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Episode · 1 year ago

20 ~ Our Holiday Traditions & Memories!


Sydney and Natalie chat about their favorite holiday memories and traditions from past holidays. They also discuss how these celebrations may look differently this year, but the girls are still very excited! 

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Hello, everyone, welcome to another episode of Bolden balanced our twenty episode, and I'm Sydney and we are so excited about this. Is Our twenty. It feels like really monumental for some reason. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so thanks everyone for listening. We really appreciate you, like for real. So thank you for getting us to twenty episodes. Yeah, yeah, but this week, since this is coming out middle of December, we thought we talked about the holidays. But first let's jump into it with our three, two, one too. So first, three really good things that happen this week for me. The first one is just that I've been able to get dinner with my friends from home. We went to this cool Italian place with me and two others. We just felt so bad, though, because it's like the owner just opened and he's struggling so much because of covid like sad, but he was so nice and like he gave us a free appetizer and oh so sweet, and know we're like we have to tip him so well, so nice. Yeah, anyway, we're trying to get our other friends to go there so he gets business. But yeah, it was Super Nice. One of my friends I was with like studied abroad in Italy. So she's like that was all what to order, and I'm expert here. Yeah, my next two are sort of related. The first one it is I did my vocal jury yesterday, so I'm done with everything for the semester and it went well, so that's good. If you're not, if you don't know what a vocal jury is, it's basically, because I was telling my friends from here and like a jury. What? Yeah, yeah, it's basically my singing final is what I called it to them. But I had to sing seven songs, or like cuts of songs in a row, and then I like get grated on it and it's the songs I've been working on with my voice teacher the semester. Yeah, so I went well and then this done, and the last thing is just that same with my marketing presentation. I finished that, which means I'm finished my minor, which is crazy to think of. Grass did it, thanks. I did it like somewhat quickly because I didn't start till the second semester sophomore year. So I guess was that mean one too for semesters aw about, but it's because I did so much for the first three smiths, but that's okay. Now we're chilling and yeah, how you said I love that. Yeah, well, the first one is that I dyed my hair, plant them blown yesterday and I know I said I didn't ever want to color my hair, but I went home for Thanksgiving and my sister's hair but so good and I was like Oh God, I was like I can't, I can't deal with Christmas and her air looks like that and my hair looks like this. I was like I'm not not dealing with it. So always said, okay, let's let's take care of it. Yeah, I'm obsessed. I feel like Elsa, like it's like amazing. I'm like, God, took four hours, for hours. That's how much are I have? She was like yeah, we're gonna be here really late. I was like okay, whatever, but really cute and I feel like all my friends have herd do their hair, like everybody goes there, and so it's fun to like talk to her because she's like, oh, yeah, so and so told me this, so and so told me that, like one of our other friends is going tonight to get her hair done, and so it's just like. My second one is that I got a fat paycheck this morning. I have literally been working like so much, like it's ridiculous how much I work, and so I was like, okay, well, the when this paycheck comes, like it's going to be better than any other, and I really do think it might be the highest paycheck I've ever gotten. So amazed and it makes dying the hair okay. And my third one is similar. I just have one more thing between me and the end of the semester. I just have my vocal jrty on Friday and so I finished my writing class yesterday, which is awesome, and so I'm just excited to be done and excited to just work and have fun.

So, yeah, what are your two? Yeah, my first two is like kind of like what my threes were. It's that we're on our last semester now, which is like it's happy, but it's kind of sad. Like I'll it's kind of everyone says it'll fly by, but like it really does. And Yeah, I don't know. This whole like pandemic situation just like made it even more like you have to just savor the good moment because, yeah, like I wish I knew. My last college football game was my last college football game, you know. But yeah, so kind of sad, like bitter sweet. And then my second one is opposite of what you were just saying. I am making no money right now and it's kind of stressful. It just because I'm like spending so much. I'm going to these dinners, I'm buying everyone gifts and like they're all exciting like things I want to be spending money on. It's just I'm very like careful about my like money normally, so it's just like weird for me, but like be because I'm so careful. I have savings, so like it's okay for me to be doing this. It's just like feels weird. I think with chase and like they are like giving it me a month in review and it was showing how, like I spent so much and made like nothing. That's like P case. I'm fine, but yeah, I'll, I'll be okay, and it's probably good for me to like have a month off. It's just weird. Or could you find other ways to like make a little money? I feel like I always like find these like weird little things that like give me little incomes, you know. Yeah, that's like I was applying on like backstage like this act of website. Yeah, I got fifty bucks from this like hat modeling thing. Um, so like that's the only income I've made this yeah, it's nice. So hopefully more stuff like that. It's weird because of covid like I would reach out to the people I've nannied for here, but it's like I don't know if they want a stranger in their house right now. So, yeah, I don't know, but I'll figure it out and if not, I'll be fine. Like I said, I have say things, but like they're supposed to be for New York, so that's okay. Yeah, what are you too? My first one is said I've had an aunt problem recently which is just so annoying. Like I literally have a clean apartment, like I don't leave crumbs on my floor, like it's clean. Like I don't understand why there's aunts here. Yeah, and I've like there's so many traps everywhere, like I'm not dealing with this. I think I don't. I don't get it and I like vacuum up, like I literally am counting, like I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight traps out and like there's only two doors, like they could come in, but I'm just like so dune, like I hate them and I tell them, I say I hate you, and then I'm back h him up, and then I'm also like having a couple of spiders recently and I'm just like can I not deal with bugs right now, like uh, luckily, like I'm not like afraid, like I can just like do it and like deal with it, but I'm sick of it more so that anything. Yeah, that's my second one. Clean. I'm just gonna say you really do keep your apartment clean, like I don't get it. Oh, yeah, I'll area. Yeah, I thinkond one is just that I've been watching this show called revenge. It's on ABC. I think I've mentioned it before, but it's so scary. It keeps me up so late because I just like like it's like thirty in the morning and I like