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21 ~ 20 Favorite Moments of 2020


This episode of Bold & Balanced is a recap of the girls' favorite moments of 2020. While this year wasn't what anyone expected, they reminisce on their favorite memories together. 

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Welcome back to bullet balance, your favorite podcast. It's another good week. I'm Sydney, I'm Natalie, and we are so happy that you are here joining us. Bullet balanced the right spot, no matter where you're listening to us. We're happy that you're here. We can jump into our three, two, one, three, two, one. The stands for three really great things that have happened, two things that could have gone better and then one thing we are manifesting to. My first great thing was that last night it was like kind of silly. So I had plans to go see one of my friends shows that is like socially distance with masks, and I felt safe going. But then the snow is really bad here in Utah Right now and so the show is canceled and so I ended up being able to have an imprompt to like selfcare night and it was just like nice and I watched the prom and then I cleaned my kitchen and then I took a bath. My friend. I took a freaking bath and that was just amazing. I was like this is unreal, like I needed this and it actually felt like winter break and I yesterday, I like listen to all my favorite podcasts and I just like feel feel refreshed and I feel like ready haven't watched the prom it's on Netflix. You absolutely need to watch it. It's a beautiful story and the music's good as so definitely check the prom out on Netflix. It has an Allstar cast, Nicole Kidman, James Quoton, Meryl Street, Arianna do bus like stop, like so many goodies. So definitely check that out. My second is that my friends and I had our little Christmas celebration a couple nights ago and it was just a good time and we just got to spend time with each other and it was nice. We made a most likely to quiz. I don't know if I see those on Ticktock, they're like funny. It's like most likely to get their nudes leaked and was likely to change their major four times, you know, and just like funny things. So we made one of those quizzes and we did that. Yeah, so it was it was silly and it was fun. And then my third is that my boss actually gave me from the twenty one until at least the twenty six off of December. I I'm shocked, my friends, I am absolutely shocked. Him So excited, so I means I get to go home on the twenty one, which is so nice, and I'm ready to go home and it's been it's been hard to be here. So I'm really excited and excited to see my family and make it feel like Christmas. So yeah, okay, grass that's awesome. Yeah, my first good thing is that I was lucky enough to get to go to New York City with my friends the other night. As I've mentioned, I live pretty close. It's I don't normally drive, but it was actually just a half hour drive when we went. There's not much traffic nowadays, which is awesome, I mean sad but convenient. Well, I didn't drive, my friend and drove. I'm a little scared to do it, but she did good. The driving in New York was pretty short because we were in the West village, which is like the lower half of Manhattan, which is like pretty close to us, just like you get out of the hall and tunnel and you're there pretty much. So it wasn't awful. But yeah, so that was really fun and I honestly felt like safe for there than I have at some restaurants here and and you talk, because really, I mean I was with my friends in the car. We all wear masks anyway. And so then we got there and we are outdoors at this restaurant. It was called the wild. Like I said, it was in West village. Super Cute. I'd recommend it, and they had a nice little outdoor booth, tent area. I don't really know exactly what to call it, but that whole street walking up it looked like pretty much all the restaurants there had it. So it was really nice and we had our own little section and there was like a plexiglass blocking from the people that were in the next one, so like didn't have any interaction with them and we had heaters and it was it wasn't even that cold that night. We were pretty lucky. It was like in the s. So yeah, I got to just wear my fashion jacket and not like a real heavy jacket. So like is it worked out to check out on my instagram natti heirs, but yeah, so pretty fun. So yeah, anyway, that was the first one. Second one is I talked about Hanakah, my dad's birthday last week, and it went well. Well, it's still Hannah actually, but the first night, which was my dad's birthday, it was a good night. They liked their present. Everyone the cheese board. I...

