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Episode · 9 months ago

28 ~ Study Abroad: Barcelona & Berlin Stories


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You guys asked for it, and it’s here! Sydney and Natalie reminisce on their experiences in Barcelona & Berlin. Here are the things they mention:

    •    RyanAir & Easy Jet airlines

    •    Airbnb for places to stay

Activities in Barcelona, Spain: 

    •    La Sagrada Familia (recommend attending a service on a Sunday! Money saver!)

    •    Park Güell

    •    Montjuïc Fountain

    •    Barceloneta Beach

    •    Gran Teatre del Liceu

    •    Picasso Museum

    •    Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Activites in Berlin, Germany:

    •    Brandenburg Gate

    •    Reichstag Building (you’ll need to reserve a time!)

    •    Alexanderplatz (skip if you need to skip something)

    •    Sisyphos Nightclub

    •    Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

    •    Berlin Wall

    •    Hofbrauhaus Munchen

    •    Museum Island (we didn’t make it)

    •    Berlin Cathedral

    •    Charlottenburg Palace

    •    Klunkerkranich (Beer Garden/Rooftop)

    •    Checkpoint Charlie

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Hey Guy Sidney here, I'm so excited totell you about this episode. Sponsor potcorn podcorn is a marketplaceconnecting podcasters to amazing, podcast sponsorship opportunities suchas host read ads like this one interview, segments, topicaldiscussions and more Nataliy, and I started using podcorn when we createdour podcast and fad such great success and are so happy with it with podcornthere 's, no middle man, podcasters of all sizes, can browse and chooseopportunities right on the platforms at their own rates and collaborate withbrands directly, there's nothing exclusive about it. You never give upany of your rights to podcast and Podcorn is here to support you at everystep and insure you protected and compensated for the work that you dofor their brands. The market police mission is to give podcasterstransparency, creative freedom, full control of how and when we monetize andyou can click the link in the show notes to sign up for podcorn and startbrowsing sponsorship opportunities. That's podcorncom, pod, corncom, hello, welcome to volden balance, happyTuesday, a bright and sunny day today and we're so excited o like say,recording. We have a really fun episode plan foryou guys, but first we're going to start off with our three two one three to bon this tans for three really good thingsthat happen this last week to not so good things and one thing weremanifesting. So the first good thing that happened this week for me was thatwell, it's been happening last few weeks. I just thought I'd give you guysan update about my reading. I opayfor towns, I'm like two hundred pages innow, which you know it doesn't sound like that. Much considering it's beenlike a few weeks but like when you think about my schedule, it's like,doesn't you know like good I and I'm a happy because I've been like like Iwant to read it like. I wish I had more time to like yeah. I just want to knowhow it ends like I get excited A. I get have time to read and I've been tryingto do it at night. Instead of watching Tik talk, it's like a good unwind thingwhen I have time so yeah just little update about that amazing excited aboutit and the next one is that Friday night, my well, our rehearsal wascanceled because our director wasn't feeling well, which is sad w. We loveher, but was nice to have the night off, especially a Friday like yeah, that'sjust ideal, so I was like Wol what o? What do? I dodidn't know w t to do so. My roommate and I went to this new Mexican place. That is right by my house. It replaced one ofour favorite restaurants that so it's kind of sad, but it's nice yeah theplace is walkable like very wolkable. For my house. However, my roommate iscurrently on cruches. So so not we can't do that right now, but once she'soff and it's nice out well, probably like walk, you know pretty oftenbecause they have some good drinks to so we don't have to worry about driving.You know it would be a little expensive to go like every week but like maybelike every two weeks or Soei, like that's fun, have fun. So I like a happyhour. I wonder if they do, I'm I feel like. Have you ever had a happy hour inyou talk. I think it might be illegal here. Oh, I know the restaurant I workout and other places they have happy hours, but the', not the one. I work atinteresting. I know that Porcupine, the restaurant, that this restaurantreplaye yeah did have like a it. Wasn't it wasn't happy o. It waslike a Wednesday from fourto six, two dolar beers, but itlike. I don't think it was ever like o uck Ta Happy Hour, but it was just likesome cheaper time. So maybe the idea of happy our is illegal, but if you allwayg ots yeah like how lotteries are illegal so like when they're doing likedrawings for things in Utah, you have to call an opportunity, draw yeah, sostupid, but I'm Gonoi the same thing yeah. It could be so I don't know, butit was fun. We should haveand, I had. I had two drinks. The first one was, I think, just a strawberry Margharita.It was blended. The second one was called like Tropical T. I don't know itwas like their take on a long island ice tea, but it was like with cramberyjuice and kind apples. So obviously I was here for it yeah that's fun and then the last oneis just thop. As we said earlier, it's really nice out here today. I mean, Iguess it's kind of sad because I don't really have time to enjoy it, but butit's nice that it's nice to know yeah. You know in my three minute drive tosydneys. It was he had my windo roll down and Oli. I was like wow. I wish Icould go like on a long drive or a walk or something right now tat outside yeah.Just I mean I guess it's also bad because, like global warming but like,... you, know we're going to enjoy it,I geand it's in Hogs Day. So we are saying that it's because it's going tobe Sprin yeah, it's Goino, which I think is fun today yeah. I agree. Whatare your t sa yeah? My first is also what I did on Friday. So, like not onlymentioned rehearsal was canceled and just Friday in general, was just a funday after dance. We went to coffee with a gourp of friends and we all setoutside, like all spread out amongst their whole patios like the're all farapart, bu like it, was just really good to like see everybody, and that wasjust nice and then we had class, and then I actually worked for a little bitbut then because our director was not feelingwell. I, like I'm good friends with her, so I text her and like ask what was up,and she told me- and so I like wanted to do something for her. So myself andour friends Laura and I went and got some cookies and brought it over to herand like checked in with her and just talked to her for a little bit, andthat was really good and we wore masks for that. So that was you know safe,but just like nice to be with them and then and I like went home and I wasplanning on just like using the time to be productive and then my friend Evancalled, and he said Sidney. I realized that we are already in the same pod andI was like whatlike. What are you talking about and he was like wellbecause navaline Kelly hang out you and I can hang out and I was like I mean you're, not wrong like I waslike yeah and he was like we're having a celebration for my birthday tonight.A sounds like you should come and I was like well who all is going like: Thisouns, a Ot Liffy, and so it was only five people though, and it was a wholehouse like three people that all live together and then Evan, who is alreadyin the pod and then Tevin who's, also in the Pod, because of them like I waslike well, your derms are getting back to me anyway and I might as well justgo, enjoy the fun thing, and this is like an extra layer that I've realizedthat, like I am afraid of Covid from the people around me, that I like feellike are being as like. Cautious as I am like. I feel like I'm, making thesafest choices like I ave tried not to go to restaurants and like doing allthis stuff, but I was like wow like I haven't done ha single fum thing likethat. Sad and I was like you know this one night, I'm just going to go andhave a good time. So I did and it was fun and I'm very glad I did I spet thenight like it was like just like fun and good, so that was number one noe tohey yeah. So, like Friday, I saw like three different groups of friends and Iwas like safe and fun and just like Nice number two is that my mom sisterand I just put in a fat order online of that Butta. Mostly for Savannah. I waslike a big a lot of stuffers Manon. My Mom got two tank tops and then I wejust got the cutest new colors of leggings, and I just like love. It'scalled the Elatian they're, my favorite tights, so I got to more pair, but it'sokay. I wor every day, yeah and then last place that now a I both aregetting good feedback. Some are stockwise whan. I manifested last weekI feel like it's going well. I had an hour long meeting interview with acompany this morning, so just like good things are happening and I'm justfeeling Optimisic, yes, yeah tos yeah. My first to is, I just hate, to say allthis to complain, but that's what we do here: s e Shu, Frno, Ofer Tos, at leastyeah. I mean I worked yesterday for quite a while. I like open opened,which I haven't done in a while, like I got there an hour before the restaurantopened t like set everything up. It was a stressful day. I didn't know when Igot there, but headquarters of our company was there. So everyone was likevery on edge and stressed out, and I was opening for the first time in likea year. I was like, Oh Gosh. What, if I forget to do something and no one'shere to like, tell me what to do I'll, just like be mad, if Mi don't do it soyeah that was a little stressful and then I was just I was there from liketen to five. So it's just like kind of a long day. I don't know and then to beon your feet all day running around and before that I had dance. And after that,I had rehearsals s like a really long day and my feet were really hurting bythe end. Like standing for rehearsal was like really hard see, my body'sjust hurting, and it was just like yeah stressful shift at the end of my shiftonce the headquarters people had left, but they let everyone else go besidestwo of us to stay because it wasn't that busy. It was like a Monday at likeyou, know two three. So then they gave me like seven tables atone point, because they, a bunch of people, came in Ye. IAS Like Okay andlike once people sit down. I can't be like this is too many tables like Ican't like do not greet them. I don't know so, and I was doing pretty fine. Iwas actually like pretty proud of myself, but we have this new thingssince Covid, where you can like pay on your phone by sketting, the QR. Mostpeople don't do it and I honestly prefer when they don't do it, justbecause I stress that they'll leave...