have it like ends on this like suspenseful note and I like can't be done, like I'm like, Oh God, like I can't go to it now. So then I just end up like watching it all night, like it's so bad, but like it's so scary I have to know. I just keep I just keep watching it. I'm like ready to be done, but I'm on the fourth season and I'm like almost halfway through and the fourth season is the last season, so I'm almost just like done, which is good. But then I'm ready to be done with this show, but I have to know how to ends. So yeah, Shit, but yeah, that's yeah, I couldn't. I'm watching the Queen's gamp it now and it's like not even scary, but I like can't watch it before bad. Yeah, but yeah, so this month I'm are. This week I... manifesting. This is silly, but just that I can effectively and efficiently fit everything in my suitcases to go back home. Yeah, I've just bought so much here and like some and I'm getting gifts as well, like I don't even know, yeah, what I'm getting. So, yeah, it's I like left some room in my suitcase, but like really like probably just enough to fit my microphone for the podcast. Like I don't know, like I'll figure it out and just I hope it's not like over the weight limitary have to pay extra, because thought sucks. So I'll just like because I'm flying Delta back and you get a freak carry on. So I'll just like put my heavy jacket and my carry on in my shoes and yeah, but it's all okay. But, yeah, pretty stilly. What are you manifesting? I'm manifesting that the vaccine gets US like here in Utah, yeah, festing, and I like works and that we get it and that, I like, is yeah, picked, yeah, I know. Well, one of our professors said to us that like they're prioritizing you students or something. Right, yeah, let's see it. I'm here for it, I know. So I've been like telling everyone. I was like, Oh, yeah, I'll have it like in January. It'll be fine. My God, it's so I guess I'm manifesting that I'm just being too optimistic, as usual. It's okay, I'm just excited. Yeah, yeah, so, so the vaccine, those facebook feed your favorite segment. He said, here's a Christmas gift idea for those who have always wanted a royal portrait, and it's a screenshot of turn me royal dot and you can like add a face to like this like king portrait, and it's fifty dollars. Normally eighty, but on sale for fifty. So he obviously want this, but I already got him a Christmas present. So Sorry Dad, but it's so funny. This is totally something he'd want and he's like love it. Like I can pick picture him like putting a picture of him as a king on his wall, like that's fun. Yeah, I could also see that he like already is getting it for himself. So yeah, he could. Maybe it's good that he can. Yeah, this is funny. Well, I do want to see his picture once. So yeah, yeah, yeah, share. Wow, that's a good one. Thanks Bill. Yeah, yeah. Well, so bachelory cap real quick. Yeah, last night there was a flick that episodes are so long. There's a long that this they do. They like get old, and I because the roast ceremonies like towards the beginning. That like feels weird and I don't know why they do that. I make it so that it's like more suspenseful, because if you ended with the roast ceremony'd be like, Oh no, I'm done. Yeah, I saw an ending, but like when it's like next week the rose, which like yeah, it feels nice for us, but for them. Yeah, I'm smart. Yeah, you're that way, I guess. But yeah, Tatia sent been at home. Yeah, thank God. To be honest, like I'm just like sick of him. Yeah, do you want a spoiler? No, no, okay, I don't say anything then anyway. Yeah, but then she also went on her date with Ben, oneonone. Do you like Ben Thoughts? I mean we talked about this last week. He said the same thing. He like he's fine. I he just like reconfirmed everything that I think about him, like he's fine and he is just like so in his own head though. that it like is annoying to me, and it's funny...

...because you were saying that last week and I was like watching now with that in mind, and they like did they literally like cheers to him. Yeah, it's like literally like he at want for bright when he gets his day card. He said, okay, well, I better go get ready for my date, and it's like why did you say that? Like it's your date with Tatia, like isn't that the most important thing to you? It's not your date, dummy. I don't know, I'm annoyed. Yeah, I will say that this like while I was watching, I was like, Oh, I wonder who the final two are going to be. Like I was like it's so crazy. To think about because, like we really don't know, obviously, and I was like, I wonder if it's going to be brandon and Ben and then she'll choose. I would say she choose Brendon between the two of them. But then I was like, no, Ivan's gonna be there, like it has to be, it has to be Ivan. Yeah, I don't. I'm like, well, like why is what's his name, who's has a big beard, and is how Blake? Yeah, why is he still there? Like Sina home, even Riley, who I think is so sweet and I think they're cute together. Like, I don't think he's gonna win. So like, yeah, I'm kind of done with Riley. Yeah. Well, because she hadn't had one on ones with either of them. Yeah, maybe that's why they feel behind. And Yeah, so it they eluded that. Blake is probably going to have one next week, but Riley like still small. Yeah, and I think think Riley's done a good job of like making his group time like really good, like this, yeah, like we're boyfriend and girlfriend things, like kind of yeah, that's cute, but like like yeah, the guy like him, like I think is a good guy, like all daytim but MMM, yeah, and then they're they're gonna go on like the the hometown dates next. Yeah, it's so soon. High stay sometimes. So they normally have. I know. I was thinking that. I feel like they used to always have for yeah, that's what I thought. And there's like quite a few of them still. Yeah, and like watching her group date like this week, like I really don't know how she's gonna pick any of them to send home, let alone like a few. Like she literally like was like I like them all so much. I was like well, day, sure. Yeah. Yeah, well, I feel like this pass row ceremony was like the last row ceremony that it was like pretty easy to like guess, you know, like I was like yeah, Spencer, yeah, yeah, Damar, don't more. Yeah, cute, I did. I did get it wrong. I put on my bracket that Tamar with stany instead of Noah. Really Sad. I just wanted to know it to leave. Yeah, I like want totally, but I thought you'd today. Yeah, yeah, I should have known. That's okay. I out them are, though. I wish she was still there. Just I know I would have kept a bar. I think I'd love to get a chance either. Like, yeah, and he seems is a spin instructor. I just love that on the bike, like that's so cute. Yeah, sweet. Oh, yeah, anyway, now we can get into our topic. Yeah, days, yeah, fun, Um, the first night of Hannaka is tomorrow when we're are this. Yeah, yeah, December ten this year, and it's kind of funny because, so I'm half Jewish and my mom is Jewish, my dad's Christian and my dad's birthday is tomorrow. So it's kind of sweet because I normally get my Mama Hanka present my dad a Christmas present, but I obviously also get my dad a birthday present, so I'm getting them like a joint tonica birthday tomorrow. I guess I could say what it is because, yeah, they'll know by now. But yeah, yeah, it's like a chart shootery board. And then I'm like, I bought a bunch of stuff yesterday. treader chose to make board. Yeah, cheese's scrapes, figs, jam trackers,...