...called it a chart shoot reyboard. My Dad told me that is false to say, because jar shootery and fringe means like meats or something, and I didn't have any meat on there. So it was in back to cheese board, not a char shoot report. So I'm so sorry, ball any I posted that and it was yummy and they enjoyed it and get to keep the board to use as a cutting board or whatever they want. And then the last good thing is that I got to be an extra on the pilot of a TV show. It was silly and I'll talk about that with my twoes, but also exciting. I yeah, I mean, you know, you never know where pilots are going to go, like if it'll be a big hit or I'll never see it again, but either way it's exciting and high stakes for everyone there, so it's definitely a interest experience. Yeah, yeah, what are your dude? My first two is that our hinge got deleted. So what's your joint range? That broke and I made it's got reported or stuff or like. We probably like broke it because of how many likes we were getting. Right right, but but yeah, so we got blocked, but that's really too bad. I was excited. Yeah, I'm mourning that lost correct. It's okay, but I I know, literally like a we I was nervous that brooks, like email, would be banned from hinge and the like. She wouldn't be able to like make her own profile again, but she was able to see, like she's not banned, but just start joint account what. Yeah, so that was sad. And then my second one is just that it's been pretty bad weather here and Euchahn. So the roads get really bad and a lot. I like clothes for work a lot, and so I'm like getting off like ten pm or later, and then I live like about twenty five minutes away from where I work, and so it's not very fun to drive home and the bad roads and luckily, like I have good tires on my car and I'm an experienced driver that like I would rather drive than like pretty much anyone else. Like I choose myself driving just because I feel confident and it's okay and like I know what I'm doing, but just scary and it's there's something you know you can't control and like that. Yeah, not fun. You know you're good, but not everyone around you. Yeah, I know for sure. Yeah, definitely. So, yeah, just let the roads have been bad and that's not fun, but it's okay because I'm a strong girl. Yes, Hey, yeah, the weather here's been interesting. Like I said, it was fifty the other day and then tomorrow we're getting a blizzard of like two feet of snow or something so random. But yeah, my first two is the filming of the pilot. Like I said, it was really cool, but actually the drive to and from there, how isn't great. Like I mean it's in New Jersey, which is lucky because I figured most things out apply for would be in New York. But honestly, I think I live closer to New York than I did to this place in New Jersey and I drive there and it's just kind of stressful. I went a different way every time on all these different parkways and I don't know, it was just a lot of and like it was raining yesterday, so for some reason everyone drives badly when it rains. They forget how to drive. Let me know. So it was like scary driving and I ended up being there. They told me I would only be needed for four hours, but they never really know what this stuff so I ended up being there super long and for the first four hours I was waiting outside in the coal olds, which was also that ideal. So a little rocky. But again, I'm happy I did it. So it's fine everyone, but just like was a little stressful. And then the second one is that I'm missing Utah and my friends there. I did get to briefly join the Holiday Party with SID on Facetime, so that was nice, like a nice little moment. So sad I was missing that and they all hung out again this morning and I just it's so sad, but like I'm happy they're having fun with help me, but I'm sad too. But like I'm so happy to have this time with my friends here and my family, but like, yeah, I don't know, I just definitely miss it. And I'm still not going to be back for like three weeks. So I was like counting the other day. It's like a little over three weeks now it's getting there and like I'm definitely not like counting down but like Um, yeah, I don't know, I just I just miss them. So yeah, we miss you. Yeah, I felt like this morning you would have vibed with us. We're kind of cute. Say this morning get a cranberry, but most I was like my drink, isn't that awesome? It's awesome.

I got this crammer juice at the dollar store and it's so good and anyone ten calories for every eight ounces. I was like this is fain. Well, you'll have to show me. Well, it's like the forever chase. Okay, yeah, just like the cheapest way it was. Actually it wasn't even champagne. It was just left over prosecco that I had when I was like definitely the cheapest prosecco there. So it was like cheap stuff but like so good. I was like yeah, and looked good. And then brook made homemade cinnamon rolls. She yeah, I was like this is amazing. I know she was up early. It was like nine my time, and she snapchat and me and so it was like seven there and that's like what are you doing? Yeah, and she was like making fun minerroles and I was like Oh, fun. Then I saw your story. That's funny because I texting them yesterday and I was like do you guys want to do something for breakfast? Tomorrow, you know, like I have the morning off, like we should do something, and thinking like, you know, we'd make like pancakes maybe. Yeah, you know, and we were like talking about what we could make and work was like, oh, makes cinnamon rose, and I was like that's like way more than I asked for, but like absolutely, yeah, she loves that stuff. So, yes, it was cute. Yeah, okay. Well, I'm manifesting that the roads are good to drive home for Christmas. So bigness is definitely like the iffiest. Yeah, like time of year to drive home, obviously, and I have had pretty good luck for the most part for holidays in general and my time in college. Like what a couple, you know, little issues of things, but hopefully we'll be good. Hoping to drive for you doing first. Thank you. And