...without paying or whatever, but I liketry to really watch them and if it looks like they're doing that I'll,like you know, let them do it and then I'll like check on the screen if theypaid yeah. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes to show up, so it's like Iffe,but then anyway. So one of my tables, while I had like seven, I thought wasdoing that I gave them their check and then I like was walking by there like aminute later to co, get their card and it looked like they were like gettingup to leave. So I was like yeah, okay, I guess they paid online y yeah. Sothen I like, I was like okay, I guess they're paying online and the busterwas like asking me to tip him out. So I was like looking at my sales whateverand the general manager like went up to me and was like Natali like come talkto me and I was like Oh gosh and he was like your table like how many tables doyou have right now and I was like I don't know, like seven he's like Wel, Idon't think you can handle that many, like one of your tables, tried to payand like they just came up to me and asked me because, like you're so busywhatever and I was like- Oh like I am busy, but I thought they paid onlinelike yeah, I was watching them and, like I went by to get their card sowhatever then I went up and got their card and everything and they gave me atwo dollar tip which is so nice and anyway. So hat was just stressfuland I hope, like my manager, doesn't think I'm like bad, like yeah. Beforethat he had. You know, told me. I was like a top server this month whatever,but so, like I don't know the long winded story, but I just I hope it'sAokay and it was stressful, an then the last one short or my other twoAsshoreis, just that my nails are chipping. I like got them done, like Ifeel like a week ago, not even and they've already been shipping so muchand it's Jell Theyre jumailes and, like you know, I paid like forty bucks orsomething for them. So that's not fun. That's lame! Yeah! Anyway. What areyour two said? My first twor well, both of my tearsare just like typical and they both are things I wish I could do, but I can'tso that's why there were two and it's that I really want to like deepclean myapartment and like change my sheet and like sweep like I don't know just likevacuum like that. Just like sounds so nice and I just like don't have time,and so that's Fune and that's the second one is that I have a hundreddollars ind gift cards to target right now and I want to go so bad and I justgont up timin a tet- and I just like know that I have these gift guards andI'm like. Oh Man, it's going to be so fun, but, like I don't have time to go,I was watching this tick talk that was like what grocery stores signs would be.Oh yeah t was a SCOPO yeah. I saw that too, but I jus was likeComan iust. I need to go to Jargan, so Wel we'll have a fun target day, Wa.Maybe in Mart I well that brings to what I'mmanifesting, which is that march will be a really good on we've. Already wealready know February is going to be a rough one, so march, hopefully, it'llbe like fresh starts and have time for things and just it'll be great. sothat's Ti'm all big. How about Youso? I'mmanifesting that I do well in the dance that we're performing live on Friday,we're doing it in tos and so it'll just fee like me, and one other personperforming this dance live on zoom and it's a hard dance, and I don't knowthis is just like sulfdebrocating, but I I thought like like. I know the dancelike it's fine, but he my teacher, filmed us and then I like watched thevideo back, and I was just like God I felt like I was doing better than it looks like I am like it doesn't looklike I'm working as hard as I feel like. I am, and that's just likedisappointing, so yeah, hopefully like I'm just going to try to like relax andjust like do my best and it's fine, but I'm kind of stressed about it so thattit goes well. Yes, it'll be great, is face book feed, Hey I'm bill! This was opposed to that. He just madeunlike a fun background. That looks like a sweater. Don't know if you wantto read it. Yeah is sure says: Life is precious. Life is like a gift. Thosewho support or enable violence against other Americans must be heldaccountable. That's it he's not wrong, it's not wrong. So I do like thesputter background. That's Funny Noi. It was like a sweater. That's a WeirdGuy, my dad N. I was just good. I thought about just reading a textconversation between he and I, instead of doing bis, Facewook Wead, I forgotit was some funny conversation. I sent him this video of the Song I've beenworking on and then I sentiment ten twenty pm, which is not very late, a d.He said great video this morning at six, twelve and then he said you are up lateand then I responded at six thirty, because I had n interview this morningand said and up early, and he said yes,...