...good stuff. So and my friend Julie come with me, who's like obsessed with making them, and it's like yeah, clean of it. So she was like this will be good. It's like big themed. I was like right, yeah, that's what was my vision was to what is the board look like like? What is it? It's yeah, it's like a wooden circle and it's like kind of those different stripes of wood. I don't know you call that, but it's like the different shades of it sort of I just like that look. So, yeah, like sort of basic but like nice. Thought it was like the prettiest one I saw there. So yeah, but that as kind of sad because I sauce they were selling summit trader shows that I kind of like should. Where did you get it? Yeah, I think I like crate and barrel. Okay, yeah, Bros Cute. Yeah, I thought it would be a good place for it. But yeah, it's good. I think they like it. Hopefully I almost manifested that they like it, but I think that will. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that's cute. Okay. Well, how do you finished most of your holiday shopping or like, are you still working on it or yeah, yeah, I've done a good amount. Like I said, I think I think I have pretty much finished. Honestly, I just it's a matter of, like I said, transporting from here to Utah for a lot of things and a matter of like there's just one thing that I have that I sent to Utah that, like my roommate said, is there, but I just like need to make sure it's all correct. That's in the package, you know, because I don't want to her to open it because her gift is in there. Yeah, so I can't, but it's okay. Yeah, I definitely like I think people will like their gifts. Like I'm excited to give them to them. I just hope it all words out. How about you? I know you've been really into it. That's yeah, I've gone pretty all out. I Like I'm pretty much all done. I think I like my mom was like said, don't get me too much, but like so I got her like a little thing of like she really wants something specific and she just really wants these like no show socks that like go up to your like the bracket of your foot almost, like not just for your toes. So I like got her two of those, like two four packs, like I might hear some socks, and then like I got her one other like little funny thing that's like an inside joke between she and I. But then I'm like, mom, that's so late, like I spent so much money on my sister and you get socks, like I'm come on, that's a lame. Like she's my mom, you know. Yeah, like I feel like I need to like get another thing for my mom, like even if it's just something from Athleta, like just something. Yeah, so I'm like still just kind of playing with that idea and figuring out exactly what I want to do. But then I ordered these. I can't I can't say it too much, because one of them is for you a try to order these little like book things that are from Staples, and I tried to order three copies of them so I'd have three booklets that would have come, but for some reason these idiots made it one big book with three copies in the same coils. So like now I have this like Jumpo version of this thing, and I like was so excited. Like I got my staples package and I like opened it and I was like what, like I was like I can't give this to people, like I was like it's a jumbo one. Like this is not helpful. Like called staples and I was like so this is it what I wanted? And they were like Oh yeah, and I was like did I mess up? Like I was like did I order it incorrectly? And she was like no, like she's like I'm looking at your order like it should be three separate ones, and I was like I gotta jump. Yeah, I was like, well, I have one, and she was like okay, yeah, we'll say you three new ones. But I was ordering three it because I wanted to keep one for myself, but now that I can just keep this jumbo one, I can give the third one also. So that's kind of fun and cute. That's so nice.

So that was silly. I was like Oh, thank God I got a jumbo one and they're obviously they're not making you pay for the new one. No, yeah, yeah, I know, it's just recious. So you just got a free jump, exactly, and like you'll see, you'll see when you get it, like what it is like. It is still like practical and usable as the jumbo version, maybe even more so, but just like silly and kind of yeah. So yeah, yeah, it's funny. It was like what was this crap? But yeah, does your family like do anything for the first day of one I go specifically or like throughout Hanaka? Like how do you guys celebrate? Yeah, I know, I don't know how it'll be this year for several reasons. One because it's also my dad's birthday and too, because so we normally like to like hang out if we can with like my Jewish family that's here, my grandparents and my aunts and uncle and cousins. I'm I mean I don't know. We've like we've been like seeing my grandparents pretty much just to drop off grocries and like we'll wear masks at their house. So I don't know if we would like hang out for an extended career of time. Also, my grandma like she'll wear the mask, but like not that well because she's not a little bit, you know. Yeah, so I don't know, but like maybe we'll get together with my other family. I don't know if I told you it's kind of sad, but my so is my mom sister's family, and their dad's mom is like in the hospital like really bad shape right now. So my cousin that was here from California like left but she might be coming back. Like yeah, but it would be like a sad reason. So I don't know if we would like celebrate so well, you tell me the connection. Is it someone you're close to? Or is it like they're married grandparents? Yeah, so it's okay, I'm not related to them. Okay, my cousins like the other side of their face, other grandparents. Yeah, yeah, I see. Okay, they're other grandparents. Yes, yes, that's the way to put it. Yeah, so, yeah, so it's like really sad for them. But, like you know, I've like we've all hung out before. It's like I know her and yeah, it's but Um, yeah, so it's just really sad. So we'll see. But normally, Um, yeah, we would like to all like I don't know if we necessarily do it the first night of Hanaka, but we definitely like have a Hanaka gathering. It could be the last night like kind of those are the ones we'd normally just because I like also to do Christmas. It's kind of a lot to do like eight days of Hannaka and Christmas like well, like the Manura every night, but we don't