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Bold & Balanced

Episode · 10 months ago

27 ~ How To Be More BOLD


Natalie and Sydney give you 8 ways to make your life more BOLD! They range from watching The Bold Type (available on Hulu!), to making the first move, to being the main character! They challenge you to choose a way to be bold this week, and stick to it! Let them know how it goes for you! 

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Hello, happy Tuesdad in another weekwith buldand balance, we're so happy that you're here, listening and we'dlove to know which platform you listen on. I think that's kind of fun ifyou're a spotify girl or a apple podcast fried or a Google podcast guy.Who knows you know who knowss kind of fun. I'm a bus, girl person, Yeah Yeah,Oh yeah, we love the best but yeah. So if this is the first timelistening, we are bold and balanced and I'm Sydney and I'm Natali, and this isa podcast for anyone and everyone, and we start every episode off with ourthree to one which stands for three, really great things that happend overthe week, two things that could have gone better and one thing we aremanifesting for the future three to one so threes. My first srees that I almostgot a parking ticket, but I did it because I talked my way out of it in areally nice way. I was really Nice Toam, so parking at our school and honestly.I just feel like it's a college thing everywhere that just like parking suckpsychologist and college campuses but Burginar school is particularly roughand annoying and our commuter services people are like crazy, like they getout there and they like find every woman's part olegally. My like Imentioned my new years Resolution for two thousand and twenty was to stopgetting parking tickets. So last semester I had a parking permit, but Ithought I had bought a whole year parking permit, but I guess I onlybought a semester long and so all of Las Week. I was risking in had no ideaand I had gotten a ticket, but it's funnybecause, like last week at one point the communter services car was behindmy car, like the person in there was like looking at my plates, but I gotthere right at the same time, and so I just like got in my car and like droveaway and like didn't really think anything of it, because I was like oh well. Theyweren't looking at my car because I have a party Oit, you know whatever andthen yesterday I'm walking up, and I see the guy with the communery servicescard, taking a picture of my license play, which is what they do. They likeput a picture of relicense way on the ticket and, I said, excuse me: I've aBerking Bermit and he was like Oh looks like you actually had one for a lastsemester like it expired, and I was like. Oh as like. Oh, I thought I had ayear. One like I was like sorry and he was like yeah well, what's that? Whatdo you get? A Dutch brose which is a coffee place that we've mentionedbefore, and I have a little like Dutch brose thing hanging on my mirror, andso he could like see that I go there and I was like oh well, I drink theblended rebels, they're really good and have energy drinking them and he waslike. Oh my God. How do you drink that? That's so disgusting, it's so sugary,which is just rude. I was like okay jerk, like excuse me, so I said: How doyou work for commuter services and ticket college kids and he was so shok.He was like. She just said that to me and I was like Zeeam Hen, he drove awayand I got my car. He didn't give me a ticket and I drove away, and then Ibought a new park eay last night, but wow yeah. That was silly, but I didn'tget a ticket, so that was good, yeah yeah. My next one is that showcasefilming is done and went well and it's a big. I don't know burden that isnow over and I'm thankful for that and while there's like still lots happeningin like the showcase world and like I'm still constantly working on things,that was like a big step that I thot is over and that we like can check off thelist because that's a major thing: nowly nd, I both filmed our sets and Ithink they both went really well and I'm happy with it. Obviously I haven'tseen it but yeah, I pol confident, ind... and then my last one is that yesterdayat work, I was supposed to work until five and I had rehearsal at six and Iwas definitely not offbook and we were supposed to be yesterday and I was likea little stressed and I was on my break and they were talking in the breakroomabout how they like needed, to cut some hours because they had too many peoplethere and they were like trying to whisper aboutit. And I was like, if you guys need to cut somebody I'll go home because theythink it's like a bad thing. When you get cuht, you know they're like Oh, whoshould we cut like who won't be mad yeah, and I was like oh please like Iwas like I have so much stuff to do and they were like really. Would that behelpful for you tote and I was like yeah, please. They were like. Okay,well, we'll see you Wednesday, and I was like see O en Soinyeah, so yeahthat I got to come home early and any time at home is like cherished timethese days, er, which is nice. So it was nice to be home for a couple hoursand get some stuff done so yeah. What are your threes yeah? Well, myfirst one you mentioned it was the recording day and you know, like Saidsaid, it went well for both of us we've. You know been preparing so much for it,for you know all the behind the scene stuff, but also just our songs anddance for sit, and you know I think our hard work paid off and I'm sure it'llcome through on the videos and the agents will see that. So it wasexciting and then, after I said, we need to celebrate so it cameover and we had a bottle of PROSECO that I hadbought for my birthday way back when if you wecall, we got in a car accident,so we didn't end up having Sakfer Seco so s it vine, it's time to Hav yeah man. That was last night. CrazyWei was wait. No, that was two nights ago anyway. So we had that and it wasfun we like ordered pizza and just like