I forget it's this time zone differenthe's in Cetral time. So, yes, yeah B, you are a plate and up early, yes, were Dy. Well, we are skipping a little bachelorupdate this week because we didn't have time to watch latest episode, but we'llget you guys next week with lots of updates and S, and we have such a funepisode. This week we are going to be at talking about our study abroad,which was summer, two thousand and nineteen we're going to be talkingabout our trips to Spain and Germany. While we were in Europe and yeah, Iguess we'll start with Spain, because that's chronologically where we wentfirst totallwe were in Barcelona and in case you didn't know. Our study abroadwas in London. So we took a fun little plane ride from London to Barcelona,and I was funny before, like we got to London AR, like teachers sent us acalendar, and it said that we had this three day weekend and so nolend ID planto go to Spain and we like booked our plan tickets before we even left forLondon to go to Spain, and so then we got there to London and then we werelike in class one day and they were like Oh yeah this weekend, like we'redoing this thing like you, do have class or something and we were likewait, Wa're going Tand weare like, and so we like and I'm to our teacher andwas like we're. So sorry like this calendar, you sent us like said we tothreeday weekend like m sorry, and they were like. You know, you're, not wrong.We did SOM that and Yoa guys are on top of us, so gov a good time yeah. So wegot to skip class and good times yeah for both of these trips. I think weused the airlines Rionar and easy jet, which you're both kind of a meane yeah. But that's agodand, do you rememberyou're only allowed to bring one back like and there was a carry on yeah, andso we both just like patch and backpaces for thise week entrancs,which is pretty crazy. That we like did that like think you, a Pank in abackpack right now, like some so terrible like. I don't want to do thatwow. We really did do that and we, like would only have two Prais of shoes. Youknow because we'd wear one bring one and we'd like roll our clothes. Luckilyit was this summer so like we were dressing pretty lightly yeah, but like toilet trees like everythinghad to fick in your one backpack, so that was that was a lot we'd likecoordinate yeah, but weuse ARBANB for these trips. So wewould book our place before we left. Obviously- and it was really nice fortriveling the two of us, because we could find an Arban beat that just hadone bedroom and one bed, and we also- I really love this and prior to our tripto Europe. I had never stayein an Arbian B that the host, like was justoffering a bedroom like. I would only stay in Arbbs at like the whole house,O the whole unit was yours, but it was olmest like really like. It came inhandy that, like we had someone else, there especiallying a in Germany, whichI'll hear about later, but it was gitd o nice to have o like meet some localyeah for sure. I think I think it makes sense to have your like on space whenyou're, like just in America yeah, but I think, being abroad. You know it was.It was definitely nice to have them nearby, yeah yeah. So well, when we got to ourArbean, be in Spain, we were regreting as symphony think they're playing Hollyluia and not like the church. Him like thetrendy, like pop version of hoato yeah. They were like playing on their like.It was like a carted of string instruments and it wasjust like so funny, y God and then, and then I really I got into our bedroomand like were like freshening up a little bit before we were going to likego out to the city, but they just like kept playing. It was so silly yeah, so it turns out.The Guy we were staying with was having practice for hi is, is Qite, got a fun kind of Seyeah, TWASfunnyyeah, so another silly thing is that it was pretty much the whole timewe were in Varseloand. It was raining, it's a secret everyone. If you lookd atour pictures, you wouldn't knowwhat. I know we INDOFA great. We were likenobody is gonna know that o PA at Ispaing. We just kept it. We just kepta secret and it was fine. It was I mean we're there. What like end of May, likeyou, wouldn't I wouldn't think the weather would be bad and Perselanundemand. Well, it was probably just a freak. You know weekend, you know nowyou know bring your Ain Jacket in your little backca yeah have a jacket o. Youremember, I feel like whited, your like...