and it looks good, like insalt, like the weather looks okay, but I'll the like look at all the places in between, and so should be right. Yeah, yeahfesting, I guess this is. Yeah, this works to manifest I don't know, just that I read more this year, meaning two thousand and twenty one, which sort of ties into our episode theme. But I yeah, I just never really read honestly, like I I don't love it a lot of the time, but if it's something I like, am Reading For Fun and I'm interested in, I do enjoy it. It's just like getting myself to do that, because there's so many we're just talking about this like plays and stuff about acting or stuff about like I had to read these books about advertising for my my advertising class and I actually like enjoyed them. So yeah, or just like I was listening to Gen z girl podcast and she was like naming some holiday books and I was like, oh, like, the sound good, like I want to read that. I love her and obvious slate, if you guys follow and listen to her stuff, she's good. She's so good. So yeah, she was talking about doing a holiday book club and I was like, yeah, I want to read this, like twelve date of Chris and dates of Chris. Yeah, sounds good. So yeah, just just I should read more. That's a good one. I love that. I don't know if I knew you liked to read. In general, I really don't like to read. Yeah, no, I like don't really. Ei. There is my point. Okay, I see, but if it's something you like, you still don't really like it. Yeah, like I can be interested in it, but like, I think it's because I'm such an auditory learner that I write. Really have a hard time like understanding something just reading it. If I can like read it all, how to have a better time. But that's why I love audio books. I listened to a few the beginning of this year, including Trevor Nello's, and it was like great, so maybe I'll just do more of that. Maybe that counts. It's a good you know. Still, yeah, putting good content to your life. I think that's good. Yes, but yeah, bills facebook. Well, my friends, he posted a gift. I don't even want to describe it. It's my dad is in it. It's like it looks like you like put it into a filter and he's like gold and he's handy. He's holding this like little sign that like is supposed to look like a mini marquis. It's like a Marquis needs a letter board and as yeah, holidays and hat on it and it is gold and has snowflakes and the gift action of it is like the snowflakes like going in and out. Yes, but the snowflakes are quite that are are going in and out around this gold picture. So it really you just sent me the video so we have it forever. Oh good, and so we can share it with you. Don't go. Yeah, well, post it on the story. You cannot. We all still need his king portrait, by the way. Yeah, yeah, I'd get on that. Yeah, that's okay, I was thinking about it today. Awesome. Well, we can talk a little bit about the Batchel. Yeah,... is like a two episode week, and so it's currently we've only seen one episode because the second episode of the actual hometown dates hasn't come out yet. Yeah, so we've seen the last episode with the row ceremony and then the mental all. Sorry, if you haven't seen it, you should just skip. But we saw Riley and Blake a home. Hmmm, that was sad. Oh, we kind of like predicted that last week. The yeah, we did that. We were like they're the two that are behind. Sad. I just God, I'm just going back to the rows here. Money and I'm so over ZAC. She is not. Why did she keep that? I knew she would, though. It was like it was gonna be those four. To me, I feel like I've known it was gonna be those four for a while, just because she had the one on ones with them and she like loved all of them. From them, I felt like the other three I was like absolutely on board with, but in like the fourth rows, which ended up being the first row she gave, I was like, Oh my God, who's gave that to? Zach, like it's the first row. You're like, let Ivan in, Brandon stress aren't know, bringing the last one. My God. He was like yeah, Oh my God, Bennett got it over him. Oh My, everyone would have been pissed. I was like the producer, let that happen because, yeah, I know everyone loves him, like yeah, my God, I don't know. I think I would have brother Noah got it. Then Zach, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. Zach I'm less, I care less about than the other three on well, for sure, especially our favorites Ivan and Brandon, but I don't know. But ZAC again, I have like the he's from New Jersey Complex but it's South Jersey, like we've said. So it's like mom, I'm over him. Yeah, I don't think she'll end up with him. She might know she better not. I'M gonna be sad if she does. I feel like it's got to be one of our faves. Who Do you think it'll be? Let's yeah, okay, guesses. I don't know. I know. I think final two, I'm hoping, will be Ivan and Brandon. And I guess I'll say Brendon wins because he's my favor but I don't know. I'm kind of scared because she gave him the last rose today, which I don't know if it means anything. Yeah, I don't know if it means anything either. That it's like another America's next moddle thing where, yeah, in that show it's like the progression of who right best, you know, but I don't think the orders. Yeah, I know, I don't. I don't know. I wonder if it's just like maybe like the producers or like everyone loves hi, yeah, save him, you love me to give him a little. Yeah. Yeah, this morning broke and I were talking about it and she thinks that Ben's gonna win. I would think that, but he's on Tick Tock so much and I'm like, I don't know, I just feel like he wouldn't beat if he won. I did I send you the Ivan. Tick Tock. No, sent to me right. I think I did well. I even made a tick tock. It was just him like talking about his hair or something, but he's on Tick Tock to, which I think is interesting, and so that, you know, kind of combat that. But I do think it's interesting how often been is on Tick Tock, which makes me feel like he's like, you know, trying to make the best of this. Yeah, I just well enjoy the fame I got. I know. I feel like that makes me think he didn't win, didn't win. Yeah, I don't know. I'm a good point. Julie, my friend here from home, she apparently knows who won through someone and she like could tell me and I'm like Ah, I mean, yeah, you can just Google it people. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. SAVANNA. No, Savannah, yeah, but I can't. I've been really like, I haven't been. Yeah, I know, it's very fun. Yeah, it's fun for sure. Who Do you think's gonna win? I think I'm gonna say I'Vean wins just because I want. I know, I think Zach will go home after this week. I don't think he'll make it any pass yeah, and then I think it's so hard. I know, Um, I like, I like all of them. Well, I really okay, here's here's what I think is going to happen. I think Zach's gonna go home after hometowns, and then I think Brendon's gonna have a meltdown about that. He's not ready to propose, and then she's gonna be like no, I can't do it, let's just be done. Sorry, I love you, though. And then I think Brendan'll go, but I don't think it'll be like a big like. It'll be sad, obviously, but I would be like he hates her anything. Yeah, and then I think the final two will be been and Ivan. Yeah, I think she'll choose I diden. I could see that. Yeah, I'd be happy with that, I think her and I me too. Yeah, I'd be happy with Ivan. I'd be happy with Brendan. I'd be fine with been. I think they like kind of work together. I think I would hate him. Yeah, I couldn't date him, but I think they're kind of cute together. Yeah, yeah, he is very pretty, this body is, but his tick talk... all about basically him. We're going at a well, there's our little snippet of life. This episode we're going to be talking about our twenty favorite moments of two thousand and twenty, and these is like things that we have experienced together and things that, you know, our influential in our year. Some are smaller than others and I do think it's funny that like there are still, you know, twenty really fun things that we did in this crazy year. A few of these happened pretty be pandemic ruining everything. Yes, so, yeah, so we had some time January through mid March. So this first one is something that happened mid March, I'm right before everything shut down, is we saw jagged little pill together on Broadway. Yeah, it was super cool and it was the last day of Broadway for over here, which we obviously didn't know at the time, but we're very grateful that we got to see it and it was such a great show and yeah, I just feel so lucky. We also saw Mulan Rouge that day, which isn't on our list, but yeah, so that was it. That's a good yeah, totally like a good day. I love that we were like literally, I can't believe that we were there like the day it was like the next day. Yeah, but like shut down everything. Like yeah, it's crazy, because the next day we had tickets to see frozen on Broadway. That was canceled and film. Yeah, and then that same day, like our school announced we were going online and I remember my mom was like, you know, you need to get home, like you're going to get stuck there, essentially, and so I flew home early and I remember I was sitting in the Newark Airport like waiting to fly back to Salt Lake and on the news it was college shutting down everywhere. College devastate it and I was like sooner cross me. I was like literally cry. People were like looking at me. I was like everything else is to like I was like I'm the devastated college, like literally, I was like this is it was really dramatic. Okay, number two is that we started this podcast, and I love that. I mean I think if we have to choose a distinctive moment, I think my favorite moment, and I'm sure I don't know if you have the same one, is probably there was a day that we were filming our recruitment video for our sorority and Natalie and I would you know, you needed to like just look busy and like essentially be doing something else, that they were just going to film you working on until we were trying to come up with the name of our podcast. Yeah, it was that day that like bold and balanced came up and I think that we both were like Oh, yeah, like you, and that's the same day we like started to design our logo and stuff. So, yeah, that was a great day. Yeah, I guess the other story is like me being on their road trip with my mom to Utah, listening to podcast and like kind of thinking I should do one, it'd be fun with Sydney, like we could do this, and texting Sydney and her being like yeah, like, let's do it, me being like yeah, let's do it, and then after doing it, like yeah, we've talked about this, but like it. You know, takes a lot to actually follow through with something like that. And the fact that this is our twenty first episode, like and consistent, like we yeah, like we have. It was a week. I think that's amazing, which is crazy. Definitely very proud of it and a big moment from this year. YEA good one. Yeah. The next one is watching the vice presidential debate together. That was Super Fun and because, as you guys know, or you should know, it was held on our campus and we both got to volunteer for it. While we didn't get to actually attend in person watching the debate, we were right across the street in my apartment and watching it. And after we went and saw their cars drive by and we held up Biden Harris signs and it was just a very exciting moment. I'm glad we got to do that together. Yes, the debate was so cool. It was fun to watch. I I think just like watching, you know, like you said, the fly and watching Kamala Harris just like literally be amazing. Yeah, it was just like so fun and we just had a good day. Yeah, we made fun drinks too. Yes, yes, and so our next one is just the day that we had had. That same day, just earlier. We went and had a cute little photo shoot up in one of the canyons here in Utah and that was just fun and then we got dinner at Pizzeria lamone. Yeah, and so that photoshoot was fun. It was silly, to be honest. We like accounted for time if we had like just driven up there and then like walked the...

