haven't seen thelates episode but she's like still progressing very full force yeah totherelationship. I know and I've like heard rumors, that she wins and I justlike I don't know I just don't know what andlike. I wonder how mat met James. This mentain is feeling right now and Idon't even know it's just it's just a mess and it's bad. Hopefully I have noidea. Obviously. Obviously, racism is a big deal, especially if you're a personof color and I feel like that's a conversation you'd have with anyoneyou're dating, especially if they're white and so maybe that's a fantasy seaconversation. You know, maybe he doesn't want to have it on camera, butI feel like he would want to have that conversation with someone before theyget engaged so hopefully also she could like lie. You know there was the stuffwhen the first episode came out, saying how she made fun of people and Yeahlike Bul yeah like like people. I don't think she would say that Toyea I meanmaybe yeah but also like I don't know like if she really still thinks whatshe thought back then or anything I don't think should be able togracefully speak in a way that he would... like wow. She doesn'tstand, but I gothrough. You know something like I do think this is some whene. I would wantto raise a child of color with you know, I feel like a lot of the other girlsthat I can see in the finals are also people have co yeah. So I don't knowthat would their conversations would we batally, interesting and yeah? So whoknow the contrast would be great, interesting to Leo Watch, and this isunrelated to the bachelor but nexts Qony Yeah. Are you concerned about the level ofsexism still in the entertainment industry, a heavy one O, but a true one, that youknow we might not always like actively think about, but we like know it in theback of our heads. I feel, like I wouldn't say, I'm actively concernedabout it. Yeah, but like I'm aware of it, and I think as sad is as it is,I've been performing my whole life and it's something, that's always been apart of it, and so it's just like always been a factor of it. I guess andlike I've, always just like kind of learned how to deal with it, whichsucks- and you know it should not be something I deal with yeah, but I'dlike to think that things are progressing, though I don't know, butthat's just Suci, I think, as women actors, I think it's a totallydifferent experience than if I wanted to be a director or playright. I thinkthe level of sexism is much higher in creative, yes, roles in the industryversus performing roles, which I think is lame. You know, but I do think thatmight be Wy, because it's not something that crosses my head every day when Igo to rehearsal, you know like it's not as pominent in my experience, but I dothink it would be more prominent in a different route in the industry yeah. Iguess that could be why I think about it, because my sister is trying to be ascreen right, yeah, and so that's that's hard, and so I take notewhenever there's a woman director or suceiter or whatever, which happensless so you o. You really do take note because they stand out and you lookkind of look at them as hey. I can do that they did it. So I also feel well,I don't know how different is, but I feel like theter versus film and TV isdifferent dynamics for all of that, as well, so feel like it's. Women aretreated in my in my totally outside Ey. I feel, like you, hear more about womenbeing treated poorly in the TV and film industry than you do in the theaterindustry, and maybe that's because TV and SMILLU, but get more informationspread about those actors experiences. Maybe it is because it happens more.Maybe it's because theter actors are better and kind irt to each other. Youknow like who knows, but yeah are you concerned, though I'd say yeah, it'sjust not something that I is hindering me from pursuing it yeah. Okay, what isyour perfect date? Ahfun question Gosh, it's so weird to think because of covidlike like what I feel like what a perfect date would be would be withoutcovid astly. First of all, yeah. I think we pretend we pretend we're GOINTA, no, no clude world. We live in New Zealand efor. We live in two thousand andnineteen yeah, I think, going to see some kind of artwork. I hate myself,but I think like experiencing something together would be really fun whether itis a musical or a concer or a museum or an art gallery, or you know anything like that. I justthink going to see some kind of art, because that is obviously reallyimportant to me and it is likely going to be important to anybody, I'm seeing yeah and then, like I don't knowdrinking after, like going back to. I prefer my apartment most of the time somy apartment and like drinking hanging out Yoa talking about what we just sawan like making sure they are intelligent and Y convers yeah theyjspeak their mind about something they just sa n like yeah, can articulate theexperience they just had and not let it just poss them by yeah. That's good. Iknow I realized. I guess this question doesn't say first day it just says: DatYeah in general and my mind went to first date, which I feel like. Firstdates are so nice when they kind of last long because you're like enjoyingeach other so much and you don't have any other plans like I that's what Ilike you go from like one thing to the next to the next. I don't know so. Ifeel, like I would say, like having a picnic out a park and then, like I,don't know doing something more active. I went on a date to what is it called acomedy, a standup show, and that was pretty fun, and that was the first dayand I think I guess that's like art like you're saying, but it'sinteresting because you, you learn a lot about the other person withouttalking, because you hear what they laugh at and if they laugh at all andhow they just interact and yeah ther' Bich Body language with the jokes. So Ithink that's kind of fun yeah. I guess ID be scared, so like yeah you're goingto get called ow o know and like it...