it was a good time I haven't had like alike, just like fun, drink pizza, night and a while. So second one is Joe Idence, an auguration Y, A andCOMLAHARRIS. It was amazing to watch. I was really lucky because I had Aamdance that day, but on zoom and it ended at nine ten and right when itended, was when Camelaharris was walking out. I was like yeah perfectOBE on watching this, Queen Yeah and yeah. I got to watch most of it and youknow I had like it was really emotional. I had like chills the whole time andwas like tearing up at some points like it was just so beautiful, a'd, souplifting and reassuring, and just all the things. So that was definitely amajor high point of the week and the last four years Y is walking on campuswith it. On my phone like playing out loud- and I was like excuse me like- Iwas like walking down the sidebar e whatever I was like I'm watching,thanks honestly, no shame everyone probablyshould have been for sure and then the last one i's kind of silly. But it'sjust that in my voice lesson the end of last week- and today I started workingon a song. I've always like wanted to sang, which is think of me fromphantomothe opera. It's like silly, but it's kind of I don't know it's justI've always like sung it for fun, but I've never like actually like studiedexactly what, like the exact notes, are and everything, and today I was like.Where do I breathe like? I never really thought about that before and it's kindof like, like you, think of the end of that song. If you know it just like abunch of high notes and whatever, but like the whole song, it's kind of likeyou need to strategize ber to breathe and like it's all so like classical andlegit, that you know it's beautiful but like I have to remind myself like tonot, you know, stop vebrodoing and like keep keep the spin going so anyway,it's just fun to work on and my voice teacher played Christine and Phantom.She, you know, is very familiar with the song, so it's fun to work on withher, because she knows it very well yeah. So I kind of silly, but it's justbeen really fun for me.

If you're a musical theater soprano,I'm sure you also dream about singing that song and Olove Christine Son thankovanaing it in like ninth grade Yourl car yeah, like I don't think it counts,because it was like nine. Yes, lessons, Youre sinking that you know yeah. I dothink she did it tas, and that was their voice teacher that I just hatedbecause I kne, like you heard of these cool musicals and she'd, be like Sidneyor singing came, say no and show boat might be like. please. Let me sinsomething else: an she'd be like okay, you want to sing something fun and thenshe'ld be like here's. A another show that I'm not interested yeahlike, that's funny, but yeah. That's excitingme re working on Ha Song, a ecited to hear it. Yeah excited to do it, a o Yor to yeah. Myfirst one is just that my dance cost right now is brutal and we are in like two groups, and themajority of my friends are in the other group, which I is fine like socially,but also like dance like skillwise, like the most amazing dancers, are inmy class, and I like a'm, very aware that I am like the one that struggles.The most in my class would like technique, but also like sequence andlike so many like little things, it sequence queen but like non exto Sarena,you know like, and so it's like it's a lot and I like get really frustratedwith myself, but like there's, no room to get frustrated with yourself likeit's hard enough like don't make it harder for me you know, but it's brutaland there's like no break because last semester there were diggas wer on zoom,and so I could like just be in myself and like talking to myself about it,but were with these people every single morning. So every single morning I likeI'm, looking in the mirror and ext to these incredible dancers and just likefeel like crap, and so I think it will get better. It's the second week atschool, and I know I can do it. I mean the cost for a reason, like there'slots of things that I can like assure myself with, but it's very difficultand yeah and like I was telling now Bo it earlier now that we have dance everymorning. It's like getting back into the sping of that like healthwise toand I feel, awkward drinking water throughout class because we stay maskedand we're not allowed to have our waters in like the dance studio with us.We have to exit the classroom to drink water and we normally get one waterbreak in e hour and a half class, and this year we are in a different studio,and so it's like a really enclosed space of where our waters are, and so Idon't feel comfortable like taking my mask off to drink my water. So I endedup not drinking like any water. In this two and a half hour class of these twoclasses I was taking, and so I got home today and I like bell nausious and Iwas like weird and then I realized, because my water model was still full's just like taking care of myself throughout it mentally physically,emotionally, we'll see how I go yeah, that's hard and then my second one isthat this girl today this morning she sneezed like three times in her maskand I said, bless you all three times and she never said. Thank you like whenI told her bless you and that just makes me so mad. It just like irks methat I, like told you, bless you and Li e Blesson, like I don't have to tellyou buzz you Heis Neece, like I don't have to, but I was like. Oh bless, youlike it's nice and she was like so later today, Blah Blah Bla and I waslike, and then she seased again and I was like bless you and she'd, be likeOh yeah, I'm so tired I was like. Is this really happening like I was like,and so then I was like. Maybe she is like feels more sneezus coming on soshe'll just say. Thank you at the end, you know what I get, but she never saidit. So I was just like. Oh, my God, you're, not you're, not going to say.Thank you to me right now. I'm sorry bless you three times I said I blessyou. I was annoying blessing people overhere, Yeah Gosh,...