...route and then driven back, but we didn't account the amount of time that we've spent taking the actual pictures and so we were a little rushing and it was also silly because it was like a path, not it wasn't a hike, like it was fine, but like lots of people would go up there to like go on a walk and so they would like be in tennis shoes and like we're not, we're yeah, and we were in like these little fashion outfits and they had opportune son. Yeah, like had coffee. It was so funny, but whatever, those pictures are cute. So we're here for it and I know that was a fun day, just like driving through the Canyons and Utah that time of years gorgeous. So yeah, it was fun. It was fun and that was on our back list, which is fun. Okay, the next one is US camping and sin's back yard and Idaho. You guys, we recorded episode three that ghosting at times, just that whole stripped Idaho was super fun. But yeah, the camping in the backyard kind of an iconic moment. So yeah, I think that I had to be on this list. I mean, yeah, yeah, recording the podcast in a tent, like how many podcasts have done that? And you can hear the crickets roaring. You literally could hear him. That's okay. Next is not a he's twenty second birthday brunch. Yeah, so, while the day before, not Atlie's birthday, was a little silly, but we were still able to have a fun brunch and go out to breakfast for not all these birthday. So she was two thousand and twenty two and it was us, not all these roommates and our friend Laura, who is also her birthday that day. So that was fun. Yeah, we went to this brewery and it's up in the ABS and Salt Lake, if you're familiar, and it was just cute and it was well priced. I remember it like. I'm pretty affordable and it was cute and it felt safe, like we're distanced and I feel good about it. It was. It was a good time. We had all experienced some trauma the night before, but luckily this was my actual birthday and it was a good time. We Love them the most. So yeah, most. Yeah, but what was maybe more fun was tunny. First, that was right around when I got GOT BACK TO UTAH. Well, it's because I planned my trip around since birthday. I wanted to be back for it. So so glad. You are so glad. It was really fun. I don't know how much said remembers of it, but but it's her twenty one. Yeah, yeah, that's it. You have a good time. It was a great time. And I favorite things is that, like people tell everythings that happened on my birthday and I'm still learning about it. Yeah, like the other day we found these pictures of Natalie and I in my room and like we had an air mattress set up and there was a blanket on it and for some reason we thought that would like be a good photo backdrop. Yeah, like air mattress was like standing up. So it was like I think it was my against a wall, pretty side. I don't know. Let's this is the background for a photo. She's lot. This is really cute and I will it was. It was and taking her picture was obviously shorter than us. Like yeah, angle and yeah, like I was like what is this? Yeah, so funny. And next, this is number eight on our list, is when we went to Moab. Yeah, this is that was like right before we started the podcast, which is Kinda that was for our French Chinese birthday. She was turning twenty and that was fun. We were able to hike a little bit and hot tub a little bit and just hang out and have a good time. We got an air being, which is Super Fun, so we had the place to ourselves. Yeah, like you said, a hot tub, gorgeous scenery. We were staying out a vineyard, beautiful. Yeah, it was so good. Yeah, we need to get back. I was fun. Next one is definitely different than the last one. It's getting covid test together and being negative is the good thing. Yeah, yeah, we had like a slight sort of covid scare. Someone we were with within the last two weeks. Not Now, but at the time two weeks, tested positive. So while we were safe and distanced with them, we just like had to be sure. So we did a little drive through testing situation. We had to spit in a tube and Sydney was best. The spitting you guys, it was so hard. Yeah, so, anyway, a good time. Do you remember? The lady was like, I'd like to...

...leave by for C yeah, it's kind of Nas see about your I was like it's been literally trying. Like I was like it feel like I'm not doing it. You're intentionally being bad. God, I was stupid. Hater. Yes, okay, number ten, going out to dinner in New York. Yeah, that was also back pre covid in March our trip. Yeah, it was fun. We went. We went to start us diner, which is kind of like mainstream to like go to there when you're in the city, but I like going because I feel like I'm helping the working actor and I feel like when you go to see Broadway shows, like obviously it's really fun for you and but like a big aspect of it is that you're like supporting actors. But and after that's has a Broadway contract. Like yes, like they're still hard things, but like they have a Broadway contract, like they're okay. But to like go to a restaurant like that and like the act like they're the servers are actors, and that's like the vibe of the restaurants. You can like donate money for them to like take voice lessons and take Dan dance classes, and so I just feel like I'm supporting the struggling actor when I go to a restaurant like that, which is kind of cool just because that could be me. Yeah, so, yeah, and I think we went there for lunch and then for dinner. We went to John's pizza. Oh Yeah, is my favorite pizza and New York. So Super Fun to take said there and get to have that by I started as was super cool too. I haven't been there since I was a kid and yeah, now that I know that is my future, it's hit's stiff. So yeah, that's fun. I forgot. We went there for dinner too, and my friend emily was also in the city at the time. She came to dinner with us too. That that was fun. Yeah. The next one is tilly. It's my little and the musical theater programs wedding that we went to. Julia, shout out and Noah. Yeah, I was fun. We got some pictures. I've never really been to like a wedding wedding, or I guess I went to one, but it was a long time ago. So cool to get to go to one and with my college