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22.5 ~ B&B Update! (Mini Episode!!)


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You, guys, welcome to this quick little mini episode of bolden balanced. Thanks for checking US out listening. We just wanted to give you a quick little update on some things we're doing for two thousand and twenty one that we were just too excited to wait and just we needed to announce and get the word out to you. So, if you're new, I'm Sidney, I'm Natalie and this isn't the best episode to start listening to our stuff, but you know, but I've said, happens. So first we are so excited to announce our collaboration with Nisha Mariah designs. Nisha is one of Natalie Nice sorority sisters and she also happens to be my g big in our sorority and she and I have gotten the opportunity to travel together and I'm just so excited to collaborate with her and her small business. She is a local artist here in Sal Lake City and has recently dropped a new shop. Her website is...

Nisha Mariacom forwards shop, forward slash, and we will put all this info in the show notes, so no worries, don't rush to write it down or wonder how spell. We will help and then she's also Nisia Mariah designs on instagram and she has jumped in with us and made a bolden balance sticker and we are so excited to have these stickers ourselves and for you to potentially get these stickers. They say Lilly. As you, as a listener, know, we end every episode saying Lilly, because we really do. We Love you guys and we love each other and we just say Ellie a lot. It's just a thing that happens. So we're so excited about our Lilli stickers. There are in three different colors and available in her shop and you can use the code bold twenty four twenty percent off. So we're so plumped and we hope that you'll jump on that opportunity. Yes, we're super excited. She's got a bunch of other cute stickers. Did and I both personally ordered a bunch. I think the one I most excited about is this little wine bottle that says it's wine o clock somewhere. Are Cute. We know...

I love my wine. So yeah, they're just Super Fun and constomable. So thanks again, NICHEDA, for pairing up with us. It's awesome. Yeah, the next thing we wanted to discuss is just our launch of our facebook group. We talked a little bit about this and episode twenty two. Yeah, we're super excited. It's just called bolden balanced. That's how you can look it up under groups on facebook and you're just going to have to answer a couple of questions, just easy stuff, like me and Sydney's names and just stuff you'd recommend USS Talking about on the podcast. Stuff like that. Shouldn't be too tricky. Yeah, it's just super exciting. We have a new community of friends and a support system and you can post whatever on there, and whether it's about math homework or where to get your nails done, stuff like that, like whatever. Like, go for it. Yeah, and we also want you to have a place to promote yourself and I think it'll be a really great community to hear all the cool things that you guys do, because we know our listeners are so involved in the social media..., but also lots of other things, and we want to hear about it and support you back. So the next thing that you can jump in to help us with is our mail chimp and to join our mail chimp, you just want to DM US your email or send us an email and we will add you to our contact list. This is a great place that we will send you reminders every time and episode drops and we also will will put all this info in that email, so everything's easy to find and really accessible. Our email is bold and balanced at gmailcom and our instagram is bold, period and period balanced, and we are just super excited about this mail, jymp, to really just contact you guys more and make sure you're not missing any episodes. Yeah, exactly, such a nice, easy way to make sure you're not missing out. And email reminder. I'm sure we all check our email every day. So true. Yeah, all of our listeners should, because, yeah, your balanced, baby, yeah, you're balanced.

We're just super excited to talk to you guys a little bit about some fun things we have coming up in two thousand and twenty one. We're obviously really excited for the New Year. This will be. Yeah, we're excited to just do another year of podcasting Super Fun. We have some fun guests lined up. For example, Sidney Sister Savannah's going to come talk to us about wedding planning. We know she has her wedding coming up this summer, so that's going to be Super Fun and interesting to talk about. I know I know nothing about it, so I'm very curious to learn. Yeah, and we've got professional baseball player coming. Just a little teeth for that. Yeah, we're super excited to talk to him again. Don't know too much about that. So we're basic ex first. Yeah, just lots of fun stuff planned and of course we asked you guys what you wanted to listen to on our instagram, so we've got all of that content coming for you as well. Yes, and we are also so excited to announce that we are officially accepting and prepared for sponsorship and to get more involved in the podcast community and...

...collaboration and we can advertise for you and your business on our podcast and we really want to do that and help you guys too. So we do officially have a media kit that is available and it has our stats and our rates on it. So if you are interested in sponsoring goolden balanced, please email us or Damas on instagram and we will send you our info. Yes, amazing. Eli.

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