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Episode · 2 months ago

19 ~ Seeing People from Your Past

In this episode of Bold & Balanced, Sydney and Natalie are recording from opposite sides of the country for the first time! They chat about their weeks and what is new, and then jump into a discussion about running into people from your past: ex’s, flings friends, family members... tough stuff! 

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Episode · 2 months ago

18 ~ Alice & Mary-Helen

What are the differences between Chicago and New York as an actor? How is Chicago as a queer couple? How has the pandemic impacted actors? Alice Ryan and Mary-Helen Pitman (@aliceandmh on Instagram) join us this week to discuss these things and their sweet, queer love story. 

Things mentioned:

ECC- Equity Chorus Call

EPA- Equity Principal Audition

EMC- Equity Membership Candidate

AEA- Actors Equity Association

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Episode · 3 months ago

17 ~ Second Chances

This week, the girls share their experience from this last weekend. They had plans to celebrate Natalie’s birthday which didn’t end up going as planned... 

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Episode · 3 months ago

16 ~ What's Your Love Language?

Natalie and Sydney chat about love languages, and they encourage you to find out yours! They also continue to keep you updated on The Bachelorette, their own lives, and the election results! 

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