friends. Next is summer stock audition circuit. Two Thousand and twenty of wow, you guys, this is so funny and like so fun and like I missed that time and I was so motivated. Yeah, it was. It was like pretty influential, I feel like, in our friendship and like, wow, like obviously we were still like we were great friends before then. I feel like that was the time that was like we're gonna help each other in this and like we're going to prioritize helping each other. You know. Yeah, there were moments that I felt really selfish in not sharing our google dogs and things with people, but I think it's okay and I think that like they can. I think it's if they want to. Yeah, and like I think the fact that we like shared all that and did that journey like fully together is, like, HMM, really remarkable, because I think a lot of this time it is like a lot of you fend for yourself with yea and our like class, and I think it's really nice that sin and I like will tell each other whenever we see an audition in out it, I'm saying, you'll be in changes. So, yeah, they're doing this show. See, I think that's something that's really special about us. And Yeah, it was definitely a memorable time. took up a few months of our lives and we didn't end up getting to do a stout, but have rip. It was yeah, yes, I are so conditions. Yeah, the next one. Yeah, it is related to that. It's weekend in Idaho, a different weekend in Idaho that we were there for auditions for summer stock for Cortline, which sit is manifesting this year. We know. Yeah, yeah, it was Super Fun. It was my first time going to Idaho, seeing since home and everything, so I was just pretty memorable as well. How do you men Savana at that point? Was that the first time? I don't remember. I maybe I had it. I don't know. It feels like I had, but it's probably just on base time, you know. Yeah, I don't know. So, yeah, yeah, it was cool and obviously hadn't met your dogs more, obviously million especially. But yeah, so that was that was a fun trip and I yeah, it's just like cool to experience Idaho for the first time. Yeah, yeah, next number fourteen. These are in any particular order, but just in case, your cream check was the twenty four our lives froom event that we hosted. So you guys have been on this journey of our showcase that we are funding and planning and producing and of our like most successful and like...

...just like the biggest fundrais. Where we did was a twenty four hour live stream where we had a zoom call that we were on for twenty four hours straight and had to entertain an audience for twenty for hours, and it was crazy. We were both like at our home homes at that time and it was like weird, you know, everybody was pretty much like home. And Yeah, but it was just like, I think, one of the most major things that like brought us all together as a class. But obviously, like I was like pretty in charge of the event and so when I was, when I'm in charge, I'm able to be like, Natalie, can you help me with this and this, we're like I can't do that with everybody, you know, and so it's like nice to have a friend that I know will have my back and something I'm trying to make happen. But yeah, of course was happy too. It was a good time. The next one is that fifteen, like a number, is we did the woman's March the beginning of this year, which was fun. We did it with our friend Brook and Sydney's mom was actually in town for it, so that was Super Fun. That may have been I don't was that before? After? I know, I don't know. I think that was before. I feel like that was in January because I feel like it was one of the first times I got to like really hang out with your mom and like get to know her a little bit more. So that was definitely a fun time, obviously for a good cause as well. So yeah, it was was probably January. It's pretty like cold out. Next Sixteen is the one button studio. This is something that's on our campus at the at the you, and it's in the library and it's like a recording studio in the sense that it would be really great for like presentations or like acting monologs maybe, but the it does make really great videos. Yeah, and so we used it for our self tapes, HMM, and we just spent a lot of time there and you have to like reserve it, but you could only reserve it like an hour at a time, and so we just like would reserve it all the time, and I felt like we probably should have liked won an award for like most you. Yeah, like, yeah, I don't know, like spend the most time in the one studio, but the worst thing is that like right outside of it, like you're in the library table. So there's like the studying and we like would have to be singing, like what happen, music playing and like we were loud. Obviously. Yeah, it was. Yeah, just I was singing, like belting our hearts out in this little room the library, while these math majors are right outside trying to do their equations, and they're like they're like sorry, we're almost done. Yeah, we made so many videos, and there was one too. We like get the giggles, you know, and like we would get hungry and like would get old. We spent a lot of time here, but one time we had to make a children's story video, telling a fairy tale, and I think that was probably like the giggliest day. Yeah, but the one buttons thinking. Yeah, yeah, it was. It was funny and it's like still funny, like if you watch those videos, like they're still so funny. And it's funny because now, like we've been self taping in my apartment just because, yeah, lots of things on campus aren't we're not really able to use, and so we call it the three button studio. Yeah, it's funny and it's funny. Yeah, we're still self tape buddies, but we've just changed our space. moved. Yes, they moved. The next one is a silly one. It's we spent Ballon Times Day together this year. Ce Romantic. Yeah, again, this was one of the things that was like pre covid. So we're at SID's apartment and we just invited over some random friends, because you could do that back in the day. I remember everyone, I thought was like and we had four locos. I think they were like my Grti's crazy. So it was like a fun I. Yeah, I mean there was just like like we invited our