...that's funny, but sad, sorry, you knowit's Okayi just made me mad, like Saye. Thank you. Like I ard, I don't knowokay anyway, what are our tuts? The first one is just that. I just feellike there's no time for anything right now, speaking for myself, but also I'm suresit, feels the exact same way. It's just like you know. We're in thisonline show right now and we have rehearsal pretty much every week dayfrom six to ten and prior to that I work and have class and you know try tohave a life. Don't really, though, which is also why the other night waslike Nice that was like had pizza. Even then, we were still doing work while wewere doing that but yeah it's just like, and I want to have all of theseauditions for like summer theater companies that I want to be doing thatI just feel like. I have no time to do anything for because I have all ofthese other things that have to, and I like want to get done before it, likeyou know, eddting the podcast and just like all these other things thathomlmark, I have a completely online class. That, like I looked at ourassignments for this week, and I just got so stressed out, I like closed itand like went to bed just because I'm also like sleep obrive, so gonna haveto figure it out later this week, but like yeah, so I'm just you know Ialways get stressed, but I'm just dressed and yeah. I just I wish I hadsome downtime, but it also like makes me excited, because I know once thisshow we're in is over, which will be like in a month like it'll come prettyquickly, then I'll have some more free time at sure, won't even turn into freetime. It'll be catching up on the things I wanted to do the last twomonths, yeah it Seeo question for you. I was telling my mom the other day thatI was like. Oh, my God, I feel like right now we're living this like halfadult life and half like student life because, like we both have at least twojobs and are doing school and ar in a show and or have a podguy. You knowlike there's so much going on and like some of that is like student in college,and some of that is like life yeah, and I was like. Oh my God, I forgaduation Iam just like going to thrive like I was like I'm going to be the best anallever like I've handled so much, and so I was am curious to see if you feel thesame way or if yea different yeah. No, I do think about that EA and it's funny,because now I work some lunch shifts during the week, which I didn't used todo, because I would have class during that time and my coworkers keep beinglike not oly. What are you doing here on like a Monday afternoon like I'mlike? No, I just have agt, I am dance and then I come here like then iehearstat night, but like yeah. That's that's the new thing, I'm an adult nowlike we're living both lie. Yeah INDOF, Weiryou know you're, so right and yeah.So it's kind of it is. It is an interesting thing to think about, and Iwas thinking about it too this week, because one of my best friends Ali juststarted her like adult job. She graduated last semester and she's likebeing an adult yeah, and I was like good luck at your first day of reallife Craz wild, exciting. I know I know it's so exciting and Iwas like wow,that's like so soon, but we're already like like she like snapped. Hout of myfriends was like at work and I was like same Yeah II'm at work to, but no it'sobviously different, but I was kind of just like yeah thought about it anyway,mother Cho's, very small. It's just that it's really cold out- and I know I don't love the cold andit's just yeah. I just like I've. I live so close to campus that I likewant to walk to class like that's why I've moved to there is because I youknow wanted to be able to watch to class. Obviously I thought I would havemore in person class, but when I do it's like, I want to walk, but liketoday I had ahersal an it was like snowing in like twenty degrees, and Iwas like well, I don't really want to walk like it's, not that close likeit's like you know at least a fifteen minute walk or so, which is not fun andthe cold, and it's also not great for... vocal cords and just my room getscold and, like I can't sleep and it's just like a whole, it sounds like asilly little thing, but it actually like affects a lot of things in my life.That's that I know I have seen a difference just in like life and thatwalking I'm Gan outside when it's called with a mask on. You know: HelSedicaly, shuruff yeah, it's kind of I'm Ike an IT keeps you warmer yeah, Imy healt. Maybe you know when speamics over we still walk outside in theColdina Mask Yeah. Whatever now I remember moving here like freshman orpeople would talk about the inversion and how you should wear a mask because,like you sing and whatever- and I was like, I'm Goingta look so weird wearinga ma. So I like didn't, I bought one, I never wore it and now. Well, here we are Soi was thinkinglike my new big winter coat. You know, Pasa athleticalls, like a bake, masklike that. You can just hide your face yeah, but I was like you know. That'san aspect of that for true future Gdokay, manifest DA favorit, one I'manifessing that I get a summer stark job part two. I last a couple weeks agowe talked about how I really want cartalane yeah, which I still reallywant, but right I was like today. I don't know I'm just feeling reallyconfident in myself, and I recorded this monolic today that I think'sawesome and I was like wow I'm good at this like I was like. I'm meant to bedoing this, it's okay, and so maybe some betterll can happen other thancuorrelane and like why limit myself just to corline so manifesting it as awhole, Carlabayo Inima, yeah, yeah, mys