like do gifts every night necessarily. So yeah, like for me, I'll normally get my like one Hanaka gift like the first night's normal, like a nicer thing, because then I'll get like multiple Christmas things. Yeah, but because, you know, I used to get from Santa to or maybe I still do. I don't remember, but you'll see. Yeah, I'll see. See your sentence. I buzz not. Yeah, I know I'm doing a bad job answering this, but basically, like, yeah, we celebrate Hannaka, like there's not a specific night per se, like normally the first or last probably, but like also like the gathering with my grandparents and cousins would be like whatever day, everyone's free. Yeah, let makes sense. Yeah, so, but, yeah, it's gotten more complicated as we've all like gone to college and whatever, because, like, not everyone's here, because I haven't. I don't know if I was even here for Hanakah last year, because you weren't. Just. Yeah, yeah, I remember. Yeah, I guess I wasn't home off here. Yeah, I do have many memories of letting my Minora and Utah throughout the years. So, but yeah, this you're I'm here for the whole thing. So that, yeah, interesting. But Yeah, how about you? Do you have like do you have hotta cuts? You're just not yeah, that's here. Yeah, I mean, yeah, we've I mean, I don't really know what's going on this year. It's still be here just because I don't know when I'm going to be able to go up to Idaho and as well as I don't know when my dad's going up... IDO. So it's kind of we don't know when we're all going to be there. Like I'm sure we'll all be there by Christmas Eve. Obviously I sure hope so anyway. But yeah, normally, like pretty covid we'd like normally go to a Christmas Eve service at some kind of Christian church. I don't know if we will this year just because of covid and I yeah, I haven't. We haven't talked about it. So I to be honest, I would guess no, because my dad's very cautious, so I would, yeah, think he would not want to go, but who knows? That's such. And then, yeah, we normally go to my grandma's house for dinner on Christmas Eve and we just like hang out normally, span and I like dress. I mean we all dress up, but it's fan and I are in dresses, you know, and things like that. And then Christmas and then we go home and the Christmas mornings like probably the biggest like time, but it's just my like immediate family and then sometimes my grandma comes and then in previous years, like we also have a big Christmas dinner, so just like three big meals. Yeah, and then like my dad side of the family comes over for Christmas dinner normally, and then we do like presents. Run Three. But lots of my dad's family no longer lives in Idaho, just because my grandparents moved to Oklahoma, as we all know, and then my dad's sister and one of my cousins just somewhere recently moved to organ and so it's really just one of my cousins and her husband and then my dad's brother and then my mom's mom who lives in Boise, and then my family family. And I don't know how this is something that I'm like slowly realizing that, like Savanna's holidays are going to look different, obviously, and like Max has been involved in like all of our holidays, like he comes to Christmas normally and it comes to Thanksgiving pretty much every year for the past like, you know, five years. But once they're like married, married, like yeah, I don't know if they'll want to do to Christmas dinners and to Thanksgiving dinners every year. So hopefully she'll still be there we talked about as a family. Last on Thanksgiving we're talking about the like my parents were like maybe we'll just come to wherever city is on Thanksgiving and Savannah you can watch the dogs. Gonna Max's family and SAVANNA would like, Oh my God, like I want to go to see city, wherever she is. That's so mean. And my like well, you're getting married and too if you want to see city or get married. And I was like like sorry, yeah, it's silly, but yeah, so that's that's kind of our Christmas Santa. Yeah, you know, over the night time and then Christmas morning we see with Santa Frat. Yeah, do you have like an all time favorite gift you've ever gotten, like whether it was from Santa or from someone else? Yeah, you say yours. Yeah, I have like one that comes to mind, but it's kind of mess. So, okay, when span and I were little, one time Santa brought our dog Jack, who is soundly no longer here. But one Christmas morning, you know, I was like probably six, maybe five, and I like could hear little like puppy whimpering downstairs. Oh my God, you know, it's as like Spen, I got up, get up. It's I'll be like well, down stairs and he was just like crying and it's gray and like he was the cutest little puppy and I feel like I've told you the story. I had like this long night gown on, like little city and her nightgown, and he like with like bite the ends of my night out and I was like, oh my gosh, like he's gonna rip my Dick Out, like city just gotta forgot, puppy, like your nightgown's gonna be fine. If he wants to rive it, like let him. But yeah, I think that's probably my all time favorite Christmas gift was definitely our Don Jack. That was really pure and really sweet. So you yeah, that's so good. Yeah, no, the silly one that came to mind was just this... purse. I got one here like like young, like I like didn't need a purse. I was pretty yeah, great, I don't know, amazing, but it was like I wanted it so badly, though. was like purple and had fringe and had like what's it called? Like beads, almost like M yeah. No, I think I can picture you're talking about. Yes, Oh, yeah, I hear like the time. Stiff. No, I don't know where. That's so funny that. I did love that purse. I also remember getting an ipod shuffle. Oh, I got an ipod touch one time for Christmas. Oh Yeah, yeah, we're good. At time. It's like engraved. I was like, Whoa, I tech those. I much stuffle. Is that so funny? Yeah, like it's just like in our world have changed so much. But I are you asking your parents for anything specific for Christmas? Shanna Rodica Um, the only thing. The only thing I asked for was for my birthday and I got it. was a hair straightener, because I don't really have one of my own. I don't really do my hair much, just because I like like the natural curls and it's like good for it to not do it. But I did it like for my birthday, like you saw on the instagram everyone, and it was fun. I liked it. So I was