friends, like it was us and a couple other of our sorority sisters, and then there was like some frat boys there and then like I invited like my friend from high school. Like it was just like a bunch of random PIEA or but like it was just like silly. Yeah, it was VOUTID's Day. Yeah, good, run, awesome. Next number eighteen is spring bid day. That's cute. I ended up taking a little from this new member class, which is cute, but it was fun. It was like camp out themed and so like we had campter. Yeah, so, like... was cute and it was it was just fun. And then after that there's this thing called Foodie and you should all get on it if you're not already foody as balled Fudi, and it is like known for connecting influencers with restaurants. So basically, like you applied to the restaurant and then they'll like accept you and then you get to go eat for free and then you just like post about your experience at this restaurant. At the time, you know, we could just go to restaurants freely and I'm safe. And so this was Midby, right. Yeah, so then that night Natalie and I went to this restaurant that I had like booked through footy and it ended up being this like Sushi restaurant, which I really hate Sushi, but not they love Sushi. So I was like how fun for you, we can go gets pretty Sushi. So if you go to my instagram, there's a picture of me like with Sushi, and it was because I like had this deal with this restaurant, so I like needed to post it. But that was silly time. Yeah, Spring midday was fun. Yeah, I don't know know. I was living in the house then, so it was fun. I was like really involved with sorority while I was living in the house, because that makes sense. Well, for the first semester of me living in the house. I was on exact but yeah, second semesters involved and showed the new members my room and everything and was a place for it's always nice to have like a friend he lives and so you can have a home base, like yeah, we could put all our stuff in there and change there whatever, and I guess with that, like in the in this picture beating the Sushi, you're wearing my shirt because we like were at the house. We quickly. The next one, number at nineteen. We're almost done. Is that this year. We voted together for this. Yeah, this last election we will be. We're going to vote in person, like election day, but we were we were just too stressed that the line would be too long or it would be kind of risky with covid or whatever's the were like will just drop off our ballots and an advance, like we know our votes will count and they'll be safe and it'll be a good time. So we did that and it was Super Fun. We took pictures at the voting booth and we went shopping after, which is also always fun, and it was funny because it was like a drive up drop off thing, and so we just like drove through the little thing and like we got out because like we wanted to take pictures. There was like other cars around. Like I like started to get back in the car and then like this, I think it was a man, like came up and like was trying to like put his ballot in and Natalie was like taking our time because she didn't see him. Yeah, yes, go on. And then twenty is my favorite class we took. Glass of US, who probably is? We took a spin class together. Yes, and it was just like funny and like silly and our teacher was really a big meme. Yeah, no, it's definitely good. I'm gonna miss that class. Like it definitely helped me stay in shape and besides that, it was nice to have a class that was in person every week, guaranteed. Yeah, yeah, fun to do together. Yeah, I was going to say, like we don't have dance together anything, so it's nice to have, yeah, I guaranteed class together, especially that's in person, so we know we'll see each other. Yeah, during that time. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, times, good times. Gonna Miss It. Wow, those are our twenty favorite moments of two thousand and twenty. That's pretty crazy, but it's pretty crazy and those were all. Yeah, all things we did together, which is Super Fun and it's crazy to think too, because as I was trying to think of these, I was looking through my one second every day, which is almost done. We can almost watch the full year. But for a good chunk of the year we actually weren't together because of Covid so, but we still we still did plenty together at the time that we had and did some of those things while we were away, like the live stream, a wild, wild ride, and Una knows, that might be the most will be together for the next forever or the next few years, like we don't know. We're going to be living in the same place. Who knows what two thousand and twenty one and onward will bring. So I'm just I'm feeling reflective and grateful for bull to balance and like having this podcast and just like doing it and having a friend that is just like willing to jump into. I feel like that's something that you and I both have. Is just like commitment and like we you know, we really did this and like, I was talking to one of my co workers the other day. She was like, Oh, send, I wanted to tell you my brother wants to start a podcast but he's been talking about it for like a month and he hasn't done anything. You know. She was like I was telling in that I'm a friend was a podcast and she was like it's a lot of work, and I was like, you're right, like so many people talk about like we're going to do it, but yeah, we've the talk, walk the Wat baby didn't and we've been doing... And Yeah, no, it's it is good to have a friend who's so motivated like you. Like I have been hearing lately a lot. I don't know why, maybe I'm tick tock or something. I don't know where I've been hearing it, but like to get like if you're not gonna like be motivated and do things, if you don't have friends who were like doing more than you were just as much as you like, if you have friends who are like doing nothing all the time, like you're just gonna do that, like it's not going to push you and you're going to want to go do nothing with them. So like, yeah, it's really nice that were both really motivated, productive people, and I think it continues. We're bolden balance, you know, we continue to