similar, but a lower bar. It's just toget all of my summer stock videos in on Tim. You know, I think we've talked aboutthe dock sit and I have e the Google doc she where she, mostly she made thismasterpiece of it's just ridiculous, but anyway, I'm so bid of it stressesme out sometimes because I see we have columns for each of our names, and Isee all these things, she's gotten done, and I just haven't and like I saidearlier, I just really don't have time and like I like check the ones thathave deadlines like this week and I'll like try to get those ones done, butlike other than that, I just really really don't have time for it right now.Unless I want to cut something else out which, like I really can't like there,I just can't so yeah, I'm manifesting that I got all ofat least all the ones that like are meant to be in on time. Yeah. Ithink that's kind of a universething too, you know, could put it up to theUniversean like yeah. If time, allowd isself like yesterday, when I got utfrom work, I was like this. Is The universe saying here's some time to dothis thing? You know I also like in the dock. You Have OriGuess we have there's some theaters that, likehonestly like, if I were to book them, I like wouldn't care for as much assome other. So now I'm trying to like also prioritize like location and likestuff like that that, like Yeah Iwas like okay, let me look up the theatersthat are like on the east coast and that are like you know in California,like places that I would like like to be after graduation. Like you know, Iwould be down to go to any random state but like if I only have time to do so.Many them like. Why not do the ones I'd rather do anyway. So to I so anyway.That's that yeah yeah, okay bills, faceball, Hey I'm bill! This is yesterday, which was January.Twenty fifthit says today is national peanut Butter Day. All of these soundgood, never tried resus peanut butter. That is reported to taste like candyhow about Walmart Brand, which is called great value coming in the toptwenty jiff made number one and O at... many are theyyeah. There's twentyof the best penut butters and walmarts like Walmart brand peanut butter madeit in there good for them, yeah, that's so fun! I want to try the races. I knowcrases can't be Yeahyeh Noyeah. Well now we know that next year, well, firtsure catch it sheanury twenty fivh yeah his one. You know butter Mark Yourcalendars now yeh! Thank God. We know now. Thank you bell bachelor. Yes, sowe both just watched the new episode SOM Some wild time. Okay, yeah. It'salways a little spoiler warning that we are talking about the episode that cameout on Januar, an twenty fifth. If you haven't seen that one del skippy skip yeah, just a quick one, yeah well, thefirst thing I'll say that I think is pressing is the new girl, Michelle Yeah,I like the Yor to oesize your like me, Michelle Oohshe has like strong armsand she's like so confident. Her name is Michelle. Like I don't know, andshe's tall like I like that she was tall. I was like yes, no yeah. I feellike he's Goin no win me Toos, I think she'l at least definitely be in the toplike yeah like for. I could tell it l like right from when he met her to yeah.I was like he likes her yeah, like she's normal, like yeah yea. This isgood. I feel like she's Goinna win because I don't know, there's othergirls and he was already talking about proposing yeah and like what they were. Calling theogs N that I like could see working out, but, like she just feels so Righteah, I still love Briang him. Yeah Yeah, Ido too yeah, but I just like conversation. Why Yeah? It was greatbutther, so happy she's tall like I was just she's, so cute yeah, no realliyeah. So I thought that was first, we yeah got to say that and then wern thesame page, the drama about the Brittany whowas like a scourt like I didn'treally yeah tee that, like annais becoming a meane girl, it makes senseas to why they've yeeveloping her yeah. Last week you were like they keepshowing Anna Lik like Su, nothing to do with anyhow yeah. You know you're bad when you're likeplotting with Victoria. Like do you get out of there yeah, and you said he hascrazy. Eyest yeah is funny yeah yeah but yeah that's awhole whole tea, but Katie's still killing it. I really, I don'tunderstand why none of the girls will like agree with her like in that groupdata toogees, where she like Sais something none of them were like Knoyou're right like we should, like think about their perspective. RS, like I getthey're all like frustrated and upset, but, like I don't know, I would like tothink I would have you know: Ta Katy, I don't know what I would do. I don'tknow yeah, I don't know interesting. It is yeah. Kitty is doing a really goodjob yeah. I always get nervous for the person who goes to inow or whoever itis. You know someowas, like Howos, going yeah yeah. That could end uphurting you. You know, but I think she did it perfect. Her fasially, I likedidn't name names, just said Yeah. You need to know that here stuff happeningITD its bad yeah. No, I think it was perfect too, and I'm also glad shedidn't, because I was afraid of freaking Victoria would do the samething. She did that other girl, like at Katy, sent Homewa so bad. I know so. Iwas like okay. She can't like go say these things to him about Kati, becauseit's just so wrong like yeah what she going to say. I was being a bitch andthen like Lek. She told me to stop like I don't understand, ate got mad becauseI was mendor. Yeah know: that' uid I mean MJ was yeah.I was in I which be like yes, we do is so funny when Maggie got stuck inthe little. Oh, my God, I love her...