...white cart. Again. Yes, I did. I did. Ihad my Dane Jacket Yeah I remember, and that was before I like realized. Thisis stupid. Onm My Dude Jagget, like I always used to have the like sleevesrolled up for, like ever. I've never like taken them down, but I remember itwas that trip, because I was like colut. I was like so col it' O. I was like just this rolldown an it did so im help. I remember that was what I figured it out. That'sso funny yeah so, but that didn't stop us from going to the beach, no, ofcourse no yeah. So we went to the beach, it was beautiful, I'm so happy weWenti'm just now remembering the whole like remember. The whole area by thebeach was like so fun, Eyoh, yeah, outdoor pestaurants and Lik. I knowyeah and we went to an outdoor restaurant and remembeman like took my name from mydebit card and found me on face buck and he like messaged mewas. A littlegot hit ot a lit on there yeah and we got these free Lime Green Shot, my God,almost every rest time. Ye went to the'd, be like Hoh, you, Americans,like have you tried this fun shot? I don't even know W at it was called, butit was like lime, green and we would say no every time, so they would giveit to us for free GD. No, we haven't tried it, even though we had just hadat the restaurant Yeahr breakfast getting ut breakfast yeah, my gosh, thesangryother was so good. I remember one time we had some homemade angria andthen we went to this church and we all say also give us a freelimegreen shot. Ther R, pretty like you, know, tipsy, and we had to climb up allof these saks more SARS than I've ever seen. Abou like it was a ridiculousabout of stairs now. Lin En were drunk and is church, and they were liketelling us about like Mary and Josephyeah, and we had to climb mescary, stairs, Oe Theo, beautiful view of the city but liebut Ohwow, yeahsowas, oh my gosh, well, another silly experience was we went to the SEGRADAFamelia, which ended up. You know being probably still one of my favoritebuildings to this day, architectually so beautiful. But so, if you don't knowthat is a church, our loophole to doing things for cheaper. While we were therewas all the churches we visited we'd go on Sunday, so it was like a free. Youcan just go yat because Ervey yeah like to visit the SAGRANA. I can't estandthis a Gron Familian. You like it was like really expensive, not on Sunday,so we opted to like a tend a service so that we can see it. Mwe didn't enjoythe service as much though, because it wasn't Spanish, but we were just like still born awayby the building that that was enough, but also we were attending a churchservice, and so I didn't quite realize that there was a dress. Come so we both arrived to this billing. In this morning I was wearing a like spaghetti. Stropdress that did go down to my knee, but it was Spaghetti', Stop Natalie waswearing a romper that was off the shoulder and, like already short, therule was that you weren't allowed to show your shoulders or your knee. I, like my knees, were like okay and myshoulders were just out, but now at least Knhese and shoulders well, and sowe were like, oh no like what are we going to do like we need to do this. Sother was soll like vendor yeah vendors like across the street that were likeselling a bunch of stuff, and there was one that was likselling me scarand, sowe both went and not atles like offisilde rumper was able to like kindof pull up. So you just like pulled it up a little bit over your shoulder.Yeah like ther, doesn't Ovi the shoulder yeah, and then we both andThenyou TIPESCR found your way. Ik Oer your knees, and then I like mad fieStui. I covered my socer. I this Pictur Likoh godlike it so fun. Homit was wereloted, but we got in there. We Ot a good time of it. Listening to theSPANARH service butly. That was so silly, but I will say that buildingnGosh and it was so pretty because they had all these stained glass windows andthe light just like reflected in and such a beautiful way it just like itlooked sick. It was like so packed in there too. Do you remember like therewas so much security to get in and an we got DRI coded Yeah Yeah. I doremember all the security, its crazy, hat's, crazy, yeah Sol. That's thefunniest thing truly, but yeah, some other, like prettythings there. Sid Will Make Fun of me about the fountain. Oh, as obsessedwith this one found Ain Gosh, I need to... look at the names of all thesethings to heve. You guys, but I'm sure you I like it. I can like picture eaglsheet now. Itas, like tod, Sant di a don't, know. Montage, I don't know mysorority big did a study abroad in Spain, so she sent us like heritinerarian and another like just fun. Hack for these kind of trips ispintrist, has so many like three day itinerary to blank and like they havethose four all over Europe, but also like in America to like there's justitineraries for so many cities, and so many places and they're also reallynice, because they're like already close together so highly acument, yeah.True, because a lot said- and I did a lot of investigating what would makesense to go to when in terms of what it's close to each other. So, okay, itwas called the Mont Juick Fountain. Yes, Ye contining it EA. Do you rememberright when we got there, we were Tuwe tried to like bin Olympic Park orsomething? Oh, my gosh never found it right off the PU yeah. We never foundit and that's what I was reining. That was funny, but another thing we did onour very first day was Park Gal, which is like a must do if you've seen cheatagirls too, when they go to Spain, they like have an iconic scene up at Parkell.So it was fun to like see that for the Tato girl's moment, but also just likeexperience, it's like beautiful art and Yes, the artist whoits the same one,who did the CIGRETTO Amiliaeah, I'm trying to remember who the artist is.Oh, is a e Gowdi, Thera, iconic artist that designed Park Gell and many otherbeautiful andmarks in Spain and that's a big aspect of Spain. It was quitebeautiful Thoug we had tapas and we went to the fountain. So then the samenight we went to the fountain. We went out to some bars regard and I had to use the batflike you rerecallthis it was bote yeah, it was Gthis is the wars it was before we gotto the bar, So we were at the fountains and then we decided to like walk and wewere just walking and then we were going to like cutch a bus or like aNover or something to like get to a closer neighborhood to where RBMB wasand find a bar over closer to where we were staying that night. So we werejust like walking down this street and then Nataly needed to pee, and so therewas like a bar that was like on the street. We were walking into we're,like Oh cool, well, just run in here, so now they can pet. So we went in andnot only ran into the bathroom, and I was just like standing in like the mainarea and this huge man came over to me andhe worked at the bar and he was like. What can I get you and I was like? Oh,I don't know yeah like I'm still deciding, which is the first thing Ishould have just a were just using the bathroom like I shouldn't, have tard alie, but I was like I don't know yeah and he was like okay and then he likewent back over like behind the bar or something then not Onlye came out ofthe bathroom ohmy God it we were like walking out, and I was leadingsonatoleis behind me and he grabbed Natalie's Ar and dear nobodhy said O. I don't know like you think you canuse the bathroom and not get a drinker so something he called us somethingyeah. It was like maybe stupid, Amera yeah literally, but he grabbed you and yelled us. Itwas so scary and then be like wabut it too. At least you Wene to the bathroom.You know. Imagine if that H D happened prior to you even going to the bathroomlike that, would have been ex ship bad but yeah. That was a good time. I jus want to quickly say the beach wewent to was the Barcelentia beach and in our shownotes w we'll write thenames of everything were talking: Ayeah Sokay, you can plan your trip yeah, but what else? Oh, the Empanat,is there delicious the best obsessed. I was justlooking at a picture I took of them. If I show you yo, your mouth will water,so I'm there wos watering thinking about it. I know we tried to find anUmple of empenata place in Utah and it was. It was good, but not not tas, Ohmy God, yeah yeah, but speaking of that Banadas. When we went to bars thatnight, this man came up to sit and I outside abar we ere about to go in and he was saying he was selling Ampanatas or somesort of pastry or something, and I was gathering that he was actuallyselling drugs. I can'. I think it was maybe molly I'm not. I don't fullyremember what it was. No. It was like a hard core like it wasn't. Just likeweed like it was like a drug...