like, Oh, you know, like maybe I'll do it more often and maybe, like when I'm living in New York or whatever, we like fun when I'm going out like straighten my hair. Like I will tell you that straightening your hair in New York, anywhere that it's humid, it's so much harder it's so much harder. Like that's one of my biggest fears of like moving to New York or Chicago is that like I'm gonna have to relearn how to do my hair in general. But like after a dance call and then trying to like let your hair like survive so that the like looks good when you sing is already hard, but like add humidity to that, like I'm gonna be a mess. So that's my my knowledge for you that you can do it. It's great. Yeah, maybe maybe I will not strain it for auditions then, unless I'm not, which, yeah, I won't be most of the time. So yeah, but, yeah, that's funny. I never it's all your in London. Ever, like the two times I tried to do my hair, it was also a issue that like my straightener like wouldn't eat. Yeah, the outlets were bad, but like orens would, and so one time I tried using Lauren's and my hair just like couldn't do it. It was that or fighting you so hard. Yeah, well, I'm planning to test out the straightener like next time I wash my hair. So I'll keep because update it, but please do yeah, I asked have to blow dry it before, which, yeah, I got a blow dryer too, but I'm good. Yeah, yeah, so that's really and I guess I also like it. For my birthday, I was like that, or like maybe a nice like bracelet or something, and my mom is like, I have so much nice jewelry that I don't wear, so she just like gave me some like rings, bracelet, but her fingers are like so small, or maybe mine are big, I don't know, but like her ring fits on my pinky and that's it. Yeah, your pink and pinkies be looking good. Yeah, so kind of fun. I wore it on my pinky and my jury yesterday and amazing. So, yeah, how about you? Did you ask for anything? I'm asking for an IPAD. Yeah, just because like theater rehearsals, like lots of people just like have their scripts in their eyepad and then they can just like write there blocking on the IPAD and it like it's so easy and so clean, and I just like am ready to do that. Yeah, and then I asked like for some other like little things. I asked for an air friar pressure Cooker Combo thing. That's like going to be so nice to cook with. Yeah, so I'm really excited about that. I've been confirmed that it's happening. That's why I can say a coffee that's from Satan Max Right. Yeah, they went in...

...on it together like that some adult to like to those things are expensive. Like I was like wow, thanks, thanks, you guys taking care of city forever. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm excited about that. And then I asked for, yeah, and IPAD, I asked my aunt for these, like you white tennis shoes that are like not as like platform. Me Is the ones I have. They're just like a little more subtle, so I can like blend in sometimes. Shoe wise it just fun. So that would be good. Hopefully we'll see, but yeah, I'm excited for everything. Have you like watched anything or like done anything to like get yourself in the mood? Yeah, my mom and I love hallmark, so we yea. Ever since I've got here, like around Thanksgiving, we've been watching hallmark almost every day. Means like and we've been watching the Queens Gambit loves couple days, but before that and even after to like calm down from the Queen's Gamba, will watch hallmark. Yeah, and it's so fun. We also I love like lighting candles. However, warning everyone, Um, I really love the bath and body works ones because they're pungent and I like the flavors and ready for you to say that word. Yeah, right. But however, I saw a tick tock that they are like can cause cancer through like one of the ingredients in them is like toxic for you. So I was like, Oh, I guess we should stop doing that. I wonder if like bath and body work candles like always, like forever, have been cancers, or just like recently they changed something, or the holiday candles specifically? I don't know. I know well, because then I looked up because, like in the tick Tock, she literally was using one of the ones I have as an example. So I was like you shoot. So then I looked that one up and I was like yes, that is true. So then I looked up this other one I have. It's like leaves sense because it's like fall, but it also has it. So I don't know if every candle there does or just, yeah, once I have, but that's okay. I do still like lighting candles and we put a tree the other day, which is fun. We, like my mom and I were playing with like the light settings like we did. We never have like colorful lights on our tree. Some this year. Kind of fun. We still haven't put ornaments up because we wanted to all do it together and we haven't all been verty rot. Yeah, I guess maybe yesterday I would have been the time. Oops, we figure out. Oh well, we'll get around to it before Christmas. How about you? What have you been doing? Um, I mean, like I mentioned, I have my little Christmas tree. That helps my attitude and then I have like these little atally can see I'm like these theta trees, right you? That I've had for a while. But I watched the polar express when two of my friends the other night and so funny. I don't know, we should just talk about the bloor express in general. I don't know how you feel about it, but my friend Maxi was like, Oh my God, city, the plurkspress is the worst Christmas movie ever made, and I was like, I was like, I really don't think that can be true, and so we had to quite the debate about the polar express and it's quality of film. So, Oh, I don't know how you feel about the blue or express, but I don't feel like it's that bad, like it's like I'm the kind of boring but like I love the music. I don't know, I need to I need to watch it again because I really like. What is it about? Is there a plot? Are they just riding a train? Yeah, there's a full lot. Like the PO picks up these like all these kids, and then it takes them to meet Santa, like takes them to the North Poles. Like a big portion of the movie is like them on the train and like the issues that the train has getting up there. But then once they get up to the North Pole, like one of them gets to meet Santa. I guess they all get to meet Santa, but then one of them got chosen by Santa to give him like the first gift of Christmas.