...she's funny so cute they don't talkabout. They don't like show her stunou. Did you see the end of the episy yeah she's cute yeah she's huge, I kind offeel like I don't know, they're not showcasing Aviga as Mu Yeah. So I likewonder if what's going on there, because I do think it's interestingAbigai hasn't gotten o one on one yeah me too. She should yeah. Okay, let'splay some guesses of who we think will be top for right now, Michelle bree,maybe Avigal. I like need to look at a list of everyone who elssos he had aone on one way: Serena Serena, I don't know she will she's kind of like it wasfun, but I feel like it wasn't as strong connection deep yeayeat's, deepO, who I think he actually really like. So I don't want him to end up with thiskit. Oh I know I know I don't want that at all. itdoes really like her, though he saidthat this week I was like why yeah, Oh and what's the other girl's name Jusena?Oh yes, I, like the Jasena girl, I think she's cute. I don't think theytalk about her very much either, but I do think it's interesting she's. Stillthere yeah, so I don't know, may maybe Rachel will be Hwa. Did you see all thestuff that they like people in the world, dug up about Rachel? No, as shelike has dressed up as a native American for Halloweeno like has a likea confederate flag behind he in a picture yeah like she's, not she's, notit. I know I was kind of sad. Oh yeah, I saw a tick talk that was like who allthe girls doted for yeah. It was like all our favos or Byin yeah yeah, exceptfor Victoria she's, a yeah well she's, not a favor yeah, but yeah yeah yeah. So I am not asInterrathel as I am was. I guess I'm not anymore yeah. Damn I don't know, Idon't know who do you think I think Bre Michelle, I'm gonna say I'm dackbcause.I want Ta. I Ik. No, no me too IDs to give her a one on one like they need tolike talk toalke. He said they had a serious conversation, but they didn'tshow it like. I wish we had to see it. Oh and I want piper so bad. I lovepiberks. Oh yes, I like her too. I love hyper an she was like I'm a strongwoman and I don't back down yeah you I thought of you yeah. I like El Yeah, Ilike her too okay I'd, be happy with that who knows amaze. Well, we can jumpinto the episode and this week we are talking about ways to be bold, ospecialand that's like ways in your personal life and your work, life and your social life andromantic relationships, theres. So many different ways- and we are excited totalk about this because I think it's important to both of us. Yes, I thinkthe first way we could say is to make the first move, and this could go withanything. This could go with like what sid was saying last week about withbumble like or with your career or just with with anything really just liketaking action is really like another way to say it. Yeah it'd say making thefirst move yeah like in anything like we're doing these summer, sock,auditions and there's lots of websites say, like we don't know, what'shappening in our season and just sending their artistic director andemail and saying hi. Like I understand you don't know, but I am reallypassionate about your season and I want o o still submit. So I attached my headson resume like. I hope that you guys are able to hold out is shits. You knowsomething and that's like totally unnecessary and like maybe kind ofannoying, but it's making the first move and yeah. My biggest thing is thatone of my bosses at a job told me that, when you express interest in doingsomething, you automatically become number one on their list, yeah, becausewhy would they you know, risk offering it to someone who maybe doesn't want ityeah? But I said I'm so interested in this.I'm now number one against the other...

...people that have said I'm interested inthis and Sol. You can take that. You know with anything like making thefirst move in a romantic relationship like you showing your interested likeyou're, going to become number one. Then someone else that Imean isn'tinterested. You know or like the job scenario. I was explaining yea or afriend. You know like there's so many ways that m making the first move canbe super beneficial and like with a job type scenario and with well use musicaltheater. Even just US submitting it things is US making. The first movelike a just auditioning is the first move just going to a job interview as afirst move like if you think some theaters just going to find you somehowand be like? Oh I just like found you like. Can I cast you or I just foundyou? Can I hire you like yeah? That's not how it works like you need to apply,like literally apply for the position or audition for the job like I soundsobvious, but like sometimes you just kind of hope. Things will just likehappen to you and, like maybe that happens like once in a blue moon to oneperson ever but like it's really yeah and that's even something I'm thinkingabout in like growing our podcast community and it's like. We have to bebold and we have to make the first move for people to find out yea. You know soye h tri like that one to exactly the next one, O anetly, but it's to watchthe buld type. Teamo te be showever. It was made on free form, which is whatABC family turned into. If you're familiar it's on Huloo, if you're looking tostream it and which you should yeah, we bwhole type, it's just like the best TVshowe ever made. I watched an episode of it today, like just because I elnocious an needed something enow but yeah. It's just about three girls andthey work in a magazine together and it's about their relationships andtheir job and their friendship as the of them, and it's just so empowering towatch them like go through real life stuff, and one of my favorite things init is that one of the women in the show cat, the actor who plays cat is blackand they talk about like real things. That could happen in e by racialfriendship and it like shows how it affects cat, and then it shows theconversation between cat and Jame and Jame being a white girl and I'm I, as awhite person, am able to learn about it through this show yeah, so that I neverdo the same mistake. You know yeah. No, it's it's great and I think I'mspeaking for both of us when I say it helped inspire the noof our podcast,like absolutely these women. I don't think it mentioned theyre like in theirIES, which we've compared the show to sex in the city before, but that showthey're a little bit older. So it's kind of it's even more exciting to seepeople that are like our age or what our future will be in a couple yearslike the near future, especially like living in New York and yeah they're.Just being bold and theyre being like these amazing women who are followingtheir hearts for their careers, their love lives and just everything they doand they really give everything there all and I think it's yeah. It's aninspiring show to watch and can learn a lot. FOM MUC, yeah, yeah and anotherjust another like fun, relatable aspect of that all three of them have such different,like backgrounds on their life, and you get to see like how Suttin and JaneStruggle Financially with their apartment and then Settin ends up in arelationship that her fiance is able to support her in. And so it's like sofool like so just real life, watching a girl moved to New York and strugglefinancially, and I have a friend who her parents pay a rent. You know- andso it's just so relatable and just I learned so much every time and cats bywhich I amother yeah yeah, it's just like so yeah, honest and real yeahhighly recommend yeah the next one is...