...could be awkward yeah. I guess you'dlearn yeah, that this person can handle awward situations. Well, there wasdefinitely some moments. Weret like this was in Utah and like they madelike. I think the comic was from New York, but they like made a joke aboutlike Jews from New York or whatever, and I was like I. I thought it was funny because, likeI got it, but I was like, I think he knows, I'm Jewish but like it's kind, Olitle re but like it kind of just got the awkwardness out of the way which esnice and then you can discuss it after you want h, yeah then coming over justlike cuddle watch a movie like have some wine, like that's super nice andyeah, honestly, just like hanging out in sweats its just like the good timewith a fuzzy blanket. Obviously in socks, God i Hoa, I'm Beoble, don'thave song s like Uver, your Tonen, that's sofunny on my age profile. I have like the two Tus in a lie and INA it as Iprefer not wearing socks aut. It says my favorite movie is spirit, and thenit says I've podcast. So the incorrect one is that I don't. I prefer you towear ocks and most people be like. I bet you don't like Peret, I'm like nocan't tey to ohes Lik, O right orspirit. Also, they don't know yeah, I no I'mlike or liteally, or this is like a makeer great question tat. You don'trealize that it's make a break but sock Triggeri, podcast priorities, thatstricky. I like that the next one is, if you couldn'tperform. What would you do makes me think of what I did for lovefrom a course TIMEI CRI he one time in rehearsal. He asked us that he was like.I want to know a would wo. You would actually do and I was like StartaYoutube thannel and be an instagram influencer and live wherever I want andlike make a business and help people, and I want to specifically help cirbywomen and he was like asitting. He was like you coun do that Andact and I waslike I'm trying and he was like. Okay, let's move on, but yeah there was avriete ater than I guess e, but there's also a variety of people were like. Iwant to marry rich about the beach. Like someone literally said that D Iwas like okay yeah, I mean yeah mood. I guess that's why I did my minor inmarketing and business whatever sales- I don't whatever it's called yeah advertising, though I did. I didreally like my advertising class and I think I could see myself doingsomething with that or with sales I mean, I think, with sales. I would bereally good at it because I think theater helps with that and I thinkbeing a people person and all of those things helps with that. I don't think Iwould like it as much, I think Tis. It would kind of be like Sol, sucking tome, whereas advertising, I could see myself having some fulfilment and beinga little bit happier, because it's more more creative yeah, if I was on thecreative side which I'd want to be or just doing, marketing like promotingsales and stuff, like kind of like what we do for HBO like on a higher scale and obviouslythe podcast ithat's a fun thing, but yeah, okay and our last Coestionn, itis biggest future life goals, O and Haveyou Wane to end Ay. I had tofill out a thing for our sorty senior thing today. That was like three thingsyou'd like to accomplish in your life. Oh- and I was like, Oh God, like I a and I feel like you,get ous thought a lot in your senior year of high school and so yeah. One ofthem can always be graduate college, but I'm like well, I'm gradually yea.You know like I'm like o Grad school yeah, but I like Allo, yeah, O it'sweird. So what I, what I came up with biggest future life goals, have aprofessional musical theater performance career live in New YorkCity and the third one I said for that was our soority has like what's calledconvention and it's like sisters from all around the nation and it's everytwo years, and you like I'll, go to this big Banka Hall and just like besorority girls, an IT s like it's like a little dream of mind to like go tothat convention as like an old person and just be like when not I was it.Callin like or you know, go as like a recent grod and like listen to thosewomen like say when I was at college and like yeah, I don't know yeah thatjust sounds really fun. That's something I'd like to accomplish: Thiwuus Uot, a comvention yeah. I guess I always say my like Dream Goal would be to perform like onBroadway or theater some capacity and then also do TV and then also do moviesand just kind of do all three interchangeably, and you know, maybe, when Atonian and emiand e Oscarrsomething an a gram, inegrammy honestly that thatd be pretty cool just honestlya fraction of any of that would be nice to I hate to be this girl, but like have afamily ike, I want to have kids and a...