Wow. But I did recently find out that there's only one other than Santa. There's only one character in the whole movie to have a name. Look like the main boy in the player express. His name is hero boy, like, and then the main girl, her name is hero girl, like hmm, and then billy, and then like there's like, I don't remember, annoying kid or whatever. Know it all. That's his name. No, it all. I was shook. I was like wait, what, I need to watch it again. What did you watch it on? I don't remember. Amanda has like that movie streaming. Wow, right, yes, so on there. But yeah, so that was funny and we like Brook made us are fryer chicken strip. So like that was good, and then we were drinking this like Dr Pepper thing that was so good and I put fireball on my Dr Pepper and it was just so good. HMM. Yes, yeah, my mom and I were saying we need to get like Bailey's and make some like Bailey's hot chocolate and like, yeah, Fun holiday drinks. Yeah, for sure. This weekend me and three friends and Natalie, if she wants to come on to a zoom with us, are having like a little Christmas celebration and we're gonna like do our little gift exchange and we have attriing pajamas and we're gonna make we're going to do picture night. We're like we each come with different pictures of like holiday themed alcoholic drinks and then we got these matching glasses that say jingle juice that we're going to drink them in. It's going to be pop so cute. Do you know what your picture is gonna be? I have no idea. Yeah, well, I've seen, yeah, I've seen a lot of those drink. Yeah, yeah, I think I'M gonna be interest it. I think. Yeah, ones too. But what you can do, which I'm sure all of them will show, is like the Rim of like crushed candy. Oh, yes, like, yeah, some good stuff. Yeah, I'm excited. Yeah. Wow. Well, I guess I could talk. I didn't talk that much about like what I do for Christmas, but we are so just celebrate. Well, I guess we celebrate both days, but we do like a lot of stuff. Christmas Eve, the twenty fourth. Obviously that's Curstis EEF, but I don't know if it's it might be like European or something, just because my dad, like he's not from America, he's from Lebanon's Paris, so I think this is like maybe a French thing, that it's like the eve celebration. I don't know, but anyway, that's what we did. That's when we get most of our gifts for Christmas, besides the ones from Santa, which we get the next morning, obviously, but we'll do that. We have last few years. We've just had my Jewish grandparents over, just because when not? Yeah, Christian relatives are not a New Jersey and traveling is not a thing. We used to be. Like I was talking to my mom about this. We used to like go to Florida every year, which is where they all are, are most of them are, but we haven't done that recently. Yeah, and this year we won't. So, yeah, I'm kind of sad, but I'd love to see my grandma sometimes, though I haven't seen her in a while, but anyway, We normally have like lobster and stuff, just because, like, I don't eat steak and stuff, and either does my sister. So like, yeah, we all have lobsters, so why not do that? And Yeah, and then, well, sometimes go to church that night. We like well, marry younger. We used to normally go Christmas Day in the morning at like eleven, but it was also really busy then. Yeah, and like, as we've gotten old or we don't mind going to like the midnight mass or whatever. Yeah, so that's what we've kind of I do to a Catholic Church. Yeah, I'm confused. Did you know? I have were Catholic. I'm Catholic. Yeah, I don't know. It's here. It's...

...fine, but I know it's not Roman Catholic. It's I forget what it's, some type of but when you say half Christian, you mean half Catholic. I guess. Yeah, okay, but I'm not like I don't, I don't like actively, I'm not actively Catholic or anything. Yeah, kind of. Isn't Hatholic a branch of Christianity? Am I wrong? I mean yeah, but like just as much as like Mormonism is a branch of Christianity. Like they're all like yes, under like the the concept that like the Bible is true, like the entire Bible, but it's very day. All have so many different things. Yeah, understanding. Yeah, I've really grew up in like a Baptist church, but like a Baptist church in Nightdaho, so like not what you think of what you think of a Baptist Church. But I'd say, okay, this is a lot. But I'd say, like there's Christianity and then there's like Catholicism, and then there's like Christianity to point out, and then like Catholicism just like is and then within Christianity. Of Christianity, there's like Lutheranism, Nazarene, baptism, I guess baptist, and then like there's probably more, and then mormonism. Would could tell you that they're just a part of those little branches, but they're like a freaking like Christianity the first one. Like yeah, big jump, but yeah, sorry, interesting. Yeah, I know, I didn't. I don't know. I didn't even realize we were Catholic until like this year, because I knew we I grew up going to a Roman Catholic Church, but I knew we weren't Roman Catholic. Yeah, but I still, I still can't remember the name of what we actually are, like my dad actually as I guess I should say, but I thought it wasn't even Catholic and we just went to that church because it was in our town. But apparently it is some form of Catholic. I don't know what it is. Well, if you say man, that's how I was. Like wait, what? Yeah, I didn't know that Catholic thing. Yeah, went to mass every Sunday. Yeah, I'm such a good Catholic girl. I don't even know about it. Stuff. Really know his stuff. Anyway, Christmas days and Ta comes and we like open his presence and we like have a nice till morning. Like joke. The like the Jewish thing to do on Christmas is to like go to the movies and get Chinese food, though we also like sort of do that, like I don't know if we get Chinese food, but we always try to go to the movies Christmas Day. Like there's normally like a big movie coming out, like I remember it was like Lama is a few years ago and yeah, whatever, so we'll like see that, but again this year I don't think we'll go to church either. I guess I wasn't even thinking about that too. Yeah, yeah, I love the Christmas Movie Theater People, though my family has never been one of those people, but like when I'm older, like I really want to be one of those people. I think it's find like go see the movies on Christmas Day. As will tell you, though, that Disney plus is coming out with like an animated film that's called soul that I think is about like a jazz fan or something. It looks super good, but it's coming out on Disney plus on Christmas Day, so you guys could like watch that. Yeah, fun. Yeah, yeah, the problem is coming out. Oh, Oh, yeah, Oh my God, I'm so excited. I forgot about that, I know. I know my friend in mind to me, but I guess we could wait to watch it then, like now. Probably Watch it Friday. So, yeah, my dad takes a lot of pride in the prom because he knows the writers and so he's like, Oh, I love the prom and so when it didn't win best musical, he was very sad. Yeah, yeah, that'll be fun. Yeah, yeah, I love the Christmas movie people. I think it looks so fun to be one of those people. Yeah, it is. You gotta like reserve tickets, though. Yeah, I think that's so fun. Yeah, it's like a it's a thing. Um a lot of people. Recently I've been hearing that like their whole...