...kind of something that's been floating,aroundlike tick, talk and just wherever lately and it's the idea of being themain character with you haven't heard that concept.First of all, what are you doing just Kidiri, but are you also now, second ofall, basically what it is is from. What I understand is just like you know,living your life like you're, the main character of a movie or a novel orwhatever you want, or all of the above they're writing a book. That's going toturn into a movie! That's going to turn into a musical about me. So here we go,sat everyones, so excite yeah, but yeah, just like simple things like being in acoffee shop like reading a book like Romanticizing Your Life and just beingbold. I think that, like one influence you to be bold Y, a because you'll bethinking about the plot of your movie musical book Yeah. I just, I think it's a great wayto go about life. I mean obviously not to the point where you're, like soconceited about it. Yeah we're like I'm the frecking main character, don't careabout anyone else and like whatever, but to the level where it helps allowyou to push yourself totally. Do Things Yeah H. I love that. I think about that,sometimes like in dance when I'm struggling and no one else is and I'like. If you are watching a TV show like right, Ou yeah. This would beabout me and O yeah, that's okay! You know, and that's likehonest and relatable anreal and at the end of the movie like. would she beable to do it? Absolutely you know, and so it's like Oh yeah, I need to. I needto be able to do it sow that the movie can end ry yeah or that episode of myShowcan en yes, you have to have a happy, an Ting Yeah we love. Okay nextis to accept rejection, which I think is so true and so difficult. I think a lot of times. I find myselfreasoning when I don't get something or someone doesn't like me. I like find areason why and I blame it on something that's out of my control, like I'm too tall or I was late or you know like lots ofthings that like oh well, I'm sure I would have gotten it if yeah thiswasn't in my way, but it's so much better for you to just be like okay, Ididn't, I didn't get it and like I don't know why and hopefully I'll getthe next thing, and you know, except that maybe the personwas way better than me like. Maybe I was a bad singer compared to thatperson, you know, and it's that's not like being selfdeprecating, that's justlike being realistic, yeah, and so I definitely struggle sometimes to berealistic, because I'm just like such an optimist- and I like blind myselfwith it like yesterday. I think I was talking to my mom about graduationbecause I'm trying to figure out if she should come for that and you know, because it's twosandmiles away and she's not going to fly home for that, and this senior showwe're doing sir fi home by her. The reality is she's not going to be ableto go to graduation in person like not because of her, but no one will be ableto attend other than students. If it's in person and like I pretty much knowthat as a fact at this point, but I'm like still in my head trying to notthink that reality anyway, that's like slightly off topic, but it's just got Ta Yeah. I guess the sooner youaccept yeah, the sooner you ere able to move on to the exact best thing. Yeah.Exactly and it's you know me having this fantasy in my head- is prohibitingme from moving forward to planning around okay. That's not the reality.Let's assess what we can do. Instead, yes, yeah figure out. Okay. Well, thenWi'll tave, you come for the senior shop yeah, you know yeah, so anyway,that's that the next one is going to be it doing things that scare. You...