...and sait was just complete in the darkat was happening. I was like like after he left. I was like. Oh my gosh, likecan wewas trying to sell us that or whatever andits like what OKAYDM Minatas. No yes, thats silly that bar that nightalso was pretty silly, but so funny. While we were at the BeachSid and I got some Ice Cream, oh a lot of and sits it lookes really pretty and wetook a picture at thit and then sid fell, but I caught it and I sal os ver.I caught it in my hand in like thinking about Bak covid wice like like what wason my ha like, I still just ate that O. maybe I helped your immene sister Obaly.I yeah probably did yeah. It was like these perfect little scoops and shejust caught one so funny ss. Like bad luck, Oh and I remember a lots ofpeople like would sell stuff on the beach. Do you remember? There was likeo this, like like clubveryers, on up to t oh yeah, but it was also like freecoconuts or something yeah. I kneweard and then you'd like. Take it and thenthey'd be like you ow me this much money and like we never did it, but wewatched other people fall for it. My do you remember like the like some likesports team, or something was on the beach that night to yeah and they Iremember. I was like talking to one of the guys who's like selling somethingand I was like it's free and then the soccer players or whoever was like.Don't do it like o charge ot and I was like. Oh, I trust the soccer players.Yeah indin shots, yeah, yeah tha, that was silly Yeu alsowent to an opera house, but yeah beautiful and beautiful, and you knowfun for us because we like performing so any cool theater is cool. We alsowent to the Pacaso Museum, yes and the Natural Art Museum of Catalina Yeah,how you say that yeah, which is like another country, no kind, ofleme thelanguage right. I think it's. The language that's like French and Spanishcombined cause yeah know, but- or maybe it's Portuguese and Spanish combine. Idon't remember, but it's like a language of Spanish and something elsecombined and it's like lots of people speak it and thanks yeah. So a we also remember. We likerode our a paddle Bor, yeah apulbo yeah, that was cute. That was cutetheas likea million hunls yeah as funny it was. It was pretty silly. Igot so somburn on that trip to Oh yeah. We got some some nice color yeah thelast day. It was really sunny the first two days. It was rainy, but we survived.Obviously, yes, we did we did, but I guess we can transition to Germany andthis go anything else for verselona. Now I think that's it. I loved it tentin to recommend going, Oh yeah for sure I'd go back and herpet yeah, soGermany, this it's so funny. So we had these spreadsheets as such a theme thatwould like explain what we were doing when and stuff and comparing theBarsalona Spreaci to this Birlin pretcy. We, like obviously do what we weredoing. The second time, like there's more info with like what we need toknow, is like on here now versus the other one, it's funny. That is funny,so I think we started out at the Brandonburgate yeah, at least that'swhere my first yes, but I and according to this I do remember, we were going totry to go to the ricecheck first, but then we learned that there was likeweird reservation times for their ice tag, but it was still free, like wedidn't end up having o pay to go to the rice tug, but we had like reserve atime, and I was scared of that, like there wasn't going to be a time open, ta like. We were there for like two nights, you know, but it ended up forYeu, but we did go to the Rana Brik Gate. First, yes, had a fun photo shootobvious. Aways, Germany, I was cool. Like I mean I feel like it was morecool like history, wise just because, like so much happen withall the wars and everything, Oh, I bought Berkenstock. Yes, well, we werethere brerken stocks, Aure, Germans. So I was like I should probably buy somehere. Maybe it's cheaper. The PAIRICOT was eighty Yearos. I don't really knowif that's cheaper, but an experience was mixing. I can say I bought Myyeahtocks in Germany, then so totally that is fad yeah. We also visited Alexanderplots and if I would do thetrip again, I would skip ilike xander plats. It was just like honestly, it'sbasically the space needle in Seattle, like it was just like a big thing thathad a big dome that, like you, could go in o the city yeah and it was just like like there was other cool things to doin Germany. You know, like I feel, like... a city like Seattle, like there's acouple of UN things to do, but like the space needles, a big deal because it'snot tons but like we're in Germany, you know like there's so much to do that. Iwould. I would skip it and that's just my opinion also just because of howmuch it was. It wasn't necessarily worth the money. Yeah Yeah, whereasthere's fun things like the rice tag building was super cool. Yeah, rememberlike the top had like this cool dome that had like all this history yeah youcould like you'd like walk around and there was like a Oh yeah. We did lotsof those audio tours. Those were cool can pick what language yeah it was coolGerman most of the Germans that were like younger were pretty good aboutspeaking English yeah and Spain. It wasn't as much English speaking, but itwas. I slightly understood it because it was similar to French but yeahGermany. I would not have ould not have known. I thought synnyknew a little btue. You know. I Know Bo fi board these days now. Notli Hoshoowe would take the train yeah wherever we're going and my God, whatdid we do? That was wrong, but we so okay, it's like weird like by a pass-and I remember you like punch it when you're like leaving or something orlike y. Ah, we bought like a three day pas yeah and you like aren't supposedto punch it once it gets punched. It's not valid like you can't it doesn'tcount once it's Punche, but we assume like when you get on the train. Youlike scan it, you know or something so we got on the train and punched it andlike the whole punter. So then it was like not ballad, and I hade thisarticle is Alimin that like if they catch you on the train, like with aninvol ticket which is us they would like literally put you in jail, and Iwas like, like these men and Tuss and Taye, theywer the Topas, and I W we thought was. We saw e Besand. We were like. Oh my go iyeah. They would like ask to see yourticket and arts were in valid, like we would have gote into like. I don't knowif we would have gone to jail butlike, we could have you know not about to goto jail in German and like Literallyi, can you imagine we got a rest inGermany, we'd be like no, we thought we punched it like sorry, we bought it,but that night we went. We saw the people we went to this club becauseyeah so the night life in Berlin is like such a big, it's very anic yeah.So we had to go. We found it like a secretive club, yes, O Sisifis, yeahand th y you're not allowed to take any pictures yeah. So they put stickersover your cameras on your phone O and remember. We got on like the VIB list.Yeah ite was like, so we got there kind of early. We didn't realize we didewere there like ten PM, which I mean I like yeah, but it wasn't that'. So then they but like what, since wewere there earliyer like saw this guy who, like was't, important or somethingI was like, do you want to be on Myvip list and we like kind of thought itlike Wond, actually work and was whatever but we're like sure. I guesshe hears our names and then once we came back at like midnight or wheneverwas cool to go, we there was like a vap line and therewas a normal line and the normal line was humor yeah like around the block. Iwas like Oh my gosh like SOM, then we try it. We tried the BIP Lo. It workedan an yeah, not two hours. I was like what did we do? We like walked till. Iwent to another yeah different. It was more of like a pup. Yeah Welik watched quite a bit. You rememberwe did Mitdier Uhhuh Yeah O. I do remember those were Kut drinks, thoughyeah they were Aperil sprits yeah. I had the WROM Baron Yeyeahs, my kirt yeah, sweet and yeah,so that was that was a silly night, but the place was so cool yeah. Once we gotin the club, it was like there was like sand like beach area like a club likeShack S, wild Ma like if you've been to Disneyland or Disney world, you knowlike they have different lands like it was like a whole lay of the yeah crazy.It was sa the beat, remember or drink. We like went, I so the bar. We gotapple juice and Bodka. They would like they had like bottles of apple juice,like glass bottles and they would like dump him out. Pour some Vodkan and helike shake it yeah, and I, like honestly still I tha stright day, Idrink a lot of apple juce and Vodca yeah, it's good. I know it makes methink of that Youno also, like kind of this is completely unrelated toGermany, but because I feel like apple juice is good for the voice, and vodkais not good for the voice. It like cancels it out. That's it!...