...families, like you can rent movie theaters right now, like just reserve the moon meter. I'm just like covid wise. I don't know how much it is, but that, like my friend emory was telling me that like her family rented a whole theater and like their whole family is going to go watch Christmas vacation or whatever, that popular movie that I've never seen it, but that they they normally like watch a you know, every holiday season, but this way that like their families can stay distance like between like immediate families, but like they can still, I'll do it together. I was like, Oh wow, that's good. Yeah, it's cute. Huh, I haven't heard of that. I wonder if, yeah, they're doing that here maybe. Yeah, it's a good way for the movie theaters to make some money, though. Yeah, if you're struggling, like, that's a good idea. That is a good idea. I would support them by going by deserving the whole thing. Yeah, we should do that when we get back. I don't know a movie we'd Watch. Lyrics round just gets. I know, I do need to watch it again. You kind of made it give a good little trailer teaser super exciting. Do you have a favorite holiday, like food or desert or Oh Maac like candy canes, like what? What's your thing? I don't know. Like, yeah, I like Candy Kins, but not like I love getting gays. Yeah, like they're fine. Yeah, that's funny. Um Know, I really just like like Christmas baking, like when people bring like cookies and stuff like that, like that's nice. Yeah, on Christmas Day like that. Our big dinner, like my mom makes a big Ham and like I love him, like it's my favorite meat, and so I really love that. I also she also makes our grotten potatoes, which I love potatoes, as we all know. So, like, I really like our grotten potatoes. We don't have those on Thanksgiving. Yeah, what are those? They're like the like scalloped potatoes, so they're like sliced and then they have like the cheese sauce on them. They're delicious. Yeah, and so I like a grotten potatoes. We normally have sweet potatoes and just like regular mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. So it's like another potato tight. So that's fun. Yeah, is that a good enough answer? I don't know. Any you have something that you really love? Yeah, no, I just I love our Christmas lobster. I love sweets. So, like I love all the cookies and everything too. We yeah, my aunt always makes these like Hanna cookies. They're silly, they're good. And Yeah, my Dad, like my dad, loves cooking and baking. So hello, it is makes some like fun dessert. Like, yeah, likes to make this like swirl pumpkin thing. I don't even know. It is, but it's it's really good and like, I think we have like lava cake. I don't know. So I'm all about the dessert. So I do love potatoes to those like I do a cash potatoes a lot the season, which is we love potatoes. daught, I'm so obsessed with my hair I like can't deal. I know. I'm looking at the two of us right now and I am Pale and gross and you were like a blond. God the leg at it. Are you kidding? Oh, I got good four hours later. Could she have to use bleach or no, because your hair is light. How does it work? She just I don't know. Yeah, I don't think it was bleached. She just it only took one time to process. She was like we might have to do two rounds and I was like okay, and then we did the first foot and she was like, Oh my God, this is amazing, and I was like...

...this is it? She's like you tell everyone that you got your hair done with me. I was like, okay, Daddy, is it what every you say? She did post me on Instagram last night, like her instagram, and so I was like, Oh, no, if Natalie sees it, so know. But I looked and you don't follow her. So I was like Donna be okay, yeah, I did. Oh my gosh, like, look at that, so good. Wow, is that amazing. I just like the photo. Should I follow her? Do you follow her? Yeah, I fell my gosh, but I looked yesterday because Laura texted me and I was like, Donzy, just supposed to you. Oh my God, and I was like, I know, it isn't a cute and then I she was like, I'm based on the Natalie right now, and I said, don't tell Natalie. I was like, don't tell her, and so I was like hopefully, but you didn't follow her. So I was like yeah, no, I didn't see but I love it and now I do follow her. Than you can't trick me. YEA, no more screts. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I also got my hair done by this same person. Everyone, everyone, all the cool kids and Salt Lake Dae. Donzy so so cool. She's a pisces. Um, I know. I was like, okay, well, Dude, no, your moon and rising side just good, but I was like really want to. I was like, Oh my God, it's you. You're our pisces. She is. She's our Pisces. Yeah, wow, that's funny. Oh my God, that reminds me. I didn't realize snapchat had the a Strung d yeah, what, because I always knew they like showed people signs, but they didn't have the compatibility. Yeah, it's fun. Had It for a month. According to say, I had you know. I sorry, I totally forgot to tell you. I don't know if it's been a whole month, but I know I've known since like a week before thanksgiving. On thanksgivings, man, I was like tell me what my moon and rise excited. It's so I was like, okay, well, we can just look on snapchat out like, how nice is that that? I don't even have to make you down the Costar. And so I looked on there and that was fun. Okay, I have a funny story to share. This is silly. So yesterday, I said, our friend broke this tick tock that was like these two girls that made their hinge account the two of them together, and it said we only accept double dates, and I was like this is something Brooke and I would absolutely do, and so broke deleted her hint account and they made one as sydy and Brook, and so we already. This was like last night. We already have sixteen likes and yeah, here, I'll show you this. Also this dude, Natalie. But it's it's really funny and I am excited because, like we can't like like in lest we're both there, you know, and so I think we're probably not going to like like ourselves. Will probably just like look at the people who like us, because they're obviously down for the double date aspect of it. But Wow, are you looking at it? I am looking at it. So funny. Well, of hearts from the pilot extra ranch. Funny, the most fun did you ever hear from those guys you ask to go to the wedding? No, they never got back to us. I know I was like we are we going to Hawaii? Wow, but this is the but it's funny that you did this like last night, because I actually just UN paused my hinge account last night. Really, yeah, I've like had it paused, but now I'm just like letting sounds like about that rolling. Yeah, letting the legs rolling, so that when I'm back you have lots of options. I love that. That's okay, I know, I high like really were going on double day tons. Twenty seven. Yeah, baby, yeah, I can't look at them yet, but the top one is the silly boy Michael. Okay, that's funny, but yeah, I