...scary you for sure it's in the name,but I think some examples for this or, like you know, investing and thingslike financially that are kind of scary to you. You know investing in something.That's expensive is obviously scary, but it might be something that you needor that you want like. What's a good example, for I have one yeah dying, my hair was a financialinvestment that allowed me to be bold and YEA, making my hair bold and Iobviously absolutely love it, and I was definitely the right choice and it wasa bull choice and a buld financial choice. You know, but it worked outperfectly yeah. It's Koind tof continue to be. I was going to say buying like astraightener and I ea straightener for my hair, so they're both heralated yeah,just those types of things I mean even just like doing a new hate like nailcolor or like whatever, like the simplest thing that scares you or likegoing on a date like or getting downloading and dating up anything likedoesn't have to cost money, but just anything that scares you and like how Iwent skiing the other week like that was terrifying, and you know it didn'tgo that well honestly, but like am I mat, I did it like. No I'm glad I didit the other day Eric my Nashecer said: You'll never regret fully committing tosomething yeah and I was like I kind of think, you're wrong. I do think youcould regret it, but he met in the sense of dance yeah like you'll, neveragret, fully committing to this dance and doing your best a but yeah like you,you don't regret fully committing and going skiing and trying your best. Evenyou know you ended up sore yeah. It wasn't Super Super Fun. Yeah El, likeyou know, you committed yeah y a exactly and I would have alwayswondered yeah what it had been like. Had I gone so and I might go again whoknows but yeah so just doing things, Thascary, you, I think, that's I feel like it's just such a big one with beingbold yeah. I think another thing that could be scary, but it's to apologizefor things that I think people think apologizing. Is this like reallyterrible thing to do, and I do think that, like you can apologize too much.You know like if you're one of those people that say sorry for everything II get that, but I also like think being able to swallow your pride andapologize for something. Yeah is a bold thing and like because it's like youadmitting you were wrong. Yeah Yeah, like yeah for people that struggle toOmologize, I think, choosing to apologize. Yeah can be scary for them.Maybe, and that's a way to face your fear and that's a really great thing todo. Sometimes you know so yeah there's lots of different like little thingsthat you could realize aren't are prohimiting you that you didn't knowyeah. I go into the gym for the first time that could be scary, but yeah getin there. You know one time and it will be less grarry. The next yeah cooking,every yeah, there's Itealin Beapli to sem anything. Yes next is to staygrounded in yourself, which I really love, and that is a way like that'ssomething I really prayortize and that for me a way to stick around it myselfis to give myself some me time and like make sure I have enough time by myselfthroughout a day so that I can stiyk Roun id so that when I go to make thosebull choices, I'm able to- and I don't feel floaty yeah know that makes sense.I can relate to that a lot lately, like literally just yesterday, I had danceand then work and then rehearsal- and I really didn't get any sleep the nightbefore, just because I don't know why I was like cold and then my stomach herand do no. But I felt so out of it and just yeah like I was not at allgrounded yesterday and I felt like in rehearsal. I was not doing my best andjust I don't know so I think that's that's very important. Ithink those moments for yourself are really important and I think somethingI've been constantly learning throughout college and still continueto learn because I don't do it sometimes is to make time for yourselfand I think for people like me. I need... schedule that time for myself likebecause I'm saying yes to all these things, which is great, but I have notime for myself. So I need to say yes to taking a AP say Yes to watchingNetflix or sa Yes to journaling journaling's, a big one for me, which Ireally haven't done the last week and I really need to I looked over at my. Igot a specific manifesting journal. My friend gave me for secret SANA and Ihaven't used it since December twentyet and I need to use it that was over amonth. Agoda this point- and I don't know I mean maybe the things I'mmanifesting are the same, but I can still just write them down in encouragemyself so and I need to journal. I need to write out my week. I've just beentrying to remember things lately and that doesn't work because I've so muchgoing on and then it's just living in my head and then I can't sleep andanyway. My point is I gree that bing grosting grounded is is a good one.Yeah Yeah, I think it Canserveis, like the I don't know the base board of howto be Boln in your life is like you're not going to be able to be bold and besuccessful in it without being grounded in yourself. So I think it's absolutelycrucial. Yeah Yeah on that note of me saying Yes to a lot of things. I dothink that saying yes to things is important and it is a way to be bold. It kind of goes back to doing thingsthat scare you, but you know it's, you don't know what opportunities are goingto pass you by. If you just say no to them- and you know if you're someonelike me who has troubele saying notof things, it can benefit you and it youknow it can also harm you sometimes, but I think knowing when it's I'msaying no to this, because I'm scared to do it or I'm saying no to this,because I literally don't have time to do it yeah. I think, there's a fineline between those two things, and I think you should say yes to things thatexcite you and you're just nervous to do, and you have time, for I think hatsaying: Yes, is a good move in that case and nine out of ten times it'll, betteryour life and your education and your experience like whatever it is. Whoknows what you know, if I didn't say yes to being this brandow manager for HBO thatSit, and I do like that would have been a great opportunity that would havepassed me by that would have led to U Sitnean, also not having ha opportunitythat would hive just like, and now it's on my residnmey for marketing and havethis