push off each other. So I think it's awesome and yeah, I hope everyone has someone like that. I love that. Well, do you have a question this week? What's your favorite holiday drink? Sydney, that's the question we got. Do you want to answer first? Oh, my favorite holiday drink like coffee. Wise, they didn't specify so we could decide. I guess maybe let's say alcoholic, because I don't like coffee. Well, lots of better answers for cough. Okay, then let's say coffee. Whatever. Okay, my favorite like holiday like drink, I'd get a starbucks. I'd say. Um, I like pumpkin spice Latte's. Those are a little more folly than winter to me, but like, they're still good and I like them. Yeah, I'm not a big like pepperman girl. Like it's fine. But you know what is good a starbucks. It's like the chestnut pray lean Lott's and putting that stuff and you can get it in a try too, I bet. Yeah, never heard of those. That sounds good. They're good. Yeah, from starbucks. I like a try with Pumpkins, you know, and I tried it with like the Pumpkin cold foam whatever, which was awesome, quite yummy. But that gets spendy and for some people it's too sweet. For me, I have the sweetest of sweet tooth, so it's still like not too sweet for me, but I know it's like not great for me. But yeah, that and then I also love hot chocolate. So yeah, me, tomorrow it's gonna snow here quite a bit. Like I said, it's going to be a busy blizzard. So I want to try a hot chocolate and Bailey's. My mom and I just bought Bailey's and it's Super Yummy. I had it on the rocks the other night and it was so good. I never had a drink like on the rocks. Yeah, Bailey's on the rocks, I could do it. So I think it'll be fun to do a Bailey's hot chocolate. or I'll look up some other recipes. Tick Tock. I've been seeing a lot of holiday cocktails and stuff. So, yeah, I drink hot chocolate last night. Just, HMM. No, I'm spiked taching. Yeah, watch the Prom. Just like had an emotional experience and just like cry to the Prom. Yeah, but I like drink at least two months of hot chocolate. I like we filled, like that's intends. I was like let's get another one. Yeah, yeah, I'm out a coffee creamer right now. I need to go get some this evening when so like this morning I couldn't have coffee. I think that's why I'm like really still kind of sleeping, like I haven't had any coffying today. So, yeah, on and and so I had hot chocolate. I'm because I like so want something warm. You know, on the on the film set today or TV set, everyone was like they have coffee and they kepty like Natalie, did you get coffee yet? And I was like no, everyone, okay, I don't like coffee. Stop asking to just learn to like, I know, like I appreciate their concerned. I just like got my water bottle and was one on my way. It's like a social thing to know it is. It's like like it's like embarrassing, like like you can get some. Yeah, I've still but I do think that there's a social aspect of it. Another is I know I really need to I'll just everyone, please let me know if you know like the sweetest of sweet, not bitter coffee to try that does not at all taste like coffee. That like really doesn't, because some coffee drinkers think things don't taste like coffee, but they do. I one of my favorite things is to have natalie try my coffee and sometimes I'll be like, oh, you'll like this that I ever tried. But one time I just said do you want to try this? But I didn't see feel like it and I knew she would. It was a cold brew, like it was like well, Bruce, like yeah, they have good like foamy stuff, but like the actual drink is like literally just coffee, like it's just ice coffee, like it is not good. And I said you try this and she said okay. She had to like chase sit yeah, like water. It was so h but even watch like a snack out to like Oh, yeah, I think it was right.

I think you're a like fruit snacks so much. Yeah, no, one time you were like this is a Mocha to taste like literally like hot or like chocolate milk. Yeah, and I think you believed that, but to me I was like, Sandina, you're like you can't taste the coffee. All I tasted was coffee. I was like this disgusting. You did like the frozen Moca, though, right. Remember that. I think I like didn't hate it. Yeah, I'll need to. I feel like Duncan has sweet drinks, but I don't feel like there's a Duncan in Utah. Is there? There's not. They all went on a business. There used to be. Maybe I'll go to one while I'm here. You could get a Chi and you could ask for like half a shot of this bread. Oh, I feel like it's gonna be too much. Still, maybe if I do it with the Pumpkin too. Yeah, but just get half a shot, like that's a nothing. Not Try. Everyone will keep you updated. Okay, well, I'm changing, I mean I'm adding to my manifestation. I still want the road should be good, but I'm also manifesting that Natalie finds a coffee drink, she like Oh, thanks it. It's yeah, we'll see everyone. We'll see you. I just I can't it's so bitter. Okay, it's fine. I'll get over it eventually. Maybe. All right, everyone, thank you for listening. Yeah, this is fun. It was a good reflection time and we'll really grateful for you guys, especially in this podcast, and so we want to, you know, thank our podcast community, for sure, and so if you want to follow us on Instagram or Instagram is bold and balanced with periods in between. So that's bold, period and period balance. You can send us dms about possible inquiries that you may have about us or you have that you want to answer on the show. Yeah, if you have anything else you wanted to reach out to us about, again with questions, or in Greece, like Cindy was saying, you can email us. Our email is bold, end balanced, the letter N at gmailcom. That's another great place to reach out to us. And Yeah, we just realized this episode it's going to be coming out the week of Christmas. So Merry Christmas. Everyone was Mary Christmas. Happy Holidays again. It's the last week of Hannokas, so happy hannakah still, but this come out when Hannaka is over. So happy holidays in general. But I'll have a good time and maybe try some of our drinks. We spaid. Yeah, Um me a well, really, really.

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