That's like when I drink a botculd Cran,I'm like bad for like peeing, but like good fo like yeah, that's funny, then.The next day we went to the Berlin Wall, yes, which, if you don't know, it'sactually like an art gallery yeah, which is super awesome. It's just allof these artist painted murals and all these cool things I mean super cool. Wetook lots of cool pictures there. I've won in front of this cool thing thatsays, save our Earth and it's just there's some like fun like politicalstatements, so I'm just like fun, kissing things like just all these funkinfl things Itas, so cool it as beautiful. It was long like there was alot. Oh yeah know yeah it's huge, but it's cool that that's what it is nowyeah. There was one of starv David, which is a Jewish symbol, and so Iguess this will start to bring Uf the talkof topic of, like me, being a Jewin Germany and like Wat, Sid, who's, German, and just like all that- and Iremember taking, I wanted a picture in front of the Star of David One, but Iwas like kind of scared. Honestly B cause ha was like, like this gives awaythat I'm, Jewish and like people, probably don't really care, but likealso it could be kind of scary and antisemitism, as we know, is veryprevalent T. and so then we went to the memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe,which is basically like for the Holocaust yeah. It's also known as theHolocostuma more yeah yeah. So it's just a bunch of these like blocks. Iwould yeah Ike cribe it huge like cement hillars in some places and theyall rranged in different heights yeah, and so there were some that, like youknow, were more like a bench because it was low and some that were like afreaking callum because it was home and it was. It was so. Cool yeah, like theground, changed levels to like Yoa walk in between these columns, and it was itwas just. It was crazy, yeah and, I think, O I was like reading about thedesign of int. I think it was built to like be confusing and be I don't know, maybe how, like some ofthese Nazi soldiers felt confused or how the Jews felt? I don't really knowI mean, but it was. It was beautifully done and yeah very interesting to go to, like Isaid, the history thereis so interesting, and that's part of why Iwanted to go to Germany. I would have liked to like gone to, like you know,see a concentration camp or something, but they didn't really have that inBerlin. But I still think going to Berlin was like the right call for Yoat least the first trip to Germany. If I were to go back, I would probably gosomewhere else, but I think Brillian, you know they they make the point andthey have this memorial of the murder Jews and they had some other like memorials for, like the othergroups like, I think they had one yeah like they did er like gays yeah and forI don't know, because in the Holocaust like they, it wasn't just you that theyere hurdering it. It was like people who are disabled and gay people andthere's just a lot, a lot of groups that were target and they had all theseother little things for ues any minority, yeah yeah for the othergroups. Just if you weren't Ari and race and a fun German iconic thing iswe went to this restaurant yeah. It's very much lighter topic. We go fromlike the MDER Jew memorial to Yeahen, O the most iconic eant. We like went tothis other little like sports bar by restaurant. You remember, I got where you got like the DOT, Hok dogtype thing yeah it like Shnitzl, Miss German, like Sousagesyeah. I will say it was alsointeresting because I feel like so much of the eating there was like it waslike fun if it was meat yeah which, like I don't, eat red mee so like Iwould just like. I don't know when I even at I got Pretzels Pretzel, but Sidwas like having so much fun eating Al Yeah, listen into it yeah, but yeah. Then we want to thisiconic restaurant W D. You have about that one and know your dad went to Oh halfbrowhouse, Moonkin, Berlin, Yeah Eah, we'll link that so it's like it'salmost like a family Stan restaurant where they like have long tables withbenches, and then you like are sitting next to other parties at the restaurantthat are not like with you. So Not Oleyn nowe're there at this people likewith a family of four yeah, and there was like a live band and like people inlike later Hosin and just like Ge, likeGerman garb, and I ended up that IG spilling a candle on my leg, iforgotthat, like I wags all over me like it was just super silly night and justlike, and we like had our boops out and we'reLik. We like theeaters of Beer, Oh yeah, they had these huge, huge jugs thatwere like a gallon of beer. They would...