experience an extra money. It's just like. It seemed like a crazy thingto say yes to at the time, but, like so glad I did starting this podcast.Obviously like that's a crazy thing to say yes to, but I also think that justalong with like being overextended and having it be hard in the moment, like Ithink back to how I thought I was overextended in high school and how Ilike thou, I did so much and how I felt so overwhelmed. And now I'm like. ThankGod. I did that in high school, because I am now I can manage this. You know-and so I just think about the future and like I was talking about earlier,like when we're adults and like we're able to like work and have podcast andbe auditioning yeah. You know like we're going NA like have it down yeah,like I'm grateful for that Isno, homemork G Y, exactly e like say yes tothings now, because it's going to teach you things yeah in the uplike, in whatyou're doing, but it's also going to like teach you how to balance andbetter your future. Yeah, okay and our last gay to stay boy is to have fun,and I think that's something that is so important. And so I don't know lookedlooked over a lot, but I think to let yourself have fun and all the thingsyou're doing and like why you're doing it while you're crazy busy and whyyou're on this scary date and while you're watching the bull type and whileyou're struggling and Dawnce, but you realize you're the main character. Inthat moment, we Youre Stri, like if you just like, take hem in it and be like.I love this and I love what I'm doing... Let's just make this more funlike it's only going to improve your attitude, it's going to improve theenergy for the people around you having fun is never something you're going toregret. It's just going to make it a better experience. So yeah agreed, Imean it goes back to you know the pizza night. I've been talking about thiswhole episode like that was just a moment of having fun, I mean, and itwasn't even like you know like that much fun objectively. It was kind of asimple silly moment, but like taking the time to have fun and planning tohave fun. You know you can't just always rely on those spontaneousmoments because they might not always come up to you have to plan events. Youknow, like our friends have been like talking about like Valentine's Day forlike at least a month now and it'll be a fun night that you know we're tryingto plan because we want to make sure were all free and we have like a nicefun plan for it like planning, outfits and planning drinks and where we'regoing to eat and just like all these fun things that are only fun. If youplan it yeah you make sure it's able to Hav Yeah Yeah. You say yes F, you sayyes, if the honestly everything we said like ties together, they all really just go hand in hand, and I think thatthey'll really help. You live a bold life. Obviously we'll do anotherepisode, Aabout being balanced. Everyone don't worry it's coming, butfor now we can take it one step at a time and focus on being bolds. Okay, Ithink we should do a weekly challenge for our listners and for each other,okay, and it's going to be to choose one of the ways that we mentioned onhow to stay bold other than actually for you guys. It can be watch theBulltipe Watch, the full type doesn't comne for us and choose that we each are going to choose one rightnow of like a challenge we have for ourselves. I want to be bold and wewant you guys to do the same right. I have mine, okay, mine's, going to be tobe the main character. Okay, I often don't do this and it's something Iactually have time for this week. So there's no excuses ecause as Muh. Iwant to do making the first move, but I don't think I can this week, but beingthem in character. I can absolutely do yeah yeah. That's yours, mine's, goingto be to do things that scare me, which I think in dance, especially a lot oftimes. I do things Wimpy, because I'm scary, and so I think I'm just going Na try torid myself if that fear, and do it and Comemin to it and ask questions, eventhough that's scary, you know, and things like that so yeah. I love that.Let us know what you guys are: gonna do Yor your boldness and you're welcome todo more than one, but I think it probably would be easiest to focus onlike one each day or each week or yeah whatever so ver works pess for you.Yeah love, amazing. Well, we are so happy that you spent this time with usand we hope that you feel more confident in Idon't know becoming more bold as a person and we would love to connectwith you more. We have a facebook group that we will be talking about thisweekly challenge. We're going to do so. If you want to join that facebookgroup just search, bold and balanced on facebook, or you can just find the link,if you just swipe up and find our show notes, yeah can just click that linkandjoin yeah. You can follow us on instagram and tick. Talk A bolls periodand period balanced. We post some updates there and some fun content thatyou won't get from. Just listening to the podcast obviously follow us onthere and you can also dem us on there about questions or what you're doing tostay bold this week. Anything or you can email us and our email is bold andthe letter balanced, a gmailcom and that's a great place to reac out abouta weekly challenge or inquiries about sponsorships or just anything. If youhave a question or wanted to get a hold of us, our emails a great place. Thisis kind of fun, but we just got email...

...the other day that we are currently inthe top one hundred and twenty performing arts podcast in Canada.That's ging to cool, so s in Canada. Thank you. We love you. I do yeah. I love chaking. Your emailmibutthings, like that yeah amazing and we are still partnering with LetteringLogan Art on Etse, so you can use the code bold, twenty, so Bo LD to zero fortwenty percent off. She has lots of Kute stickers that we both have and welove, and she is out of Kansas, which is kind of fun. It's fun. I've been OKansas. Have you? I can't say Hu- maybe I've driven or flown through it, but Iguess lying through dozen Yeah Butyeahwe love, Kansas, so yeah so shout out to Logan, and wehighly encourage you to go support her on head, see and Herlink is also in orShownot, so you can just click that there yeah. So I think that iseverything is happy Tuesday. It was great being here with you yeah anyway, Ili Illi.

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