hint. You... funny, just like it's so weird. I was gonna hang out with this guy yesterday and I was like maybe we can hang out after I get my hair done, knowing that my hair was going to take a long time, so I could like likely bail and get out of it, but I was like okay. Well, I got home, it's like ten fifteen and I texted him and I was like hey, sorry, it's so late, like did you still want to hang out with me? And he said it's madly, but it's okay, I'm not salty. We're grown. I was like what? I was like, yeah, you better not be salty, like you've no reason to be mad at we're grown. Wait, yeah, we're we're adults. Like, I'm not mad at you. Yeah, I was like, Oh, thank you. Yeah, we don't like him. We're done. He's super condescending. I was like, okay, this was the last straw for steel peer, but now we're gross. We're grown. I'm not salty. Were grown. Sound talk to me like that, please. Yeah, I was gonna say unhinged. I noticed because I haven't been on it a while. What is this new standouts thing? Have you looked at that? I don't know. Where is it on the APP? It's this like star. Oh, is it like Superman? Have it? I don't know. Oh, it says new. Maybe like literally have a last night, like I've literally on hinge yesterday. So, and I swear that reason. Here it waited for me, outstanding prompts from you. Yeah, I skipped the demo. What does it say? You did you skip it to? I skipped it. I guess you can just like look at these people. Yeah, this is a beautiful man. Buddy says he's moderate, which means he's a conservative and he knows he's wrong. A Beautiful Man, but he's wow, this is kind of fun, this this new thing. Six eight. That's crazy. Wow, holy crap, everyone, I'm clicking on his spy eight. So that's the last. Oh, but you can't like like this person. Like it's not the heart, like maybe it's a wrong depress it. Should I press rose, you'll go. I'm going to press it. Send a rose instead of a like for one special person, a week. You got one a week. Wow, said you're the battel right. Oh my God, it's had no idea. Wow, you need to take some new pictures your I know. I was like I need to have photo shoots immediately because, yeah, there is I mean, I guess I don't have any of my hair. My Hair's kind of men now. Oh Wow, that's not fun. I haven't been on the league either, as I never in the league. I don't know if we've ever talked about the League on yeah, I don't. You guys you want to when you get about it. Is this silliest dating gap I think ever made. Basically, you have to like get approved to be on it and like to get a prooved, you have to like connect your linkedin and like connect your other social media accounts and you also have to like I don't remember, but there's like a waiting list and somehow, like I was the first to download it because I was like, Oh my God, I want to do this. This sounds really funny, because I knew you how to hit proved, so I thought like you were like famous to be on it or like really top not to get improved, and so I was like, I'm gonna get approved, like this is Super Fun, and so I downloaded it at yeah, and then I like you can like send it to other people and like the more people you send it to, like the higher on the waiting that you got. And so I like send it to a bunch of people, and including Natalie and our friend Brook, and both of them gotta prove out the way it goes before I did, and I'm thinking, excuse me, I was on the list first, but it's fine, I'm off the waiting list now since, but you only get to see three guys a week, or I mean a day. So you see three boys every day and you can... either like them, but it's not like hinge where you can see who's like you. You have to match to be able to see them. Yeah, anything you know, add to the league. Now I've really I really don't go on it, but I really need to because there's some, some real men on there. It seemed to be like, I feel like they're significantly older, though. Yeah, yeah, I don't know what I was just looking. I saw like a twenty six year old. Now was like that, yeah, but I don't know, but maybe he's. Yeah, they all the actual yeah, I know the rest were like thirty one, thirty three, and I'm like, I think I like I tried to change the age limit. Maybe I there. I don't know, but the League is funny. If you want to invite I'll send it to you. Just let me know. Oh Yeah, yeah, you can edit. That's why I don't see like thirty one. I am my preferences are twenty one to thirty. Okay, let me change mine. Yeah, and I might have the height at five hundred and ten and a but yeah, that's kind of fun though, that you can do that. Yeah, twenty two miles for this. But some of my likes, I think I have some lights on hinge that are from like October, maybe November. Yeah, and so, like, Imagine I get back and it's January and I like like them the like I have a girlfriend now. I really could really like not. Well, it's a risky but could be you worth it strategy. Yeah, they've been thinking about you since then because they remember. Yeah, person of course I have to fight back that one. Girl. Really sorry, everyone, I will get to you in January. That's funny. Yeah, I'm kind looking at the aunts seeing how they're doing over the I hate. You hate aunt so much, Renny, to just sprayed poisoned on your floor? Yeah, I said, I'm just gonna kill him, like sometimes I still do that. Well, I guess we should wrap up this episode. Okay, I question is asking what each of our spirit animals are. That's fun. Do you have a? You know, the first one that comes to mind is a like golden retriever, which, sorry, that's but it's because one time this boy on him said that to me. I realized he said it to my other friend too, though. Yeah, he was like you give off golden retriever vibes and I love it. They were like you do, and I was like, I'm mad, do I and I was like I guess, kind of. So that's the first thing to come to mind now. Good one, good one, kind of fun. Mine is the Horse, Spirit. It's like your animal. I just just spirit. Yeah, but spirit. So that's fine. Wow, the horse, I guess, but not that I'm over specifically, but spirit. Yeah, you're spirit girl. Yeah, I love spirit. Yeah, that's by story. Well, everyone, thank you again for listening to our twenty episode. Twenty exciting. Which one of us were twenty four, I know, like a sprint. For Twenty One and twenty two, but right in our tent S. Yeah, and it's twenty twenty still. Yeah, one of the last ones of two thousand and twenty. So thank you for listening. Make sure to subscribe, follow us, rate us, do all the things you can. Follow us on Instagram at bolden balanced with periods in between. In our email is bold and the letter balanced at gmailcom. Yeah, we're always looking to get more involved in the podcast community specifically, so definitely reach out to us. Let us know how you'd like to get more in old with bolden balalanced as well. So, yeah, I was questions, degrees, whatever. Yeah,...

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