...give you ended up buying sid one forher birthday last year, but so fun we drank the whole thing. Don't worry,it was a lot, but we finished it. We es got one yeah yeah, so yeah hav pretzelsthere was like a dance party Hav. It wathere was like a silly song. Theyplay. I don't know. I was wondering if it was the chicken damce I feel like itwas okay defnitey good. So I don't know if I told you about this. Youi can datethit out you on to, but my family was having Tis Speik to me recently aboutif the chicken dancer is like an iconic sign that you have to play at everywedding, and then I saw it in an episode of the sex of the city. Theywere like outof wedding theyre, like has the chicken dance happened and Iwas like no. I was like. I cannot be real like I was like you coan a I theticket ads, but then I was like thinking and I was like I feel likethey played the chicken dance, an the German restaurant. They so did yeahthey soly did that's funny yeah. I don't want it at my wedding. Oh yeah,we're not no oniwas likes Kina, you know you don't do that. Is She gonna?Do it or, I think so, have they played the chicken DANC? What I don't like that yeah but yeah it was, it was so sillyand we were just viving and dancing alongwith all these dreman me. Yeah. That day, we also tried to go to museumisland, which is like a big area of like four huge museums,and we got there like in the afternoon. It was like three or four PM andremember, be like close to like seven, which we were like. Ohyh were likethree hours like do o to this museum I', like that'll, be fine and the wegotther. The guy was like wait home to three hours like Youre Gon be able toget anything see. We were like. Oh okay, she was like Youne to come back.Tomorow like this is like at all day event likeyou. I guess are supposed to spend like a whole day, amuseam island- and wedidn't know so I don't know if we ended up pointing no. We did, but we did goto the Berlin Cathedral Yeah. It was beautiful and they sold pretzelsoutside yeah, more pres. Yes, we also went to the Sharloburg palace yeah.That was fun, which was cool because we went to a lot of palaces in London yeah.So it was cool to see the contrast of the German royalty uversting yeah yeah,so that was really cool, and then we went to this Rooftopmo, which I'mtrying to find the name of, but it was called the clonker crannick Yeaha Asitwas awesome. I would definitely go. There is oh yeah. If you're going toVerlin yeah, it Wassuper Fun such good byes and we actually did have goodweather aot there. So, like I'm, just looking at a picture of myself now atthis rooftop bar drinking my smernoff and like it was just beautiful and sucha good time. What is this? Oh, my Gosh t e the food truck. We went to we hoursbut yeah. I W we went to that rooftop and we like just drank. We didn't getfood and then we like we're walking- and there was this like iconic foot-trek that there was like a pretty long line of. But we, like, I fhel most ofthe time, wo truck lines go pretty quick yeah. It was a huge. It was at.We got line stockin e line, but like two and a half hours HM- oh at least itwas long and we were hungry yeah and I think right before that there was likea parade there or somethin e an I just like ran into a bunch ofparades, while we were in here but yeah, and then we got there and Ilike couldn't even eat the full thing because it was like meet or something.So I got like a really modified yeah and it was like spicy. It was just likenot anything you like yeah hat. What German food is it's like sausage andspice, and so I was like a hapen re, not not yeah, but I remember I wentacross togetof lost, I was like wow, but we waited for hour yea, we did. It wassilly. I remember it was good. I remember Ireally, like I'm glad you didyeah causehat, to be worth the way worth the hype yeah, and then that was like our lastnight. There we had to go to the airport really early. We were out lateand then our Airbean, be we like, could never open the door for this Arbian behonestly. We had trouble with like all of our Arbean bedoors for some reason,but this one we ended up having to call our host at like for am that was night.We went to Sitefis, oh, that was that yeah, because I remember that nightbefore like then I'm prporbably Lik. We went to bed like maybe like time eevenbut yeah. It was the night went to cicific and we got home like four fiveand we could get in and we were like. Oh, this is so awful and we like bothtry that door so many times, and we like d just like knocking like we werelike, Oh God, and then eventually we had to call yeah we're like we're. Sosorry like we're outside and the sweet...