...good husband and yeah. I feel like I'mexcited to be a mom like not not for a while, not for the forseable future, buteventually I'm excited to be a mom and to pass on everything learned and I couldeven like, even if I wasn't a mom or either way. I almost said this for thenon performing job. Would be to be a teacher and some capacity just liketeach voice, lessons or open up my own theater company, which is kind of whyI'm taking that Arts Administration Class, I'm taking in case. I want toopen up a theater company one day, so yeah I never knew I wanted to have kids.You know I I fel like I didn't, because I just am like so career focus. No likeI'm like. Don't do anything that could yeah make you not have the career. Youcould have yeah like it's intens and I hope that it is tricky with them. Ineed to press the break a little bit. Let myself live a little, but I heardthis girl came into Atlada the other day and she's just trying on and hername is sissy and I was just like. Oh my God, I love the name. Sissy like Iwas like we shut up. That's so cute used to call each other yeah. My Mom,like still calls my sister Sayse, because I'm city, so it's like Sissyand city, and I was like. Oh, my God, like the name Sissy like I was like Ann,I don't want to change my last name if I get married and so like Sissy Stephen,like shut up like I was like. Oh my God, I was like if I just had like onelittle girl and her name is sissy you'se like shoot, and so I was like. I think I think Iwant, but do you think the name SAS so stupid? I feel, like lots of peoplewould think it's stupid, but I feel like it's fitting. I think immediatelywhen I hear it I'm like Huh and then a's I it grows on me and I think SissyStepin like shut up like that's Oka cul and it's like us sweet because, likethat's what we call my sister, you know like yeah. It has because my midalnames me like Svanna, thought about like giving one of her kids, the middle.May you kar like some kind of incorporation and it's like so sweetbecause Ike, it's ternickking yeah and AI weet yeah. That's! I was like wo ewhole back story. I mean, like maybe I'll just have a dog, an neighbors which Altho maybe works better than achild, but but I want the name Sissy, somehow, both a dog and a Ti everyone ta iise Yeah Yeah. I wated to share that that Ihad this realization that I was ases yeah, but we are so excirted to tellyou guys again about our sponsor they were with us last week to, but this isbar virtual. Yes, they're super fun. You should check out their instagram.It's super aesthetic and colorful of the soaps are so cute. I'm superexcited to try mine and they're out of Miami, which is cool. So it's I meanobviously we don in Florida, but it is fairly local because we're supportingan American business not being F, jus great for theEnvironment Yeah and their talks in free and sustainable, which we lovethat something that's really important to me nowadays to check with myproducts, especially products you're, using honor in your bodys, reallyimportant to check up on that. As we know, I bout use e Menoco, I never haveI haven't either. I've always thought about it, but my my period is fairlyheavy noah. We may actually do a whole episode about period so yeah. We won'tdig into him too deeply, but I'm like just like paranoir yeah. I don't know Imean I know they're better for the environment so like I want to do it ea,but yeah, maybe maybe post Grad I'll, likefigure it out yeah. When I like have time like yeah, I feel like you have tolike figure it out. You know you can like risk a day like there's no day lityou're on your period. You could like a risk on rying it and having it fail.Youknow, like that's gown, optionmean, yeah, but postcod. I feel that yeah andI feel, like you, have a really sensitive body yeah I 's, like my body,could could take it yeah now. That's why I worry too, but it's good to knowthat you know products like the ritual are toxin Frean to state AAL, so yeahthat makes me feel better about putting it in my body, as opposed to probablytampons are worse for it yeah so, and they also have clean, safe, scentedcandles, an artisan soaps and some other skin care products. So there'ssome really awesome things that you should definitely check out. Yes, welove some good candles. Remember when I said the bathroom body works ones canbe cancerous or just bad, for you so make sure you get some good candleslike piritual, and I did want to share their promise. So their promise is tocreate products without artificial dies, while a lot of our bars are not colored.Some bars are decorated using only biotagradable ocean, safe nontoxic,glitters, clays of floral or herbal infusions or milks. Sometimes I usetitanium dioxide to help lighten bars, as that is extremely safe, when not inpowder form. Because of my strong...

...sensitivities, I also use only safeconcentrations of skin, safe essental oils or future scented soap, collectionand sentof candles will offer clean sends that are one hundred percent lauhLake free so and that was their promise five weeks ago. So obviously now theydo have thoe soaps and those candles Yeah Yeah we love yeah. You guys shouldgo check it out. They're a super great company totally. Well, I think we'vereached the end yeah. This is fun. It's good to be back. My friends. I miss youguys be sure to check us out on Instagram and take talk at bold periodand period balanced. So that's, bold and balanced with periods in between wepost a lot there and it's Super Fun and you'll make sure you never miss anepisode. If you do yes- and you can also suppit questions for us to answerfor future qnas or a lot of episodes, we end the episode with t e question.hovestly. You got a whole episode of question. So now this one, but if you have questions you can submitthose to our instagram or you can email us and our email is bold n. The letterballance o gmailcom has a bold and balance at gmailcom and are youmostalso a great place to reach out for sponsorships inquiries, and we do havea mediacape available. If you would like to see that those have some statsand some rates and were happy to share yeah, you could also join our facebookgroup, which is just bolden balance to we post on there and you can post onthere it's a good time. You'll just have to answer a couple questions toget in, but they're super easy is just like what are our names silly stufflike that, got it and the link to join. That group isalso just right and our show not took you press those wil descriptions. Thenyou can easily find links to yeah that and our instagram and anything else youneed to find yeah. We is good Tim, Illi, Ili.

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