29 ~ Going to School 2,000 Miles from Home


As requested we have our first ever solo episode! Join Natalie as she shares her experiences going to college far away from home. She talks about everything from how to make friends, dealing with long distance relationships, and coping with culture shock!

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Episode · 4 months ago

11 ~ Social Media: Tips & Tricks!

Sydney and Natalie chat about their favorite Social Media platforms and their favorite ways to use them. They give some tips and tricks about ways to level up your profiles. 

App they mention: 


Instagram accounts mentioned: 




Podcast mentioned: 

Gals on the Go

Youtube accounts mentioned: 

Danielle Marie Carolan


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Episode · 4 months ago

10 ~ Ask Us Anything! (Q&A)

Natalie and Sydney answer questions from listeners live! They reminisce with funny stories, memories, and look forward to the future together. 

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Episode · 4 months ago

9 ~ Bucket List!!

Natalie and Sydney chat about their bucket lists. They discuss more immediate and far out future goals. They want to hear from you about if you have any future pets in mind!

Things mentioned in their bucket lists:

-My Big Fat Greek Wedding (on HBO Max)

-Disney Land

-Bonneville Salt Flats

-Sundance Film Festival

-In Shell Pumpkin Seeds from Trader Joe’s

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Episode · 5 months ago

8 ~ How to Rid Negativity From Your Life

This week Sydney and Natalie talk about ways to make your life more positive. They reminisce on past memories, relationships, and experiences. 

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