...little man. I know it was like a cutegay couple yeah, but they weren't German. I think they were SouthAmerican yeah and they were just like so nice. They were like, Oh yeah, likeno problem, no problem yeah and I was like so scared. I was going to get abad review on R V. I was like my ranings Gointi go down but yeah. They probably know the doors mantras. Every time yeah I mean, maybe not at four M everytime. Yeah also that Harrb B, the bathroomdidn't, have a shower. So I know that's a both Tim Yeah. I don't know if theyhave two bathrooms and like they had their own bathroom and it has a shower,but I kind of don't think it itdit kind of feel like it was a two bad one, badyeah and it just had a big tub with like a attached like shower yeah thatyou like hold up like imagine like washing your hair, like your arms arget so tired Na, but yeah I so like we have mo plan on, maybe shower you. Wedidn't want O watry to use their sower either because we were strugglingalready. The last thing we need to talk about is check, point Charlie, so wedid GOS poental, so tickboy Charlie. I don't remember the historicalsignificance of it. I don't R knowit was something about Er assfor think itwas maybe where the soldiers went yeah, I don't either, but something you could like go get another stamp onyour like real passport today from it like in, they would say, TickmanTharley, which is kind of fun, and we were like all about having ourpalsports, because it was both of our first time out of the country. It wasthe crossing point between East Berlin and Westberland Oro to yes, yeah, soyou could get your passport stamp, so we were excited to go so we went and Iwe thought it would be free. I think, and then I ended up. It was supposed tobe like ten euro for the stamp or something- and I was like that sucks,and so we were like. Can we get it ceeper? Andthen I id up kissing him, and then we got it for ten year over both of ourstamps. So like we got, I have price yeah and I kissed it and there's apicture. I Wont Post. There is a picture of me and the man who works, Otick, my darly kissing and it's like a family spot like when you bring yourkids to Germany. You go there yeah like most of the stuff like we are obviouslydoing historical things, but were living like a pretty like adult Tradlike we were doing lots of like the little kid fom things like that waslike. There was kids around yeah and I kissed yeah IIS silly butth. So there's like apicture of like the three of us. Like me, Navalean Tepor, tarly guy, thenthere's a picture of just like me, a tickpotare guy and thethere's a pictureme took mhich. I like I'm, kissing and there's a ficture of Natalie Jok forjarly guy and it's olike. I do not kiss it picture, though I think buts. That'sall yeah highly recommend going to Europe and having the best time and obviously we're really lucky time iswhen we went yeah, it's a little tricky right now, but once everything's backto normal definitely go go with a friend. Maybe don't have too manypeople, you're planning LS. I think we said this with London, but it's justeasier to a be to plan with a small group and yeah, it's cheaper to YehyaAve, money for sure yeah, but yeah. I don't think we have aquestion this week, but in the future, if you want to send us a question andthat great places to send us questions are like our Instagram, which is boldperiod, anfar balance you can also email as a bold end. Balance atGMAILCOM N is the letter yeah. We also have a ticktalk W e. We can follow usto the same handle as our instagram bold period and period balanced, post,lots of fun videos. There were also still partering with lettering locanart on Ets, and so you can use that code. Bold, twenty, bold to zero fortwenty percent off her shop and her link is in our show note o definitelycheck them out and we'd also love to have you in our facebook group. So ifyou search bold and balance on Facebook, you can join our group there, or youcan also just go to those shownotes and find that link. There's just a couplequestions you have to answer to join the group, but they're really easy.Don'l know the answer. It's like what are our names and what do you want tosee on the Fathers Yeah? I hope you guys loved this episode. Youdefinitely had a fun time: Yea hording it reminiscing playing your trip, HavFun or don't just close your eyes and imagine your yeah and well post those pictures and LEAV.In our description, all those places we mentioned, Otaly Illy, illy.

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